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  1. I have an WD Blue 1tb, that are full (of junk), and I'm thinking about buying another HDD/SSD, but wich one worth? An normal HDD (another WD Blue/Barracuda 1 or 2Tb) or Samsung 970 Evo SSD NVMe 250Gb? Samsung SSD I can get one for around $120 dollars (but there is an "small" big chance of getting taxed and at end costing +$72 dollars, $192 in total) Or an HDD which I can get for around $93 dollars here in my country (barracuda 2tb) If I buy SSD I will install W10 and all programs and some games, and "reset" (just to ensure that it won't get bad blocks) my current HDD Or buy a HDD for everything and my current for junk (downloads..) I have no idea if NVMe really worth for my rig (i5 6600k, z170p, 8Gb ram and GTX970), if I can get all advantages from it, or save some money and invest on coolers/games... (yes, my i5 get easily 65°C when playing a game).
  2. Connecting a hard drive

    Does your os hard drive have to be plugged into the first sata slot or can you use the second? Im having clearance issues with the gpu and cant use the gpu and the first sata connection
  3. Noob question / HDD file recovery

    A friend of mine have a broken laptop with a lot of pictures and video files on it. What he told me is that the laptop have been laying in his bag being knocked around and stuff, when he tries to start the laptop it goes to windows recovery but it can't fix the problem and shuts it down again. The pictures and video files are from his two tours in Afghanistan and means a lot to him. Can I just hook his hdd up to my computer and use a software to get his stuff over to my computer? The store where he bought it a few year ago didn't want to try so he came to me with it since I fixed his last computer. I told him I wasn't sure and I don't want to be the one telling him " woops " I lost his files. I also told him to stop trying to boot the pc and wait for me to come back to him. Pro. recovery services are expensive here in Norway.
  4. Whenever I use my storage drive (Seagate Barracuda 4TB) and sometimes when I don't it just doesnt appear as a drive in my system while being physically connected, the only way I have found to fix this so far is to keep restarting windows until it works again, which is extremely annoying. Something also seems to be clicking, most noticeably when the drive Isn't being recognized (doesnt show up in task manager, anything that was running on it crashes, and it disappears from file manager) I dont get any sort of error code but it doesn't take a genius to figure out something isnt right, heres a video of my system with the clicking sound when this happens: Here are my specs: Windows 10 Home OEM 64bit Gigabyte F2A68HM-H AMD Athlon X4 845 Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3 + 4GB DDR3 (no meaningful markings other than 4GB DDR3) MSI Gaming RX470 4GB KINGSTON SV300S37A120G (OS Drive/SSD) Seagate ST4000DM004 (Storage Drive/HDD) <-- This is the thing thats disconnecting EVGA 450B 80+ Bronze 450W PSU That should be everything, if I'm missing something, tell me!
  5. Hi Guys, I am an aspiring content creator just wondering if there was any way to speed up downloading/transferring video from an SD/CF card y 2x12TB Western digital Gold HDD in raid 1. I was looking at Intel optane but to my understanding and not that well of it but those only work for files that are open frequently? I have an I7 6850k GTX 1080TI and 64GB of ram and an Intel PCIE SSD 400gb drive for startup. specifically the intel optane ssd 900p for video editing Some of my work if you want to check it out: Thank you, Natsuu
  6. Harddrive makes akward noises

    Since like a week my Tohsiba 1TB Harddrive makes some weird noises. When I start Games (for example Rainbow Six Siege) it starts to get quieter but still noticeable. I have got it for almost 2 years now and it never made sounds like that. (It is filled about 2/3 343 GB left - I dont know if that helps)
  7. Plex Server

    So i am building a Plex server the will be on 24/7 I will be running my drives in raid but I want to know if the drives have to be NAS drives for the server. I wont be doing lots of writing to it just mostly reading. They will be running 274/7 to i dont know if regular HDD can do it. I am just looking for feedback.
  8. Hello everyone, I currently have a Windows 10 pc with one hard drive which is 2TB. Not long ago I found my old laptop hard drive 2.5" and decided to install it into my pc. So I did that, connected it to the SATA 3 port, hooked it up to power and boom it showed up on windows as a second hard drive. Ok, this is where it gets weird. I shut down my computer and when I turn it on again to see my pc (in windows) it doesn't show up? Windows basically is deciding when it see's the hard drive and when it doesn't. Or is it because not enough power is being supplied? I really don't know and would appreciate if anyone could help me out. Cheers,
  9. I just built a new gaming PC. The CPU, motherboard, PSU, and RAM are all new. I bought a second, Western Digital Blue 1TB HDD. Windows 10, and all of my other files, are installed on a different disk that I carried over from my first PC. I just wanted two disks. Well, Windows doesn't recognize the new Western Digital. If I go to Disk Management, the new 1TB disk shows up as Disk 0 with a black bar above it. It also says, "unallocated." If I right click on Disk 0, the options for New Spanned Volume and New Striped Volume are greyed out; I can't click on them. What I can click on is Convert to Dynamic Disk, Convert to MBR Disk, Properties, and Help. No other right click options are available. What do I need to do? If I need to provide additional information, please tell me what needs clarified. I'll do whatever I can to facilitate someone smarter than me solving this problem.
  10. I have an Asus G502-VT-FY090T laptop. It has an 128gb SSD and a 1Tb HDD. Since yesterday i've been hearing a constant clicking noise coming from it like "tzzt tzzt tzt tzzzt tzt", i restarted it a couple of times and it won't stop. It happened once a couple of months ago but it was just a one time thing and had stopped since.. anyway this clicking isn't loud but every now and then a loud "CLUCK" noise is heard. I got suspicious that maybe it's the hard drive so i donwloaded both HD Tune and CrystalDiskInfo. both are giving me a C5 current pending sector warning on the HDD. (See attachments please) those numbers seem rather large but I wouldn't know, what's happening exactly and what should I do?
  11. Hey guys, I hava a serious problem. I copied files to my external hard drive and then a .txt file in the root directory on my hard drive was lost. I restarted my PC and now when I click on the F:\ drive on my Computer windows 7 wants to format my drive? My System: Windows 7 Pro x64 ASUS Rampage 2 Extreme (with the Microsoft Drivers because when I install the Drivers from the ASUS Homepage it don't see my external Drive) Western Digital WD30EZRX Hard Drive in a Fujitsu Siemens Storagebird 35ev840 USB2.0 external case. I had swapped the USB Connectors at the back of my PC but it doesn't work... I had read that non-UEFI Mainboards had problems with hard drives >2TB but until now I doesn't had problems. So what should I do to get access to my files? I have uploaded a screenshot that you can see my problem.
  12. Hello, I just wanted to know if there was a way to move the os on my hard drive to an ssd, if I bought one? Any answers would be helpful for me.
  13. TV not properly reading HDD

    Ok so, here is my situation; i have a external harddrive that i use to store all my movies and pictures and stuff in and it works perfectly fine on my PC, everything is foldered, organized and where its suppose to be, however, starts when i plug this harddrive to my TV (Sony XE8005 Android TV) and its really interesting, so... when i use VLC on my TV which i downloaded after i got the TV the HDD works perfectly fine everything is where its suppose to be but i cant use VLC all the time because VLC doesnt work well with HDR you see it HDR's the black bars on 21:9 content and its not a oled panel so those black bars with HDR on becomes basiclly grey so the TV's own player to the rescue yes? YES. the TV's own player works just fine with HDR local dimming keeps working and black bars are BLACK!!! BUT but but... the TV's own file explorer has a problem, it mixes everything up all the folders and whats inside them, for example; if i open movie A's folder i find movie Z inside... i think you get the idea so help please ::) TLDR; TV's file explorer mixes all the folders and content my otherwise perfectly fine working HDD.
  14. HDD crashing

    This is an external portable HDD 750gb, which suddenly has gone kaput. it starts reading/writing at 80 mbps but then within seconds it falls down to 0 and then no respose. the following are some reports, I am no expert in this area so please guide. is there any scope of it being fixed ? or trash it ?
  15. Hello, I was recently looking around for some hardware for a laptop and came across some relatively cheep SSD storage and RAM on a site called https://wish.com/ From what I know, wish is not always reliable and i would like to know if anyone had bought any hardware from this site and if so can you please comment on whether it is legitimate or not. Thanks, Harry
  16. Hello People! This is my first post on the forum, which I write because I couldn't find anyone asking a question one such as mine. I own a stationary PC and about 1 year ago I bought a new HDD - Toshiba P300 1TB. I was excited about getting a new HDD, because my previous drive WD5000AKS 500GB was years old already. But as soon as I installed Windows 10 on my P300, the computer has this issue: Everything seems fine, but from time to time - it can be between 10 minutes period, it can be between 1 hour period - when I click on something, so that computer performs some action (for example: open an .jpg file, load a page in a browser), the computer freezes for a moment - usually 1 minute max. During freeze I can move my mouse, hide browser pages and folder windows, and click on things, but it will still only show "loading wheel" near my mouse pointer for a period of about 1 minute. And it's really frustrating, because it's a new HDD and it works worse than my previous years old HDD. I didn't have this issue with my previous HDD when running Windows 10. Maybe You Guys have some solution or explanation, why it may be so?
  17. Build for 1400$

    Best PC gaming build for 4K Ultra 60FPS Gaming (1400$ BUDGET IS FIXED!!!) Good Luck
  18. Hi I have a sabrent ec-hdfn which I have used to make hdd clones in the past. Currently I am trying to make a clone of my father's HDD to a new SSD; as the life of his HDD is currently dwindling. For whatever reason I can't seem to get the cloning process to start, so I'm hoping someone may have some insight on this issue. I've Googled around a little with no success (mostly product reviews how to forum posts and where to buy results is what comes up). I also tried to contact the company, however, they did not answer (will try again tomorrow). If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.
  19. I.bought.a.new.1TB.HDD...its.only.1month.old Now.um.seeing.these.problem...Reallocated Sector Count "failed" Wiped.the.whole.partition.with.Minitool.Partition.Wizard.Bootable.version....any.help???
  20. Is there any way (other than hunting down other R6 owners) to get additional HDD/SSD trays for Define R6? R6 is capable of 11x 3.5" and 4x 2.5" disks. But package includes only 6x 3.5" trays and 2x 2.5". It sucks. Especially considering R5 natively supported 8x 3.5" or 10x with simple generic 5" -> 3.5" adapter available everywhere.
  21. Click on button. PC trurns on, no display out put, 5-10 seconds later, PC shuts off and restarts and repeats. No bleeps. HDD spins up and fans do to. Please help i can find out whats wrong.
  22. So, I was using my laptop normally, when all of a sudden I get the Windows blue screen for a split second, and then the computer restarted. When it did, it wasn't detecting the SSD. From that moment, it never detected any kind of SATA drive (unless I use a USB adapter). I even tried a mSATA SSD to see if it worked. NOTHING. Please help.
  23. Rate my gaming setup

    https://pcpartpicker.com/list/f3Tbhy rate my setup! if you think you can make a better one post it in the comments (BUDGET:1350$ ) (For gaming)
  24. I currently have a Samsung 850 pro 512gb, i got it for 115 USD and planning to sell it for 150 USD. I plan on getting any 512gb m.2 i can get for 150 USD. I plan to use it for my laptop. My current config is Samsung 128gb m.2 evo, 512gb pro + 1TB HDD 2.5. My concern is that it gets around 50-55C hot when installing files because its sitting literally next to the 2.5 HDD . Which also gets the same temps, but during gaming its around 40-45C on both drives. Do you think I should go for a cheaper m.2?
  25. So I used to use my laptop as an alarm clock, and one morning as the alarm app started ringing the pc froze and I had no other chance than to force shutdown by holding the power button. But when I tried restarting it back up it failed to boot into windows and when I opened up my bios the hard drive was shown as "not present" I opened up the back and I can hear the hard disk spinning up on starting and can also hear the arm moving around so I know it's not dead and I tried reconnecting the cables, but what is the problem? There are no weird noises from the hdd it sounds just like it used to. Laptop: Toshiba satellite M50D-A-10X Hard drive: Seagate mobile hdd 1tb st1000lm035 (aftermarket, bought a year ago as the old one broke by the laptop falling off a coffee table)