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  1. Hi, I have been noticing that the forum loads really slow on Chrome for the last week. Has anyone else had this problem? Cheers.
  2. is 25 MBPS enough?

    So we are currently on spectrum's 200 mbps plan, but AT&T is offering a 25mbps plan that is $90 a month cheaper. we are usually stressing the internet the most when I am gaming while ether talking with friends or watching a youtube video at the same time and simultaneously one of my family members is streaming Netflix while another may also be watching some Netflix or youtube. (basically one person gaming, voice chatting through teamspeak/discord, 3 or 4 1080p video streams, and some light internet browsing at the same time.) Is 25 mbps enough for all that, my gut tells me no but I just wanted to check.
  3. New PC Build Has "Slow" Download Speed

    First off, thank you for checking out this post. I appreciate it. More to the point, my ballin new system I built (my first) seems to have a lower than normal download speed when I test my internet ups and downs. I pay for 200Mbps and I'm testing between 150-200 on all of my devices except my new pc. It's getting anywhere from 25-75Mbps down. I took the same cable to my new pc and put it on my laptop and got 210Mbps down on that, so I know it isn't the cable. I believe I updated my drivers properly, so I'm pretty stumped. Upload speeds are consistently correct at around 35Mbps on all devices, including my new pc. I'm SUPER terrible at networking and I know basically nothing about it. I'll include all the parts in my computer because I don't really know what you'll need to get a picture of my situation. It's not a dire issue, because 35Mbps is absolutely functional, but I'd like to use what I pay for, and I miss downloading games, programs, etc at super quick speeds. Knowing me, I just overlooked a step in the new pc build process. Any advice is super appreciated. Thank you! My PCPP build: https://pcpartpicker.com/b/MM3bt6
  4. Hello, So I moved in to a new place the internet connection is really bad, the landlord said the speed depends on how many users are using the internet at the same time. But when I turn on steam downloads my browsing becomes faster (ex. Netflix / twitch) It doesn't make any sense why when I download it becomes faster. Also one more question I'm using my laptop as a hotspot. Doesn't it really matter if I get a router? Speed/ping
  5. Long cable vs Router train

    Hello, I live in a 3 story house which is completely made of sandstone (including all internal walls and floors/ceilings. The main hub for my internet (a Technicolor TG589vn v3 router, supplied by my broadband provider) is on the ground floor in my living room. I have a router (ASUS AC1200) on the first floor which is connected to the main hub via a CAT4 cable and provides good WiFi for this floor. I spend a lot of my down time relaxing on the top floor and this is where my gaming PC is. I have bought a second ASUS AC1200 router for the top floor and don't know what the best method for obtaining the fastest internet speeds on this floor would be. I currently have a WiFi extender in the 'mancave' (on the top floor) which is connected to the first floor router via a CAT4 cable and my plan was to simply replae this with the new router. However, I recently bought a tool kit for setting up my own network cables and have been considering the idea of running a long CAT4 cable directly from the top floor router to the main hub on the ground floor in a bid to improve internet speeds. The router on the top floor serves 2 purposes - to provide WiFi for this floor and as a connection point for my gaming PC (which I plan on connecting to the router via a CAT4 cable). I'm certainly no expert when it comes to physics or networking hardware (or theory) and was hoping one of you more tech-savvy people could enlighten me as to which option should give me better results. My original plan to just connect the routers in series is the simplest method as all the cabling is already in place but I am willing to devote some time and effort to laying new cables if this will significantly impact my internet speed in the 'mancave.' As a last point, there is also the option of running a CAT4 cable directly from the gaming PC all the way down to the internet hub on the first floor. Do you guys think this will drastically improve my internet speed? Thanks and apologies for the essay-length post.
  6. Bit-rate Twitch Calculation

    I found an ISP with a good up and down speeds, but it has a data cap which is 500 GB per month. I am wanting to stream soon, so I calculated how much data I will consume (streaming alone) in an hour. So here is my calculation. Assuming the bit-rate I will be using is 6000 Kbps. 6000 Kb to Mb = 6 Mb 6 Mbps x 60 seconds = 360 Mb per minute 360 Mbpm x 60 minutes = 21600 Mb per hour 21600 Mb x 6 hours = 129600 Mb per 6 hours 129600 Mb to GB = 16.2 GB per 6 hours 16.2 GB x 30 days = 486 GB per month Is my calculation correct? Please correct me if I am wrong.
  7. I have a plan with Xfinity, Blast Pro tier which advertises 200 down and 10-12 up. This killing my stream quality and making me sweat :/. Got this modem ARRIS SURFboard SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem - Retail Packaging - White And router https://amazon.com/NETGEAR-WNDR4500-N900-Gigabit-Router/dp/B00HEX851C
  8. Internet speed

    Hello guys, so I am a bit confused at the moment with the Internet speed on a global scale "what is a good speed" The ISP that I have now is. Downstream:43442 kbps, its like 4.3 megabytes per second. Upstream :4999 kbps, its like half a megabyte per second. Any comment and opinion would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. Internet speed poll

    In a community of tech enthusiasts, i'm kinda curious how fast people's internet speeds are around the globe. so i will start: - Germany, at a city with high density population - 32 mbit/s DL promised, about 25 mbit/s in reality, sometimes full speed - 4mbit/s UL - maximum for simple non-commercial contracts in my area: 150mbit/s (but no port forwarding possible)
  10. my parents ordered 12 mb/s internet speed and on my phone when i test internet speed i get 12 mb/s and on my pc when i test it also shows 12 mb/s, but when i try to download a game it dosent go up above 800 kb/s. and also in the winter when temperatures drop below 0 C i get a yellow triangle on the the botom right corner then i have to go unplug wait and plug back in the cable. i dont know what causes this problem is it my router or my pc cant direct that much information. we have a antena that goes in to one router then from that router to a adapter then to another router and then to the pc. oh and also when i try to actualy download something on my phone the speed turns crap too
  11. Does Cable Effect Internet Speed?

    So we don't have cable now and my dad wants to get it. Since my modem and the cable box both run on coax cables, does my isp allocate a certain amount of bandwidth to the cable and internet on the same line? im just worried that if we get tv that our max internet speed that we got before will never be reached again.
  12. Slow download speed need help!

    So i built a pc yesterday and i found a problem with my download speed i have 92mb and i called my ISP and he said that everything should work just fine but he cant help me with the download speed issue, My download speed is about 250kb per second which is horrible for 92mb that i checked i have. the files were downloaded from utorrent and chrome.
  13. Need help with internet speed

    So i have built my new pc yesterday and everything seems to be going fine, But i started downloading drivers and games and the internet speed was horrible, I cant even download a game since the speed is around 250kb per sec and my has a i5 7600k and a gtx 1070. I'm connected to the internet with a internet cable even my wireless connection on my laptop is a lot better.
  14. Internet speed issues

    For the last few years, my family has been using wi-fi that a local service provides. As far as we know, the internet speed is extremely poor (400 kb/s download speed) and the internet is rated at a much higher speed than it is performing. The modem is a dlink (idk the model), and as far as we know, is several years outdated. Would buying a new modem improve internet speed? And if so, any recommendations? Preferably under $150. Thanks.
  15. More downloads = slower internet?

    Does downloading 4 items on a single device at a one given moment slow down the internet more than just downloading one, or does the device have a certain amount of bandwidth to use and just spreads it evenly to each download so it doesn't slow down the internet anymore than just downloading one
  16. I am downloading a game but i still wanna play h1z1 and im getting lagg spikes so my question is and i know this is possible coz my friend does this whole the time ... It downloads right now with the speed of 2.6 Mb/s How do I limit it to 1 or 1.5 so it doesnt use my whole internet
  17. Australian Internet Speeds

    its kinda hard to get these things started, BUT i would love if people could really help this thing get off the ground and people make some noise about it, this is Mostly Australia Related, But hey if you aren't from Australia and You want to help make noise about this with me, please do, and if you are in the same boat i will bring a 6pack of coldies and make some noise with you too!. So as some people may know that Australia's internet is really poor, it averages about 9.6Mbps (1200Kbps) fastest i can get where i live is 4.5Mps (569 Kbps) ADSL2+ (which is "available" in Australia) theoretical/Capable speeds are about 20Mbps (2500Kbps) DL and 820Kbps (6.56Mbps) UL. Australia is ranked 50th in the world for internet speed, behind New Zealand which is 40th, as many of you would use Steam, this could help as well, Average download speed for Rural Australians would be very similar to mine which is of late been 280Kbps. maxing at 310Kps. Now our Government in all its crappy glory Believes our national network is fast enough, this would probably because Canberra is a city and they don't wonder outside to see that the country towns have completely garbage internet, in the town i live in, it has 1 Phone exchange that i know of, if you live with in 3Km's (1.8 Miles) you can have "ADSL2+", thou when i have used internet within this range i have notice it can often been half the speed offered. anyone who lives outside the range of 3Kms gets 5Mbps and below and a bit further out and you have to use satellite (which isn't that fast either here for some special reason). At the moment they are trying to implement NBN "National Broadband Network" thou it performs well under its advertised Specs (again Aus Government and Telstra lying to the masses like they love to do) while they have been doing this, my personal internet has had to suffer, and they aren't even working within 200Kms (124 Miles) of my location. starting last Yr in October and is expecting to go on till 2018. So yay they are trying to improve the internet, so why am i complaining. glad you asked. well the problem is, besides its underachieving speeds (in a perfect world it would move AUS from 50th World wide internet speeds to 30th), it still isn't going to help a LARGE amount of people, and they are still implementing it on a already flawed system, rather than installing more exchanged to handle more traffic, they are updating part of the line, but leaving the spine of the system the same old garbage thing, No fiber, still copper still overloaded and still out of range for alot of people. and even if you are lucky enough to get ADSL connection on the outskirts you still pay for full fat ADSL2+ prices. So to put the Big offender of bad internet shitty service of all kinds in the Crosshairs, Telstra offers a $80AUD ($61US) 500GB ADSL2+ Plan, its available where i live, but i wont get the speed of ADSL2+, still have to pay full price. and even if i could get ADSL2+ it still under perform. and its not uncommon for the internet lines to be interrupted or even at times for no reason (giving reason) the internet speed will drop down to 1.2Mbps. and can stay there for days on end. Yet Australia's Government (and Telstra behind it) believe that our internet is perfectly fast enough. do you believe paying for a service that you never receive at under 1/4 of its potential speed is "perfectly" fine and fast enough ? any thoughts please come talk about it.
  18. Hi, Just got hooked up with a new internet plan with a speed of 25mbps whilst waiting for fiber to be installed. Unfortunately my hauwei modem is dropping my speed to 2.00mbps when I should be getting 25mbps. The things I've only configured are the wifi and admin passwords. So I dont understand why this is happening! I've rebooted my modem multiple times and got the same result. I'm not sure if its just a long delay for it to be able to provide my network with 25mbps. Also the fools at my internet provider are hopeless with support. The only solution they have provided each time is to reset the modem to its default settings. Which is annoying when you want to make your network more secure. Any idea why this is happening?
  19. best wifi card for gaming?

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forums! I'm going to be doing my very first PC build soon. Unfortunately, I cannot use ethernet to connect my PC to the internet since the placing of my router is weird. If anyone could recommend me a good quality wifi card for gaming that would be great! I don't know if there's a difference between an external or internal wifi card but I guess I would prefer external. I need something that's easy to setup without an optical drive. Thanks!
  20. Hi Everyone Recently I've noticed my families home internet has become considerably slow, especially for videos such as in the Float Plane Club, Facebook and news websites. They're basically unwatchable, having to buffer every second, even loading the forum here was very slow. However despite this I can play YouTube videos at 720p with no buffering at all, they just play straight through from start to end with no issues (in fact I just checked and I played a 6 min 1080p video with only less than 5 sec buffering at the beginning). The same issues is noticeable on both an ethernet connected PC and on mobile devices over WiFi. I'm wondering if this is an issue with our modem and router settings or if it's just some weird issue with our ISP. Any suggestions and thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  21. My steam downloads are significantly slower than they should be. Not even two weeks ago (last time I paid attention, at least) I was getting around 30MB/s+ from steam. I'm connected via ethernet. I've tried changing my steam download server to like a dozen different ones in america and overseas with no change whatsoever. I've tried restarting my router. Nothing else connected to the network is downloading/using much bandwidth if any. I re-installed windows a couple of days ago (which is why I'm re-downloading a lot of games for my library) on this laptop, but the problem was there before as well. Any suggestions or ideas?
  22. The internet speed i pay for is 50 Mb per second and when i check with a speed test on my phone that is totally true, i get around 50 Mb per second. when i check on my pc it gets a lot more wonky, i have six usb slots on my pc (i think all standard) and the speed via 4 of the back slots is around 1-2 Mb per second, yeah, the speed at the front two connectors is around 15-30 (rarely) Mb per second ( normally around 15 Mb per second). This must be a hardware problem so here are the specs: ram: 8gb graphics card: does it even matter motherboard:gigabyte ga-h61m-ds2 wifi dongle: supports up to 150 Mb per second windows 8 64-bit My idea is that my motherboard doesn't support the internet speed via usb, is that correct? Any advice is appreciated, thank you all in advance X3
  23. Splitting Internet speed.

    Good day, I have a problem with the internet at home; I live with my sister and she uses the internet at night when she works at home, but the problem is she goes onto YouTube and plays music videos constantly. Now I play games (or at least try) and YouTube (we all know) takes up all the internet bandwidth leaving me with nothing. I tried blocking YouTube on the router config but it does not block https:// URLs unfortunately. I even tried blocking it in the (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc) Notepad folder but still no success. Here is some info on how were connected etc: I am on the Wi-Fi and my sister is connected directly into the modem with a LAN cable The router we use is a - D-Link Wireless N ADSL2+ 4-Port Wi-Fi Router with 3G Failover I use the - D-Link DWA-525 Wireless N 150 PCI Desktop Adapter Both me and my sister use Windows 10 The internet speed is : Downstream Line Rate (Kbps): 5115 Upstream Line Rate (Kbps): 509 I want to know if there is any way I can split the internet speed between us two (I have tried with the router config but there is no option for that) or can I just block YouTube completely? Any kind suggestions are welcome! Thank you. Judg3
  24. So I was just downloading the Crew what is free now in Uplay and that reminded me about the uplays downloading speed. It seems to be limited to 10 MB/s it was really bothering me is it Uplay or something in my computer, because my normal download speed in for example Steam is 80-70 MB/s. So is it limited or is there anything that I could do to fix it (I have set the speed in the settings to unlimited). And yes I have seen something to do with the proxy setting or something, but is there a easier method.
  25. i am at uni halls there are 2 rooms for me to pick as i am early one of them have cicso aircap 702w router in place of normal lan and other room is just normal lan where you plug in wire. what does that modeam do is it just to increase wifi range in other room side. i am not interseted in wifi but wired speed for downloading and gaming. does wire comming from cisco modeam gives more speed than just from wall. also want to know if it bost speed like we have 50mb internet but some get around 30, 40 will i get full 50 becasue of this cisco if i pick that room link http://cisco.com/c/en/us/support/wireless/aironet-702w-access-point/model.html#~tab-documents