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  1. Monitor

    Is a gateway monitor i got in 2011 with 75hz overkill
  2. Hi everyone, I bought a refurbished laptop about 3 months ago with a windows 10 pro license on it. 5 days ago my windows license said it was going to expire soon about 2 day after it said that my license did deactivate I went to troubleshoot why it deactivated and it reactivated itself now it's doing it again any ideas anybody
  3. Here I present to you, another system I built with spare hardware that I don't need but really wanted. Backstory: The motherboard, processor, and graphics card were used in my second system for mostly plex, and backing up of some data but once I upgraded my main rig I downsized that computer to matx and gave it my Xeon E3-1230 v3. I always wanted to find a purpose for the old hardware that was retired. I decided I wanted to do a sleeper build and one of my friends had this lovely Gateway K7-700 shell that he used for his system that he had done some simple things to. These include: USB and audio on front, and painting the interior black. He finally upgraded it so I picked it up from him asap. Specs: PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: AMD - FX-8120 3.1GHz 8-Core Processor (Purchased For $54.00) CPU Cooler: Corsair - H50 57.0 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler (Purchased For $40.00) Motherboard: Asus - Crosshair V Formula-Z ATX AM3+ Motherboard (Purchased For $130.00) Memory: G.Skill - Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory (Purchased For $0.00) Storage: Western Digital - Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive (Purchased For $47.49) Seagate - BarraCuda 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive (Purchased For $0.00) HDD Theft (Update 1) Video Card: Asus - GeForce GTX 680 4GB Video Card (Purchased For $130.00) Asus GTX 780 3GB (Purchased For whatever the 760 2GB was 3 and a half years ago?) GPU Upgrade (Update 2) Power Supply: EVGA - 600B 600W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply (Purchased For $14.35) Other: Gateway GP7 ($0.00) Total: $415.84 $368.35 $???.?? Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available Generated by PCPartPicker 2018-03-03 10:42 EST-0500 I also had another friend give me a kit of ram and @TheSLSAMG gave me a EVGA 600B Also still waiting for the HDD to arrive before I can do anything with it EDIT: Pictures!!!! Assembly: The Rest:
  4. I just purchased a Gateway Colorbook (for context of era this has a 486dx processor) to use as a DOS gaming machine, and accepted that it's hard drive was not included under the assumption that it would use a standard 2.5 in. IDE interface. However, when I received it, I was surprised to find the interface seen in the attached picture. Note how the connector doesn't span the width of the drive back. Does anyone more familiar with vintage components recognize it?
  5. First i want to disclose i am NO expert and have hardly any experience in this side of technology, although I am trying to learn more. I currently have Motorola's SBG6580 "Surfboard eXtreme Wireless Cable Modem Gateway." I purchased this product back in 2011 when I was living in the barracks while in the military. Now I have a house and i was using it for my Optimum IP internet services (internet only). I switched from Optimum to Verizon FIOS (now with TV and internet) and they wanted to sell me their 2-1 modem router combo. I thought i could use my Motorola SGB6580. But with Verizon using fiber optic apparently my setup is NOT compatible with FIOS. In order to have On demand TV and what not I can not use my modem. Does anyone have any recommendations as what products I can use in place of Verizon's (I do not want to rent their product)? In my house is just MYSELF and ONE other person. We do play games and stream Movies/ TV shows. so we would like decently quick speeds, Just not trying to burn a hole in my wallet. A 2 in 1 would be nice but if I should buy separate modems and routers so be it.
  6. External Antena for mobo

    My router is getting really old (manufactured 2006) so I need a new one my servers are also really old so I thought I would build a new server I am building a server with dual ethernet and wifi so that I can have one ethernet port be WAN (connected to modem) and one be lan and then also have wireless lan Parts List: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/cTurtle98/saved/pYyRBm my only problem is that this computer will be tucked away in a cabinet with fans on the back for ventilation. the motherboard only comes with antenas that screw directly onto the motherboard. any recomendations on an external antena to use? i need about a 4 foot cable on the antena so it can sit on top of the cabinet while the computer is inside
  7. i have 3 computers connected to a switch and that connected to a router.i tried to make a sub interface like this but i get a error. Router>en Router#config term Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z. Router(config)#interface fastethernet 0/0.1 %Invalid interface type and number Router(config)#interface fastethernet 0/0 %Invalid interface type and number Router(config)# the cable from the switch to the router is a copper cross over and it is connected to Gig0/0
  8. so im designing a network for a company which has 500 computers using cisco packet tracer for studying purposes. we were told that we need to get the IPs right in order for the network to function properly. we were also taught some formula which had something like 2 to the power of n. i dont remember this properly.is there some formula to create such IPs if so please let me know. i was unable to find it elsewhere in the internet.
  9. Good afternoon, I am having issues adding a switch to my network at my office. I currently have my set up as Modem to the firewall (ubiquiti unifi security gate) to my switch (netgear gs 105) then the switch has one port going to my desktop, one to my security dvr, and one going to my access point (ubiquiti unifi uap-ac-pro-us). My Point-of-Sale needs a switch in my showroom. My network equipment is in my back office. The switch that came with my PoS package was a TP-link 8-port cable/DSL router. I ran a 75 foot cat6 cable through the ceiling from the netgear switch to the showroom. There I connected to the Tp-link switch. Once I did all my other connections stopped working. When I ran the troubleshooter through a desktop I have on wifi it says there is a DNS error. I do have a static IP through my ISP so I can monitor my security off site. Is the 8-port router conflicting with my other set up? Do I need a different switch for the showroom? Is there a way to may the 8-port router work as just a bridge? I am not an expert when it comes to networking, It took hours just to add the firewall in because I thought it was a switch. Looking for any and all help or explanation on what is going on. Thank you
  10. Hi, i am trying to reset a Gateway laptop with the factory image that it came with but it seems like something has made the partition unbootable and i am not sure how to fix it. i am getting and error code of 0xc00000e9 with an info message of An expected I/O error has occurred. after a bit of research i can supposedly fix it by running check disk on the partition but i am afraid that it might make the recovery partition worse then it already is. Can someone give me a little info on to what it will do to a recovery partition? will it make it worse or could it possibly help me? i will be making a backup of the recovery partition before i do run check disk to be on the safe side.
  11. Hello Everyone, I have a problem trying to get Windows 10 on a old school Gateway LX6810 oem computer. I was trying to install win 10 and kept getting this error message " We couldn't install Windows 10 0xC1900101-0x20017 The installation failed in the SAFE_OS phase with an error during BOOT operation." I called Microsoft support and chatted with a technician. I even allowed them to take over my pc because I was upgrading from win 7 to win 10 through the upgrade process. Even after the techn was done doing everything they did in a what they called a custom install and was told it would not fail it did. I was stuck with the same error code but this time I could not get back into windows 7. So I used my main computer and contacted Microsoft back with my case number and we tried it again this time making a DVD iso disk. So I tried a fresh install on the computer again I was told it would work and my system did pass their system compatibility test which they ran before we began the upgrade from win7 to win10. This information was in the case notes. I tried the fresh install and it gave me this error code 0x1900107. Ok, so that didn't work so I contacted them again because I was able to use my win7 disk and loaded win7 back on the hard drive so I wasn't understanding why win7 would load just fine but win10 wouldn't? The new techn was like do you have a new or different hard drive available, I was in luck I did! I installed the new hard drive I unplugged and took out everything but the graphics card and Dvd drive, I unplugged all the usb front side panel and all extra sata cables from the mother. Now I made a USB iso flash drive and we tried installing Win10 this way, this time with the custom install that she provide me and again guaranteed it would work. Well it didn't. This is the new error code it gave me after it crashed and blue screened, but it did load onto the hard drive and gave me the win10 logo and the little circles started spinning like it was going to load. Here is the error code, "INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE." Since it did crash she transferred me to another techn this guy said that my Gateway LX6810 was not on Gateway's upgrade list and it was not their problem and ended chat. When I talk to a technician over the phone, YES I called to complain and report the end chat! I told her that in my first contact the technician ran a compatibility test and the system passed the test. I also told her I have a FX6800-01 which wasn't on Gateways upgrade list but it passed the compatibility test and is working just fine. OK here is what I'm here for she transferred me to another technician over the phone and he said he see's this error all the time the last one "inaccessible boot device": and said it's my bios. He said," I need to switch my bios from UEFI to Legacy. That this was a "secure boot" problem Here's the thing I DON'T have that option in my bios? I looked. I'm not a super computer guy but I do know my way around one, and I have the internet, lol. I was told to call the mobo manufacture for a secret way to get into bios? I know about F2 on my computer to get into bios, F9 to get into my systems way to do raid array, F10 to access the boot menu. The delete and tab button don't do anything for this system. So I did call American Megatrends they told me to contact Gateway. I called Gateway they were no help at all. They wouldn't help me because my computer was out of the warranty date. I finally got someone on the line and transferred to their technician department. He said since it was out of warranty he couldn't answer any questions. He did give me an number to call, but it was disconnected. So now I'm here GUYS please help me or let me know if there is any hope for this computer? Anyone else have this problem? Thank you for any advice, help you can give.
  12. OS deleted please help!

    A long time ago i turned on my computer to get this screen. I made a bootable usb off of a sandisk flashdrive. I tried changing boot device priority to removable device and saving and exiting setup but it every time the pc turns on it gives me my gateway logo and at the bottom it says preparing for automatic repair and brings me to this blue screen. I have also tried disabling secure boot. I dont know what to do. I would appreciate all the help i can get. If you need to see any pictures just ask. Thanks in advance!
  13. Helolo everyone! I have two laptops: a Gateway NE56R12u, and a Lenovo G50-45. Yes, I know these are very old and can't play AAA games, but they work very well for Mount&Blade Warband, writing RTF's ect ect. I am just wandering what is the MAX CPU upgrade I can put into the Gateway. And what is the BEST APU for the Lenovo. I don't want you telling me abut price and all that(I will handle that) just let me know that is the BEST I can get.
  14. Help with info about Gateways

    Hi, I was wondering if one of you guys could help me out with some info. I have a bit of an issue where I cannot connect to one of my friends at all nor him to me. He tried connecting to my Teamspeak server with no joy even though my friend from across the country can connect perfectly fine. Even when playing Rainbow 6 Siege we can't connect to each other directly, we need someone else to host for us. We have both tried to tracert each others external IP but it just reaches our own routers then says request timed out but as usual fine for other IP's. Since we knew it wasn't the ports as they were all forwarded or the TS we compared each others router settings and found that our external IP's were only different at the end but our gateway (set as assigned automatically by ISP) was the exact same. Both of us are on the same ISP (TalkTalk) and live only a few mins walk from each other. What I am wondering is, could it be that causing the issue and can I just change it (gateway) to whatever I want? Will it affect the connection at all considering it's is currently being assigned by the ISP? Edit: clarification
  15. Favorite OEM System

    What is you favorite OEM system that you own and one you want? Mine is my Dell Dimension XPS Gen 5 and my dream one is an IBM PS2.
  16. Gateway Computer Video Card Upgrade.

    So my cousin today has just bought a gt 730 graphics card for his Gateway computer. Now his computer has a integrated graphics card and a power supply of 300watts. He installed the graphics card into the computer booted it up and he gets one beep. The graphics card is low profiled 2gb ddr3.
  17. oldgaateway

    From the album Old Gateway

    Old computer I had a long, long time ago.
  18. Can't use recovery discs

    I'm running windows 8, and now its stuck in an update loop. Updating then restarting, over and over. So I decided to pop in the recovery discs to do a factory reset. So it tells my to "boot the recovery disc using legacy bios mode." http://imgur.com/dVyxi2I So I then go into my bios turn it to legacy mode, restart. It then said that I needed to be in UEFI mode AKA not legacy mode. http://imgur.com/8ByO0Ht It doesn't work either way. Help.
  19. Sooo a little over a year ago we came into some money and decided to replace our old dell that is now my sister's. We bought an Acer V5-552p-X440 with an AMD A10-5757m, 8GB RAM, and a 1TB HDD. And a touchscreen. It ran great for 6 months but for 6 months after that we've been dealing with this annoying issue nobody seems bothered about but I want to fix once and for all. I've seen videos of the v5 series laptops having wifi issues up the ass, everywhere. Great series of laptops plagued by one frickin' annoying issue. Tonight I tried installing a later version of the driver but the issue keeps happening. Wifi, when the power adapter is plugged in, is getting 45/50mbps constantly with no issues. Just like it should. Wifi, when the power adapter is unplugged, is getting 2mb/s and stops dead randomly while still connected to the access point and with full signal. Checked the advanced power settings and fumbled with the wifi power settings and had no avail, reset to full strength. Then when attempting to connect to a website the search indexer process in task manager goes mad and uses 96% of the disk. My dad wants this computer for college soon and my goal is to get this working to it's full potential like it should. My driver version is, the adapter in question is the Qualcomm Atheros ar5bwb222, and this laptop is running windows 8.1 64 bit. Anyone able to help?
  20. Monitor

    From the album My Setup