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  1. Is it worth investing in an older Xeon build such as this? Found one with dual Xeon E5-2609 v2s, 16gb ram and an nvs 315 with the other usual thinkstation psu etc, worth £220/382CAD/295 USD? Usage depends on what it’s capable of really, it’s for my missus to use/learn with; opinions, suggestions etc? thanks in advance
  2. Ibm intellistation m pro 6218 idk how to make the iso flash file into bootable cause rufas and yumi multi boot dont suport them that type of iso file
  3. I don’t know at all what this CPU is and google gives no good answers. It might be 1 core at 1.3Ghz, might be 1 core at 2.4Ghz, might be a lot of other stuff. All I know is it, along with 3 more, came from a very old IBM server that was purchased for $30. Anyone...?
  4. Buy Model M on Amazon: http://geni.us/JUnhksw Amazing tactile feel. Distinct mechanical acoustics. Unparalleled durability. The IBM Model M is likely the most influential keyboard ever- even if it’s NOT great for gaming. But how does a brand new Unicomp Classic compare?
  5. My dad and I were cleaning out the garage and found an old IBM Model M, it looks like it had been outside for a little bit and maybe rained on but I feel like it will pull through that but mainly, will it work with my newer computer if I buy a DIN to PS/2 adapter? I know other people have done it but I just don't know if it wouldn't work because some are 5v and some are 12v and the XT/AT stuff, just wanted to confirm that it will work before I buy an adapter to use it, thanks. here are pics of the keyboard and the S/N
  6. So I have an old IBM ThinkPad i1200 and I'm trying to install openSUSE 10.2 from a DVD the install works fine until "Activating USB devices..._" then it freezes and doesn't do anything else. How do I fix this? The laptop specs are Celeron mobile 700mhz 192mb Ram 60GB HDD
  7. Hey there guys. I recently acquired a Thinkpad x230 laptop from a customer of my small electronics store. He said I could have it because it suddenly stopped turning on. I tried to fix it in front of him, but did not have the proper tools. He said I could keep it. Now I'm at home with the laptop mostly disassembled, and am troubleshooting. I've posted on Reddit already, but I thought I'd post here to get the most feedback. When the power key is pressed, the computer powers on, but only briefly. It dies seconds after turning on. No video output even. I tried powering it with and without the battery inserted to no avail. I've also re-seated the RAM and tried different RAM, and have also re-seated the 500GB mechanical hard drive as well. A Reddit user had a similar issue with a different model, and apparently the issue was resolved by removing the RAM and unplugging the CMOS for 1 minute, then plugging everything back in. I have tried that twice now to no avail. Just on and then off, on and then off. The light near the webcam flashes through this process as well as it turns on and off. BUT WAIT. IT GETS WEIRD. Trying to power it on without RAM inserted yields no display output, but the laptop does stay powered on and beeps to indicate no RAM is inserted. How can it not power on with all the components inserted, but it can power on without RAM inserted at all? As I said I've tried a few different sticks of RAM and still no luck while its inserted. What's going on, exactly? Have you guys ever had a similar issue with a Thinkpad? How did you fix it? Any insight would be awesome. Thanks guys! -Rick
  8. Hey, I'm planning to build off an old IBM machine, the Aptiva from the late 90's or early 2000's. I have most of the build planned out, but I'm still looking for a front I/O panel that will fit in a standard 5.25" drive bay. I'm looking for a card reader, USB 3.0 and 2.0 hub, and front audio combined device, I'm currently looking at the kingwin fpx 004, but I don't need or want a fan controller. If anybody has any comments or suggestions about either a panel that would work or the build itself, I'm open to hear it! Thanks in advance!! New update!! Things have started moving a bit more slowly and unfortunately it's looking like this project may not be complete until October. I have done some modifications to the parts list however in the interest of improving performance and cost effectiveness. Additionally surprisingly I have successfully run the old components and all but the HDD work well. I may wind up selling them so stay tuned!
  9. Hey folks! We want to make a video comparing the original IBM Model M keyboard to the Unicomp ones you can still buy today but we need your help! These keyboards are pretty rare and are held largely by collectors; we'd hate to take one out of circulation only to have it sit on a warehouse shelf once the video's done, so we're reaching out to you guys to see if anyone owns either an original or a Unicomp Model M (or ideally, both!), and would like to lend it/them to us so we can review We, of course, would take care of shipping costs, and repay you with a shout-out and some autographed swag- we could even autograph the keyboard(s) if you wanted Shoot me a message if you can help! -james.
  10. Hi everyone! I have an insanely old motherboard (dating back to early 1990s), and am trying to restore it for fun. On the motherboard, there are these ports (see picture) that go to things like HDD LED, and things like that. I have no clue what port goes to what connector, and need help figuring it out. Thanks!
  11. So, this question is kind of long and technically 2 seperate questions but they relate so I'll keep them together. At the minute I've got 4 systems on my wired network: My desktop which has an i7 4790k in it An IBM x3650 M1 (2x Xeon e5450 36GB Ram) which runs virtual desktops and virtual apps An IBM x3650 M2 (2x Xeon X5650 64GB Ram) which is my main lab server as well as running VMware vCenter And, my main server which runs a router as well as Windows Server 2016 that serves as my NAS and Plex server. This machine is really underpowered with only an AMD a4-6300 dual core and 8GB of ram. I really cheaped out on it but it runs fine. The three servers are all running VMware ESXi 6.5 and are connected to the vCenter Server on the x3650 M2. The main server only has a dual port gigabit card in it which has one port for WAN and the other goes to a 24-Port gigabit switch which has everything else connected to it. So everything is running on a standard 1 gigabit connection to the rest of the network. There is an exception to this. I've got single port 10 gigabit SFP+ cards in both my desktop and my x3650 M2 which have a DAC cable running between them. What I want to do is buy another single port card for my x3650 M1 and 2 dual port cards to put into my main server. I can't do this with the current server as its only got one PCIe slot (it's ITX) which has the dual gigabit card in it. I intend to upgrade my desktop to an i7 8700k in the coming months so the 4790k system will become the main server and the POS a4-6300 will be retired. So i'll be able to do dual 10G cards then. For now what i will do is get the dual 10G cards for the x3650 M2 instead. I intend to run fibre from the two dual port cards, to each of the other systems with a 10G card, so there'll be one central system with 4 SFP+ ports that connect to everything else. With this, what I hope to do is setup a VM on the server that will act as a 10G switch. To the switch VM, I will use PCIe passthrough to give the VM direct access to the NICs and I'll give it a 10G port on the vSwitch as well so the other VMs can communicate with the rest of the network. I want to know if it is possible to setup a VM to act purely as a switch between essentially 5 different network ports. If this is possible with PfSense it'd make life easier cos i can just do it with the one VM instead of having a seperate router and switch. The other part of my question is. When I build my 8700k system, I want to only have 2 NVMe SSDs in it, and no SATA drives at all. My plan is to setup a 3TB iSCSI drive on my NAS and have my desktop connect to that for all my games and user files. I also want to move the drives form the IBM servers to the NAS to run all the VMs from network storage (I might have to buy a SAN disk shelf for this and use a SAS expander but that's not a problem) I know it's technically possible but, is iSCSI and a 10G network actually stable enough to support this? And, how much CPU horsepower will it use (if any). I'm sorry if I've confused you people but I like overly complicated things Thanks for any help.
  12. IBM T43 doesn't turn on

    Hi, about seven years ago, I bought a laptop. The computer was a IBM T43 form 2003 or earlier, with Windows Xp. The system worked fine. Until one day, when I came home from school, I opened my computer and pushed on the ON button. Nothing happened, not even a small led turned on. The day before, I used it and it worked fluently. Nobody else has used the laptop but me. Can someone help me?
  13. IBM Researchers believe this new prototype technology will enable ultra-dense, low-power, and massively parallel computing systems that are especially useful for AI applications. The researchers tested the new architecture using an unsupervised machine-learning algorithm running on one million phase change memory (PCM) devices, successfully finding temporal correlations in unknown data streams. Original article http://kurzweilai.net/ibm-scientists-say-radical-new-in-memory-computing-architecture-will-speed-up-computers-by-200-times
  14. Would I get any noticeable improvement if I put an M.2 or Msata in a SSD to IDE converter and pop it into an old IBM Thinkpad? Or am I better off using an IDE drive?
  15. IBM X3560 M2 Storage

    I have a IBM X3560 M2 server running 2.5" sas drives in raid 1. Supported hard drive info is hard to find and often pretty vague. I would like to upgrade to 300gb drives but I would like some kind of reassurance whether the 3650 M2 will accept them.
  16. IBM Z

    Another live blog by Ian Cutress from Anadtech, this time it's all about IBM Z http://anandtech.com/show/11750/hot-chips-ibms-next-generation-z14-cpu-mainframe-live-blog-5pm-pt-12am-utc
  17. IBM and Sony have partnered together to develop a new tape cartridge that will be capable of storing 330 TB of data or ~200 Gb of data per a square inch. For comparison, the Ars Technica article on this points out that the largest HDD are about twice the physical size of these cartridges and store 60 TB on Seagates SSD or 12 TB on HGSTs helium filled HDD, so definitely quite a bit more data density, just costs a lot more and don't expect fast read/write times out of it. However, for long term back-up storage, this would be ideal and provides a 50% increase over what is currently available in tape storage and a 60% density increase. As to how they accomplished such a feat: https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2017/08/ibm-and-sony-cram-up-to-330tb-into-tiny-tape-cartridge/ Of course, cost, as always will be a significant factor, however, large data centers that have to backup lots of data will definitely be looking into this for the benefits of storage capacity and density.
  18. What IBM Model M Do I Buy?

    So I joined the mech keyboard master race a while back, and am now seeking to finish off my collection of well known and respected mechs with an IBM Model M off of Ebay. However, there were several models made, and I was wondering if someone would be so kind as to explain which differences, if any, between the models should impact my decision.
  19. Hi guys, I want to work on a rather cool project for my next laptop, I want to use one of intel's new Mini-SFX motherboards in a laptop, however i knew that i would just NEED that laptop to be a thinkpad, and i need a laptop to be very thick in order for the NH-L9i cooler to fit, now i plan to cram 8GB of DDR4 RAM into this beast to start with, and I would either go for a 7600T CPU or an AMD Raven Ridge APU if AMD are able to use this form factor, this would mean I would have one of, if not the most powerful thinkpads, I think that this would be bloody amazing, however I have run into an issue, i simply cannot source any G40/1 laptops anywhere, Would anybody mind helping me find one, and also could somebody give me some indication of price that i would have to pay for this laptop, Thanks -NerdModeEngaged
  20. From the Washington Post So basically encrypt the data more, and faster, so it's harder to steal. Great. Still expensive as though, so small business probably won't adopt it.
  21. Hi, so recently I posted a wanted add on Craigslist for free old computers to tinker with, and one of the people that gave me an old Pentium D IBM computer along with some IBM DOS manuals, and on top of that, the old lady said since you were willing to pick up the manuals, she gave me her old 1993 IBM Model M keyboard. At first I thought this keyboard would be some old proprietary thing, but I saw that it had a PS/2 connector and so I connected it to my desktop and it still works. I googled the keyboard, every website said that this was the best keyboard ever made and how it's considered the legendary and gold standard of keyboards even today in 2017, 31 years later... Why is this keyboard considered "legendary" and the gold standard of keyboards? Should I keep it around or just sell it off to someone on eBay?
  22. https://wired.com/2017/06/ibm-silicon-nanosheets-transistors/ This will help break the 7nm lower limit on the FinFET process, so dies can continue getting smaller for at least a few more processor generations. IBM Research scientist Nicolas Loubet holds a wafer of chips with 5nm silicon nanosheet transistors manufactured using an industry-first process that can deliver 40 percent performance enhancement at fixed power, or 75 percent power savings at matched performance.CONNIE ZHOU “The world’s sitting on this stuff, artificial intelligence, self-driving cars. They’re all highly dependent on more efficient computing power. That only comes from this type of technology,” says Hutcheson. “Without this, we stop.”
  23. 1984 IBM Model M Key Caps

    Hello all, I have an amazing old 1984 IBM Model M mechanical keyboard. Its my daily driver at home. It was to loud for my cube at work. LOL. I am missing one key cap. I am looking for a place to buy the F8 key cap? Any ideas?
  24. It would appear the good days of working remotely for IBM are coming to an end... Ars Technica has an article outlining how IBM is informing it's telework employees that they either have to relocate to an office or seek employment elsewhere all the while it is selling the ability for other companies to provide telework services. https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2017/05/ibm-to-remote-workers-come-back-to-the-mothership-or-else/ All I can say is that this is a poor move that doesn't really help them with advertising their own telework solutions... I mean seriously, you tell your customers how 'great' your remote work products are and then get rid of remote workers in your own company. Just doesn't make any sense.
  25. Source: http://startrek.com/article/ibms-watson-to-power-bridge-crew-vr-interactive-speech-experience 15 years ago Activision launched a mostly overlooked game called Star Trek: Bridge Commander, which allowed you to command a starship in various scenarios, and included something that was well ahead of its time: voice input. While it did not work well, with it only responding to certain very clearly voiced phrases, and even then often failing, it planted the seed for what could someday be possible for such an experience. Fast forward to today and the currently available virtual reality hardware and that experience is being recreated by Ubisoft with Star Trek Bridge Crew, a single player or co-operative VR experience that allows you and your friends to man the various stations on a starship bridge. What had concerned me personally was how this would work when you were by yourself or didn't have enough friends for all stations. It has now been revealed that the people at IBM are partnering with Ubisoft to integrate IBM Watsons new "VR Speech Sandbox" into this VR game, to provide a (hopefully) totally natural vocal interaction with even virtual members of the bridge crew. For some time people have been talking about VR needing a "killer app" to really take off, something more involved than the plethora of mini-games we have now. If it works as intended, I could see this becoming that killer app.