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  1. FFXIV - Controller or Keyboard?

    Final Fantasy XIV has been with me since 2.0b and I hated it on the PS3 and it's controller. It was only on the PC that I fell in the love with the game and being able to tie skills to every button on my Naga's 12 extra buttons. I do play on PS4 but I struggle with the cross hotbar. There's extra button presses for me changing between skills, and the fact I have to hold R2 or L2 with everything is a pain in my eyes. Still, nothing beats doing roulettes as a White Mage whilst kicking back on the sofa, controller in hand. What about you? What's your FFXIV controller preference, and why?
  2. LFM - FFXIV (Malboro Server)

    For those who don't know much or anything about Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) it is a cross-platform MMO. PC, PS4, and PS3 users can all play together in a very story/lore heavy universe. Recently the first major expansion, Heavensward, was released which brought a new race, jobs, and content. There is a lot of things to explore and plenty of variety. I currently play on the Malboro server and am looking for players to join my Free Company (guild). We are very small (only 3 active people) but would love more! If you are looking at getting into the game you can play the demo which allows a character to reach level 20 (60 is current max). If you purchase the game you can continue from your demo character and we can get you a recruitment code, which comes with some bonus items (including a headpiece with 20% experience boost for classes under level 25). If you have any question about the game feel free to talk to me either here or in-game (Morwen Nuru or Morwen Ainatar)! Old Free Company group photo: Scholar/Healer with pet summoned (left), Summoner/DPS with pet summoned (middle, pet on right), Warrior/Tank...or DPS...(right).
  3. Hi there, I've been researching gaming laptops for the past little while, but given all the options and (my reasonably limited knowledge of computer specs :blush:), I'm still stuck between a few options. I'm looking for a laptop that can run heavily modded rpgs: specifically Skyrim, as well as mmorpgs (Wow, ESO, FFXIV, etc.) at ~60fps+. The only non-gaming thing I'm looking to use it for would be coding and watching youtube videos, and ideally it would cost me no more than $2500 USD. What I've narrowed it down to so far is: -Razer Blade 2015 14" http://razerzone.com/ca-en/store/razer-blade-2014 -and the Alienware 15 http://dell.com/ca/p/alienware-15-r2/pd both of which seem to run Skyrim, again - my main priority, at 60fps and can handle the graphics mods that I want for it... or so the youtubers whom I have contacted assure me. I'm 100% open to other suggestions, I've been iffy about the Origin Eon15-X as well, however the colors seem drowned out to me and the MSI models I compared are too similar to the razer blade. One last thing, I was planning on getting the 512GB Razer Blade, but I don't know if the 256GB would be enough for me. I was also indecisive regarding the Alienware 15, since I can't decide whether to go with the 8GB one with the i7 processor, or the 16GB one with the NVIDIA GTX 980M & 4GB GDDR5. Sorry, haha, all my knowledge about specs has been acquired in the past two days so I'm not entirely sure what would be enough. Any suggestions are welcome, thanks in advance!
  4. Hey guys, I am looking for people who are planning to start a subscription in FINAL FANTASY XIV: A REAL REBORN to recruit them as friends for the Friend Recruiting Campaign, and you'll get some nifty items upon registering the Recruitment Code on your Account (including the Friendship Circlet +20% exp for levels below 25). Let me know if you are interested!

    Hey! Recently started playing FFXIV with a friend of mine. This is my first actual investment into an MMO (Where i actually get involved in the community) and am looking for others who would like to play with us! EDIT: Server is Diablos
  6. Just Got FFXIV

    Just got FFXIV and was wondering if there was anybody who plays on LTT that knows of good servers, currently have a lvl 6 on Hyperion (NA), or would like to link up.
  7. FFXIV

    Hello. Anyone here play FFXIV? Cerberus server?