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  1. My Windows 10 (64-bit) PC is having an issue with Windows 10 inaccurately reporting free space on the boot/system drive. My PC runs on the latest stable version of Windows 10 with all available updates applied. Normally: but if I install a game that is 16GB using Steam (that uses disk allocation) it'll allocate disk space 16GB and then weirdly fills up an additional 16GB space too (while downloading). It only goes back to the accurate, expected usage after I restart my PC. Anyone have any advice on how to fix this?
  2. I I currently have 840 evo 256gb splitted into two partitions. C is for windows 10 pro, while G is mostly for other apps. I just bought Samsung EVO 850 500GB for crazy cheap (spent only 107 GBP). How much space do I need to free on a SSD/HDD to keep best performance? If I want to calculate how much space I need to free up, do I need to measure two SSD portitions as one unit (combine their used storage and make sure both have equally free space)? Or I can fill up one partition max and leave another one more empty?
  3. HDD Free Space

    I am just wondering how much space I should leave free on a storage only HDD. I am putting all my DVDs and BluRays on a 4TB external drive, it will only be accessed by Plex when I watch movies and rip new discs to it. Can I fill the drive 100% or should I leave some % empty? It is just a storage drive, no programs are running/installed on it. I think I can fill it to 100% but would like confirmation on this. Thanks

    go to c.p, system and security, under management tools says free disk space, select your drive it may show you all the updates windows have ever downloaded and stored (as installation files) select them and clean up i dont know how that worked but i got rid of 5something gigs i really needed