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  1. Hey guys, has anyone decided to get rid of their facebook and useless social media but you still have friends/family that only use damned FB? if so how did you solve your problem of keeping contacts without using FB services(fb mess,whatsapp). While there are a lot of alternatives i would love to use apps like Wire/Telegram/Signal/Discord nobody i know is using these, so whats the alternative of comunicating with friends/family other than the old style phone numbers/messages? I currently cant see a solution to this problem other than forcing people to use something like Wire/Discord if they want to talk to me which they probably wont, everyone flocked to FB garbage, on one hand i can understand why, its very easy to find people you know, on the other hand people are ignorant as fuck they dont care at all their data and everything they do is collected/sold/monitored, and the waste of time reading useless stuff about others.