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  1. Headphone Problem

    Ive had the HyperX Cloud Stinger for about a year, and a problem came back. When I first tried out my headphones, they were producing a static background noise, and when I spoke into the mic I could hear myself. Somehow, I fixed it by tampering a bit with the sound settings, but now nothing is working. I've tried installing the latest realtek audio driver for my Gigabyte Ab350m gaming 3 mobo, It reduced the volume of the static, but It is still present. I cannot hear myself when I speak into the mic, but It still works. Help!
  2. Best Wireless Earbuds

    I was wondering if there were any good and high quality wireless earbuds that you guys recommend. Im looking for a pair that has strong bass and a good volume range. Thanks!
  3. Hi I'm looking for a new pair of headphone for my computer and I've read alot of good thinks about those two https://amazon.fr/Superlux-HD668B-Casque-de-studio/dp/B003JOETX8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1526459891&sr=8-1&keywords=superlux+hd668b https://pcpartpicker.com/product/THqbt6/kingston-hyperx-cloud-stinger-headset-hx-hscs-bkna I'm leading towards the HD668B because the "specs" look overall better but alot of people suggest the Stinger, I guess it's because it's branded as "g4m!ng" I'm looking for sound quality and confort because I have very sensible hears ( they become tomato red when they are touched for some reason. Maybe a medical thing). I know you guys have way more knowledge than me for headphones so I came to you! Heard that the HD668B has bad ear cups. Maybe swap them out ?
  4. Help me decide.

    Im a college student and i need help deciding for some wireless headphones, i have been looking around the internet and found so far: Audio technica Dsr7bt Sennhiser momentum 2.0 wireless Sony WH-1000xM2 Focal listen wireless Im looking for warm, fun sound. I have a pair of sennheiser hd600 but i need something versatile to comute and bus travel. Its hard for me to try them personaly due to my location.
  5. Headphone help!

    Im going to be leaving for college soon and i want a good pair of wireless headphones to use, except i also want to use them for gaming. is there a good pair of headphones that i can use wireless-ly for both PC gaming and mobile music listening?? i dont care if it has a mic built in or not.
  6. First of all, I am not very familiar with all the specifications and what they mean. In my case, I simple want to enjoy listening to music (mainly R&B, pop, hiphop, and occasionally some instrumental music). When gaming I use Razer Surround for a more immersive experience in relation to audio. I have a budget of around $100 and I simply want to find the best experience possible without the need of using an external amp or dac as it is far too expensive right now for me. Anyways, TL:DR Complete beginner when it comes to headphones, what's the best way to go in regards to great listening experience without too much fine-tuning. Thanks!
  7. Hola LTT folks, need help with choosing headset (headphones) with noise cancelling feature for official use, please suggest me some good headset (headphones) within 2500 Indian Rupees from the following Indian websites Amazon India The IT Depot Flipkart It must be over the ear and it should be with noise cancelling mic for official use and it should be within 2500 Indian Rupees, please suggest me some headset from the above mentioned sites, ty in advanced. Thanks and Regards, Yash
  8. IS it enough ?

    Hi, is this amp enough even for Beyerdynamic DT 990 600 Ohm... ? and what headphones can you recommend to me ? I am looking for headphones around 160€... and dont have any sort of internal audio card (beside that on my mother board) or amp right now... so I am asking you, good people of forums...help man in need. I dont even know what it is exactly..I think its an exxternal audio card... PLS HELP_ME ! sorry for my english...
  9. Via Hd audio

    Hey guys! I'm having serius issues with my via hd audio driver on win10.64. Motherboard is gigabyte z77-d3h 1.1 with V2021 codec. And the problem... My headphones are not showing up im devices, microphone neither. Speakers have bad 5.1 configuration and the program itself cant be opened. Via drivers are fu****g s**t and there are several threads on the internet on how to fix it, but they are 2 years old, for win8.1. Btw, even after 4 diferend drivers its not working and now, after installation, they dont show up. Only "driver" i have now is microsots "high definition audio device". So, if any of you guys had the same problem as me and you managed to fix, please tell me how. bcs now my headphones and speakers are useless...
  10. Hi, I've noticed this morning after updating Windows 10 to the Spring Creators Update that my HyperX Cloud Stinger microphone is not detecting audio. I have already tried: -Unplugging the headset then plugging it back in. -Updating audio drivers -Checking the mic is enabled -Using the troubleshooter -Checking that the mic is set in programs -Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz -12.0 GB -NVidia GeForce GTX 750Ti
  11. Hello, i'm currently stuck with my decision (Btw, sorry for my english). I need a headset and i was planning to buy the Logitech 933, but i really care about good sound so i decided to ask people first and watch billions of reviews. Now I think about to buy the HD 4.50 from Sennheiser, plus a cheap microphone for 30-50 euro. Is my decision correct? Am i doing right? And if yes, what microphone under 50 euro would be good? (Like under 60 bucks). I just really want the best out of my money, and i really don't need this fake Surround Sound 7.1 and the buttons on my headset.
  12. Looking for headphones/mic for gaming.

    Hey guys! Finally decided to switch from gaming headsets to headphones. Looking to spend under $200 for the headphones and need a microphone. Would prefer open back. Thanks!
  13. Looking for $30 USD In-Ear Headphones

    Posted this before: I've since lost my TTPod T1's. It's been a while so I'm wondering if there are any better alternatives available now. Thanks! Edit: Went with Sony
  14. DAC/Amp/Pre-amp/Sound card help

    So, i wanted to improve my audio experience in my PC setup. I'm getting Sennheiser HD650 (that is already confirmed) and i was also thinking about getting better microphone. I stumbled by Audio-Technica AT2035 - veeery good deal. Now, i would need to power all this up. Because i'm using laptop - it has to be external (built-in sound card is garbage) via USB and it should be (preferably) all-in-one. Now - because of how high impedance is on HD650 and XLR microphone input - i basically can't find anything in reasonable price for consumer use. So, do you have any recommendations? Or will it be way too much of a hassle and should i switch to something like Blue Yeti or ModMic (in case of modmic i would still need external microphone input). Thank you for any advice.
  15. MIC Output from the wrong side!?!

    So I connected a pair of headphones to my computer to use as only a mic input. I don't have a port which allows me to use both mic and headphones at the same port, thus I connected my MAIN pair as my headphones input, and some other headphones lying around as a mic input. Problem is that when I connected these, "Some other pair of headphones" as a mic, the mic is within the earbud part, and not in the little controller part down below...this gives me significantly less audio output from the mic. When I connect these to another computer or PS4 the mic audio isn't taken from the earbud part. HOW CAN I FIX THIS! Or is it even a thing to fix? My System Spec: CPU- Intel Pentium G3258 4.0 GHz Overclocked GPU- Nvidia Geforce GTX 960 MSI Gaming 2G HDD- 2TB WD RAM- 8GB Corsair Vengeance Motherboard- ASUS H81M-C
  16. Has anyone else experienced the issue with Win10 or with the 2017 XPS 15, where when headphones are plugged in they are not recognized? (I have tried most options, Sound Card enable/disable, the headphones to default, driver updates, disabling realtek nonsense etc) the only way to get the headphones to work is to restart the laptop. I had the exact same problem with my previous Mac book Pro 2010..weird. Also after waking from sleep, the laptop doesn't play any sound until restarted. ty in advance brgrds
  17. Hi, I'm in the market for a new pair of headphones. What are your recommendations for wireless in-ears? Here are my asks Low/no latency. (last pair had 0.5 second delay) Hiss-less. (last ones hissed like a snake) Any price range Balanced sound
  18. Mic not working

    I have a headphone with mic attached to it. Yesterday it was working fine. But now its not working. I mean when I record with it and then listen to my own voice the voice seems to be broken. No one can understand what I am speaking on that mic. I use it while playing CS: GO. So, is there any way to fix it?
  19. So i got these headphones (https://massdrop.com/buy/massdrop-x-hifiman-he-350) in the Massdrop special and they work great, only problem is the left audio cable is broken. I've been taping them up with electrical tape because i cannot find a replacement online that isn't over $100 such as this http://hifiman.com/products/detail/182 Anyone have any suggestions or can point me in the right direction? I'd like to not have to DIY it, but if thats my only optionm i will.
  20. Monolith M1060 DAC/Amp Recommendation.

    I'm not really an audio expert so please bear with my terms. So i recently found out about the m1060. And i decided that these headphones will be my "Gaming Headphones". The question is, If these headphones need a Dac/Amp to get a better sound quality. Which Dac/Amp would that be? And also if you have another recommendation for another great headphone which has good sound quality and can make footsteps noticeable and can make you feel like you're actually in the game (ex. you can feel the feelings of the music), It will be very much appreciated.
  21. "mid-range"(entry-level) headphones?

    My old Headphone (Razer Kraken Pro 2015) needs replacement. So I am searching for a new headset. Some suggested buying a separate microphone so headphones are ok too. What are your recommendations for Headsets/Headphones+Mic that are en-par with my old one at a price of about 50-80€ And please don't kill me if I say that looks matter. (RGB-Leds or flimsy controls are a no-go anyhow).
  22. Can someone help me with headphones?

    So, I've been looking into building a new PC for quite a while now, and I think I've finally figured out exactly what I want. But then I realized I was using this as a couch gaming setup, which makes things a little more difficult. Basically, my Idea was that I would build a shallow but wide box out of craft foam or something and have a USB hub inside to connect all of my peripherals. The issue is, you can't connect most high quality headphones to a USB port. I plan to go with the Audio-Technica ATH-M20x because they offer great sound for their low $50 price tag. The issue is, USB to 3.5mm jack converters aren't really converters, they're sound cards that edit the signal however they want. I really want a way to do one of the following: 1.) Use a trusted headphone software such as Dolby Atmos for Headphones through a USB cable 2.) Get a DAC that offers good sound quality with locational sounds such as THX or Dolby Atmos for Headphones. 3.) You guys probably know a lot more than me so do your thing and give me a third option.
  23. Nuraphone Discount

    Hey community! While ordering a fresh pair of the new "Nuraphones" (a fairly unique type of headphone) I noticed that the price did not change between euros and us. Dollars. I found this noteworthy because 400 euros is not the same as 400 dollars, this is a 324 euro and 400 euro gap, so you are actually paying 76 euros more! (A perfect use for tunnelbear! Thanks LMG!) Next to this, I have aquired a discount code linked below \/ http://fbuy.me/iBMLb "" So not only will this save you even more money, but around 120 euros! Thats so much! Please do check this post if you are considering buying a par from outside the US like me! I will post a quick review later on, that might add additional value to this post. Adios!
  24. I just wanna say if it's possible to pair Corsair VOID wireless pro dongle with a non-pro headset, because I've lost the dongle from my headset and could find only VOID pro dongle. Thank you.
  25. Ok, Audio interface

    The speakers I'm buying are 2 JBL LSR305p studio monitors (One left and one right). I have an Audio Technica AT 2035 microphone. These 2 objects are very important. I need an amp or mixer for my microphone but I also want to listen to my voice when recording through headphones or the speakers themselves. There are 2 options, the Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 and the Yamaha MG10XU 10-Input Stereo Mixer. Which one should I buy? I want to be able to listen to myself with headphones and also listen to music without headphones using the same device. They both cost the same, but here's what would all be plugged in. The Audio Technica AT 2035 microphone, the Sennheiser HD 598 SE headphones, and both JBL LSR305p speakers. If I'm recording a video or playing a game that needs a microphone I'd be using the headphones. Which audio interface should I get.