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  1. I just build my new pc with the following specs: - Power Supply -> Segotep 600w - CPU -> I5 7600k Kaby Lake 3.8Ghz - GPU -> Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 - RAM -> HyperX Predator 8Gb 3000Mhz - Motherboard -> ASUS Prime Z270-P The problem is that when I run any game I don't get as much fps as I should. For example I've seen people with nearly the same specs as me, just the CPU I think it was an I5 4690k, getting far mor fps than me. In Battlefield they would have 100+ fps and I would only have around 70-80 very often dropping to 40 with many hiccups having the same settings, V-sync off. Same thing goes for Call of Duty WWII in campaing, even worse sometimes. I use a TV as a monitor, should this be the limitting factor? I updated my BIOS, but it didn't work. I reinstalled my drivers, but it didn't work either. I need help guys:(
  2. Hello, I'm looking to buy a new keyboard and i need help. I want a mechanical keyboard and I thought about buying razer ornata chroma but it has mixed reviews, would you reccomend a fully mechanical keyboard or is ornata good ? I know that there are some other good keyboards at that price range like Logitech G413
  3. Need help for PC Build

    Hi people I wanted to build a PC but dont now what motherboard,ram, power supply.. etc.. I need ur help for choosing these parts for my 1200€ budget (i am from europe btw) and just wanna say that gtx1070 gpu is fixed i am temped to buy it but which edition i dont know. Pls help me bros
  4. Overclock help

    I have a Gtx 1050 2gb from msi and I have msi afterburner how do I overclock.This is my current temps edit yes I'm a hype beast
  5. Hi all i was just wondering if my samsung 2x4gb ram ddr 2400 works at a asus prime b350m -a mobo since that ram was used on my previous mobo on a msi h110m pro vh plus since i upgraded into ryzen platform thanks !
  6. Ok, Im building some relatively "cheap" PC´s for an Office. And they are relatively cheap. Aronud $450-500 when the cost includes Monitor, keyboard and Mouse. However Im wondering if I can find some better (cheaper or same cost) A320 mATX MoBos. Im currently considering the ASRock A320M-HDV ($49.99, down from 59.99 @ Newegg) . I know they have cheaper mATX A320 MoBos, but I have a special requirement: that they have HDMI video output, any other cheaper ASRock A320 MoBo either has VGA/DVI or no Video Output at all. I was wondering If you could help me find some decent mATX A320 (or B350, if they are the same price, or lower) with an HDMI output (and M.2 support). The PC is designed to be upgradeable in the future, and to have decent and responsive performance right, wjile also not beign ugly now, for what you would do in an office (MS Office, Internet, E-Mail, and 108p 60FPS video playback) (while not having the exactly best CPU right now). It also has a relatively decent Monitor (1080p 60Hz, IPS, 21.5") and a case, so that it looks nice and has USB 3.0, good front panel connectors, decent audio shielding and dust filters. I could do the PC WAY cheaper by using a Celeron, 4GB of RAM a cheap-o Case, a cheaper PSU (80+), a 720p TN / LCD Monitor and an Slow-ass HDD, but it´s made to be actually pleasant to use, and relatively responsive for the price, keep that in mind. (I dont want it to be a Freezing Potato) CPU: A12 9800 APU (top of the line A-Series 7th Gen APU) 2M = 4C/4T @ 3.8GHz Base/ 4.2GHz Boost ($99, down from $109) 65W TDP (Evcavator v2, 28nm, 2MB Caché) GPU: Radeon R7 iGPU 8CU´s (512 Stream Processors) @ 1108 MHz (Polaris Evolved, GCN 4.1) (capable of 4K 60FPS 10-bit HDR video playback) Cooler: Wraith Near-Silent Thermal Solution (65W TDP) (Included) RAM: 8GB DDR 4 2400MHz (2x4GB) Storage: Western Digital 3D NAND M.2 SSD (256GB) (SATA 3, 6GBPS) PSU: Corsair CX (2017) 450W 80+ Bronze Keyboard/Mouse: Logitech MK 270 Wireless Keyboard + Mouse Combo Speakers: Logitech S120 Case: Cooler Master N200 mATX Mini-Tower Monitor: Acer G227HQLbi (21.5 inch, IPS LED-LCD, HDMI, 1080p 60Hz) (So that it´s preety to look at) Motherboard: The issue... Candidate is the ASRock A320M-HDV. Please if you have any Motherboard candidates, let me know down below? P.S. If you also find any cheaper 1080p IPS Monitors with HDMI it would also help : )
  7. best 1440p 144hz monitor for $1000

    Have a $1000 dollar budget and looking for a 144hz 1440p monitor, any recommendations?
  8. Hey guys, just built my new computer and is currently around 3 weeks old. During this period, I have received almost around 10 BSOD's out of no where. The blue screens occur when i'm installing things, launching things, or just searching the web or even through my computer. Error Codes: Video_Scheduler_Internal_Error DPC_Watchdog_Violation Specs: Ryzen 5 1500 Gtx 1070 OC edition Asus Strix 2tb WD blue 5400rpm (Considering that this might be the problem of the blue screens) 16gb of ram Corsair LPX (Running 2133mhz but should be at 2400mhz) 750 Watt bronze power supply by EVGA ASUS b350-f gaming motherboard What I have done: Checked for windows latest updates and installed them sfc /scannow thing reinstalled windows (Using windows built in feature to reset) Exchanged for a new video card Did a windows memory diagnostic and it detected no errors. Checked for latest drivers and installed latest drivers. What could be the problem? All help is appreciated.
  9. MSI ge62 2qf camera not working

    A while ago i think i disabled my bisoncam nb pro, which is my integrated laptop camera. I can't find it in device manager and MSI does not got the driver for it on their page. i think i need some help.
  10. Gaming pc for 650$

    ONLY Gaming pc,no monitor peripherals or anything just pc for 600$ can you guys reccomend me builds
  11. Hi guys, so I've recently put together a new computer, well new to me that is. I'm running an i7 860 on a Maximus gene iii motherboard I bought used. The installation went great and I booted up a fresh install of windows 10 and proceeded to install all my programs. Upon first reboot I'm greeted with a CPU over temperature error press f1 to continue. I check the bios and my cpu temp is at 99c. That is even after sitting all night on first boot. 99c. I've since re-seated the CPU and checked for bent pins and debris and re-applied thermal paste with different compounds. I used a different cooler and even a spare i7 860, same issue. I updated to the latest bios and still nothing. I feel I've exhausted all my options. Is there anything else I can try to remedy my situation? or have i learned to not buy 8 year old tech off ebay. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  12. Hello! So im wanting to upgrade my AMD Radeon HD7540D graphics card into a GTX 750 ti. But im afraid it will bottleneck cuz of my cpu and motherboard : cpu AMD A6-5400K mobo MSI A68HM GRENADE Im thinking into upgrading those in to: cpu Intel Core I3-6100 3.7 GHz and mobo GIGABYTE GA-H55-D2H And when i upgrade the cpu and mobo can i not be afraid of it not bottlenecking?
  13. Ok, I know this has been posted a THOUSAND times, but I need to ask you myself. If both the badass GTX 10606GB and the kickass RX 580 8GB were in the same pricepoint, which one is the predator, and which is the prey, and which would you buy? Answer in the Poll and Comment Below Really answer the Polls, thats how your voice is heard ; )
  14. I was going to get the ASUS B150-Plus D3 and the i7-6700k with the EVO 212 for my CPU cooler. Is this a good motherboard? I haven't seen much about it but it has DDR3 with a LGA 1151 socket which i like about it since i dont want to upgrade to DDR4 at the moment but the processor needs to be replaced. I was also thinking about overclocking but im not sure if the cooler is good enough. At some point down the line i am planning on upgrading the GPU as well. My current and planned upgrades are below, thanks for reading! Current Build: Processor- Pentium G3258 (UPGRADE to i7-6700k w/ EVO 212 Cooler) Motherboard-MSI Intel H81M-E34 (DDR3 and LGA1150) (UPGRADE to ASUS B150-Plus D3) RAM- HyperX FURY 8gb 1866MHz Graphics Card-MSI GTX 950 (2Gb) Windows 10 64 bit Hard Drive-WD Blue 2tb Hard Disk Drive-5400 RPM Power Supply-EVGA 500 W1 Case- Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-02
  15. Best cooler?

    I have bought an 8th gen i5 8600k. I had a NZXT Kraken x62 which has a pump failure... Now I need a new cooler. Any recommendations both air or liquid are welcome. Thanks.
  16. Hi all which is better give reason and why btw ? I heard asus has better updates to bios than msi soo idk which to pick
  17. What's this power plug ?

    Hey guys, I bought some led strips off banggood and they came with this power plug. Anyone have an idea what this is? I've tried checking myself and the closest I got was a type I but this one has much closer spacing inbetween the pins. Can someone help me out?Thanks in advance. Yours faithfully, Luke
  18. What 1440p 144hz monitor to buy?

    Really need help trying to figure out what 1440p 144hz monitor to buy. 1000$ budget
  19. Hey guys, this is my rig, it's pretty budget: : CPU: : AMD Athlon II X4 880K 4.0GHz (Overclocked to 4.4GHz) Quad Core Processor : RAM: : 8GB Dual-Channel DDR3 : Motherboard: : Gigabyte F2A78M-HD2 Motherboard : Graphics: : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti : Storage: : 1TB SATA3 6Gbps Hard Drive : Case: : Thermaltake Core V21 Gaming Case - Black I have money to upgrade and I want to know what to upgrade and what to? Many Thanks,
  20. 4k monitor scaling for gaming.

    I have a pretty old system and monitor and I'm looking to upgrade but i have a few questions first. i guess my biggest question is how scaling affects monitors. I dont game much anymore but i still play a few games (Overwatch and smite mostly) however i do like to use the Adobe suite and intake media, so i figured that an upgrade to my monitor would be a pretty good upgrade to my current situation. i am also looking to buy a new graphics card (im think some version of 1060 or something of similar price point) to run this new monitor. now with all of that out of the way my main question is how down scaling my resolution will effect my games. like will it shrink the image or will it just combine pixels to act like its 1080p? i have read that going from 4k to 1080p can also make the image seem blurry. any help with this would be appreciated, also if you think that there is a better graphics card id be happy to hear your input. thanks in advance <3 merry holidays.
  21. Hello, My pc has been running very slow recently and have been told many times to get a ssd. The thing is that the problem is not in disk usage it is in memory usage. Do I need more ram or an ssd? Thanks, Dylan
  22. RAM

    Hello, I feel like I should know this but can you buy 4 of the same 8 gb ram sticks from the same company and still plug them all in and have them work or do you have to buy them in a bundle?
  23. Hello, The Antimalware Service Executable was taking up a lot of CPU, memory and disk usage so then I went on YouTube for help. I went to time scheduler and disabled all the things in windows defender in the conditions tab like a bunch of people on YouTube said. It fixed my CPU and disk usage but my memory was still taken up. I even tried to disable windows defender and I could not. Please help. Thanks, Dylan
  24. Hi everyone.. im building a new gaming pc and i seriously consider buying the i5 8600k.. in terms of fps. it beats the 7700k but i've heard rumors saying that the i5 lags alot cuz it lacks Hyperthreading.. so my question is: is the HT really offer a smoother experience ? Or should i go with i5 ?(its cheaper tho) Here's my new rig https://pcpartpicker.com/list/BX367h
  25. What kind of truck is this?

    What kind/brand of truck is this?