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  1. While Intel has admitted to having issues with producing volume of 10nm CPUs for consumers, it does appear that they are producing some small volumes, of which the first batch appear to be going to Lenovo for the update to the Ideapad 330. This chip is not listed as a 9 series but as the i3-8121u with a dual core, hyperthreaded part operating at a base frequency of 2.2 and boost to 3.2 GHz and a 15W TDP. Interestingly, it appears that the Ideapad listing may indicate that the iGPU is disabled as it is shipping with an RX540 GPU. There are two articles from OC3D which points to this information. First posted 5/14: https://overclock3d.net/news/cpu_mainboard/intel_s_first_10nm_cannon_lake_laptop_spotted_-_lenovo_ideapad_330/1 Second posted 5/15: https://overclock3d.net/news/cpu_mainboard/intel_confirms_the_existence_of_10nm_cannon_lake_i3-8121u_cpu/1 Intel ARK: https://ark.intel.com/products/136863/Intel-Core-i3-8121U-Processor-4M-Cache-up-to-3_20-GHz?q=8121U Based on the specs listed for this part, I have to agree with OC3D that the 10nm process chip as it stands does not really provide much of a benefit over their 14nm Kaby Lake chip, and with the low yields they are supposedly getting, it may not be economic to really use instead of the 14nm chips... Hopefully Intel can get the wrinkles ironed out in the next year though and advance their 10nm process in a way that does show some gains over the 14nm that makes all of this time and effort at least partially worth it. EDIT: Here is an article from over at Anandtech on the new Lenovo Ideapad with some better information/images... https://anandtech.com/show/12749/first-10nm-cannon-lake-laptop-spotted-online-lenovo-ideapad-330-for-449 Definitely looks like a low end just needs something that works for a year or two deal...
  2. Lenovo Ideapad 720s 13" Freezing

    So I picked up this notebook a little over a month ago from Lenovo site brand new.Once I plugged the laptop in to charge the cursor would free every time I moved it, and this happened on both a mouse and track pad. I installed all windows updates and removed lots of bloatware and then installed BIOS updates from the lenovo site, which all went through successfully. This only happens when the laptop is charging, and usually after 20 seconds if being plugged into either of the charging ports. Here's where it gets intersting, when media such as a video is playing on the laptop the issues stops but once I close down media it starts happening again. The issue sometimes goes away when changing the power mode but usually doesn't fix it, neither does lowering the resolution down to 1080p. Perhaps the CPU throttles massively once heat from the charging hits it? I have a year warranty with lenovo so should I send it away for repairs? I expect them to either replace it completely or send it back since the issue might not occur straight away for them.
  3. Hello, I have sorted and filtered the ones I can buy. https://netonnet.se/art/dator/barbara-datorer/14-15-tum?page=1&pageSize=96&filter=77768294&sortOrder=10&sortBy=1 I would appreciate if the price isn't above 6000kr Which of these 12 laptops is the best choice? WHAT IM LOOKING FOR: Overall speed is very important, I hate when things are slow. If I open 2 or 3 tabs I don't wanna experience lagg or anything like that. I am gonna learn to program on this laptop, watch movies and i dont know maybe play y8.com So which one? Thanks!
  4. after changing the hindge on my laptop lenovo g580 display doesn't turn on only the signal lamp on the corner on the body light up also the webcam signal lamp light up but without display plz help .
  5. So apparently Lenovo is making a full screen phone. I guess better than Apple and Samsung. By looking at the picture from this article, the phone looks to have virtually no border. This phone has a 91.3 screen to body ratio! The Iphone X only has 81.49 ratio. It seems like Apple has been beat again. I wonder if in the future, apple will try and figure out this technology and then produce itr and say it is a brand new concept in the SmartPhone world. Link to Article; https://msn.com/en-us/news/technology/lenovo-teases-what-might-be-the-first-true-e2-80-98all-screen-e2-80-99-phone/ar-AAxeWzo
  6. So i was going to buy a new gaming monitor. Iv came across theese monitors, they are decent in price. The lenovo is a newer monitor, tho the acer is a "oldschool" gaming monitor, i dont know what to pick, any help ?
  7. Hi, i need some help with my Lenovo k450 10121. I would love to upgrade my graphics card to geforce 1050ti. It should fit fine but k450 has 280w power supply, so i am not sure If i need to buy 400w power supply. I have looked through a lot of sites and videos and a lot of people nad the Same problem with similar computer. They said that 1050ti doesnt need that Much power to ran and it should work fine. I m not sure If its trusted or not. If i 100% need new power supply, then pls advice me which one fits my pc and do i need to buy any cabels. Any advice is welcome.
  8. I went to Micro Center looking to get a laptop for school. I went in planning to get an LG Gram or a Dell XPS 13, but they didn't have the combination of features i wanted; namely, a touch screen, at least 256g ssd for as close to 1000 as possible. I after looking at the different options i grabbed a Lenovo ideapad flex 5 1470. Its got an i5 but I don't need it for any engineering programs, photo or video editing. As far as i can tell i only need it to take notes and type papers on, and maybe watch a video on YouTube. All of the features seem on the lighter side but the with tax total was about $710. I have not opened the box yet because i wanted to be a little more certain this was a good deal, and not just a junky laptop that i will have to replace an hour after the warranty is up. Are the Dell XPS 13 and LG Gram options that much better considering they are $400+? How significant is an i7 on a laptop? Any input or experience with any of the products is appreciated. Link is the product i purchased http://microcenter.com/product/484954/Flex_5_14_2-in-1_Laptop_Computer_-_Black
  9. 1st World Dillema (not really)

    Hello LTTF, I've got a laptop that has an on board ram T_T, its a lenovo 100s that i bought brand new but i've got one concern, everytime that i'm on idle its already using at least 50-69% of my memory. Should i downgrade to a older version of windows or should i stick to windows 10? Windows 10s is out of the question because i need apps such as adobe to be able to run while i'm doing design in school. and ubuntu is.....ehh I've tried it and it is not that appealing to me having to tweak the whole OS for 3-4 hours to make it usable and using shell and all that stuff. Help? Thanks, Deezblacknuts
  10. Hi! This is my first post here and I'm looking for some recommendations. My old Dell XPS14Z just died after 5 years and I need a new laptop I basically use my computer to work and to DJ. I use traktor and ableton. I wanted to buy a Mac, but i might be a little bit too expensive and as much as my first Dell was amazing, the XPS had many problems. So I'm thinking of switching to Lenovo and this are my 3 favorite options. IDEAPAD 720s 13 - https://www3.lenovo.com/ca/en//laptops/ideapad/ideapad-700-series/Ideapad-720S-13-Intel/p/81BV002GUS IDEAPAD 520s 14 - https://www3.lenovo.com/ca/en//laptops/ideapad/ideapad-500-series/Lenovo-IdeaPad-520S-14IKB/p/81BL009FUS IDEAPAD 720s 14 - https://www3.lenovo.com/ca/en//laptops/ideapad/ideapad-700-series/Ideapad-720S-14/p/81BD001NUS Ideally, and for DJ matters, I think a 14'' screen would do better. And so for the cheaper price the 520 could be my best option? What are the differences between the 720 and the 520? Looking for recomendations and open to suggestions. Thanks a lot!!
  11. I have a Lenovo G50-50 Laptop, today the laptop did not want to start.It starts loads the Lenovo power screen and after that the whole monitor turns black.The laptop has windows 8.1 pro 64 bit.Should i reinstall the windows? Any help will be appreciated.
  12. We all know there are certain issues that have plagued different brands either it being unreliable construction or bad repair service. Since Apple often takes most of the hits when it comes to errors with their devices i thought we should shed some light on other brands and their construction issue and how they have resolved them (or more) This thread isnt in the intent of bashing brands for their errors they have made and or bashing how they have resolved them, but the intent is to inform of such issues, as well as inform if they ever experience such issues they know what to expect in terms of service. That way people can spend their money more visely. please keep this Civil
  13. Hi guys, I bought a "Lenovo IdeaPad 350" two years ago, it has an internal Intel HD 5500 and a dedicated AMD Radeon R5-M330. Now I'm not expecting much from either of them in terms of performance, but my problem is whenever there is any graphical load on the system, only the internal GPU seems to work, despite the fact that both of them are recognized by the system (I checked them in Device Manager) and has updated drivers . Even when I'm running games or doing some video editing. So I'm thinking that maybe I could get more performance in games or other graphic-demanding applications if the external GPU is running instead of the inboard one, what do you think guys?
  14. Really torn between which I should buy, anyone know of any deal breakers for either? The biggest potential deal breakers for me are the rumor of inadequate cooling for the X1 and the lack of a cover on the micro SD card slot on the XPS (so itll click out into my bag all the time). Any more pros and cons? EDIT: Another question: does the 16 gig max spec i7 XPS have dual channel memory?
  15. I just bought my girlfriend a new Lenovo Ideapad 720S-13ARR laptop. It has a Ryzen 2700U. It has been having random screen freeze issues that require restarting. See video below. Sometimes it's blue, sometimes it's black. Does not correlate with stress level on the PC. Lenovo support is unhelpful since I'm trying to fix it on her behalf and I'm currently not there with the laptop physically. It seems that this is an issue that has happened to others, but not a large majority. RMA? any troubleshooting ideas? Thanks!
  16. Hello everyone, As the title suggests, I'm finding myself with a noisy Lenovo G50-70, equipped with an Haswell core i3-4030U and Windows 10 Home build 16299. It all started yesterday, while I was troubleshooting my mother's laptop. She has an old Asus with a T3400 (fan rated @5V 0.7A PWM). Old stuff. The fan wasn't spinning, so I decided to gut my Lenovo of his fan (rated 5V 0.55A PWM) and install it in the other system to do some troubleshooting. Well, turns out no trouble was detected, so I mounted the original fan, so I reassembled everything and called a last resort. The computer figured out itself and now it works flawlessly. Well, since that day, my fan started behaving strangely: at start it didn't even bother to spin, starting with a good 10 seconds delay and ramping up to its maximum speed, despite having no reason to do so: my i3 on diet (read: undervolt) didn't even go past the 40°C mark. Why? Fun fact: the fan stopped dead while writing this, waited for a dozen seconds and started spinning slowly again, according to the CPU temp. It all went fine for a minute and then it ramped up again. In all of this, the package didn't go over 43°C since startup. I may also blame a windows update, but I don't know if it can modify code on such a low level. Please help me think of something somewhat related to this some issue, as I have no idea on what to think. The laptop has no dedicated GPU, so the only die is the Intel one and it's well covered in thermal goo and has no temperature problem whatsoever. Thank you in advance, Stalingradus. EDIT 1: the pattern of flying, stopping and restarting repeats itself over the span of 15 minutes. The plot thickens.
  17. Hey there guys. I recently acquired a Thinkpad x230 laptop from a customer of my small electronics store. He said I could have it because it suddenly stopped turning on. I tried to fix it in front of him, but did not have the proper tools. He said I could keep it. Now I'm at home with the laptop mostly disassembled, and am troubleshooting. I've posted on Reddit already, but I thought I'd post here to get the most feedback. When the power key is pressed, the computer powers on, but only briefly. It dies seconds after turning on. No video output even. I tried powering it with and without the battery inserted to no avail. I've also re-seated the RAM and tried different RAM, and have also re-seated the 500GB mechanical hard drive as well. A Reddit user had a similar issue with a different model, and apparently the issue was resolved by removing the RAM and unplugging the CMOS for 1 minute, then plugging everything back in. I have tried that twice now to no avail. Just on and then off, on and then off. The light near the webcam flashes through this process as well as it turns on and off. BUT WAIT. IT GETS WEIRD. Trying to power it on without RAM inserted yields no display output, but the laptop does stay powered on and beeps to indicate no RAM is inserted. How can it not power on with all the components inserted, but it can power on without RAM inserted at all? As I said I've tried a few different sticks of RAM and still no luck while its inserted. What's going on, exactly? Have you guys ever had a similar issue with a Thinkpad? How did you fix it? Any insight would be awesome. Thanks guys! -Rick
  18. How can I fix my laptop?

    I'm new to the website so forgive me if this post has already been done or is in the incorrect location. So basically my laptop wouldn't charge and I couldn't use the adapter as a way of powering the laptop on its own without the battery installed. I opened it up and checked everything and it mostly seemed fine until I checked the power jack inside the laptop that delivers the power to the motherboard and the cable is damaged. The laptop chassis itself was poorly made as everytime I lifted the lid up it would sort of pull the base apart and I believe this is what caused the power jack inside the laptop to become loose. Before it broke completely I had to keep moving the port where the charger connected to ensure it charged. Now in theory everything else looks fine and undamaged but I have no idea if installing a new cable will fix it. Where would the best place I can go to to get another power jack bearing in mind I live in the UK? The laptop I have is a Lenovo G505s A8 4500m 1.9GHz APU, 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD, 15" Screen.
  19. Hey everyone! I've been on the hunt for a solid laptop with a good keyboard and capable of handling some light gaming. I've considered a huge range of options from tiny ultrabooks to workstation behemoths and I think I finally found the one that would suit my needs. Striking the balance between portability, battery life, and power has been difficult. I've decided on the Lenovo 720s 14". (link) It features: i5-8250U MX150 256Gb NVMe SSD 1080p screen 55Whr battery 2x2 WiFi 2 PCIe Lane Thunderbolt 3 Price is about $913 after taxes I can't seem to find a lot of reviews on the product or places to purchase it from, so I've come here to see if anyone can help me determine the quality and any potential issues with this laptop. I've spent a lot of time on this but I want to make sure this is a quality investment as I intend to use it for a long period of time. Any help is appreciated!
  20. Hey everyone. I am currently in the market for a laptop and at this point i'm down to deciding between two of them. I know I want a 2 in 1 design and I have found the specs I want in the New Dell Xps 15 2 in 1 and the Lenovo Yoga y720 15. Both of these are very well reviewed and I have looked at everything I can about them. From what I can tell the largest difference between them is that the Dell has marginally improved performance due to newer components and its screen is 100 nits brighter. What I would like to know from this community is if you all believe that the extra brightness in the screen about 370(dell) vs 280(Lenovo) and the minor performance increase is worth the about $600 increase. Really I feel its about my experience, or lack thereof, in laptop screen brightness in everyday use. Thanks for taking a moment to answer this for me and help me make my decision.
  21. Laptop GPU upgrade !!!

    Hello guys i have a lenovo y700 with this spec 4gb gddr5 960m 16 gb ddr4 ram 6th gen i7 and it have been standing pretty good but it feels a little potato when it comes to gameing in 2018 so as a CE student new gaming machines are so expensive that I can’t afford a new 1070 laptop here is my question is it possible to upgrade the 960m gpu to 970 or 980 if yes how and if no i keep playing cs:go because it’s the only thing that runs smoothly
  22. Could anyone tell me why my new Lenovo Yoga 720 13" keeps dropping wifi at home? My phone never drops nor has my macbook air. It is always at home when it does it. It also has weird moments where it will show the power cord is plugged in but not charging. I have to run the battery down just so it will completely charge. The fingerprint scanner at times won't work, and the pin ( a 8 digit pin that I KNOW IS RIGHT won't be accepted!!! What is up with this!?! I love using this as my notebook (literally) but it is causing me such a headache! Lenovo is really letting me down.
  23. Should I use this PC?

    Should I get this pc and just plop in a gt 1030 with a western digital black 1TB. I am looking for A pc where I don't have to replace the power supply so my graphics card can actually run at maximum efficiency. Also, the reason I am choosing a gt1030 is because its cheap, but not too bad at gaming at low settings which I am fine with for now. Sorry here is the PC. https://newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA7RB6ME7765
  24. eGPU Over Thunderbolt1

    Hey People! Just a quick question about eGPU's and stuff. I have a Lenovo w541 with the Intel Core-i7 4810qm and Quadro K1100M. It happens to have Thunderbolt, but I don't know what version. So, my question is that 1). What version of Thunderbolt am I running? 2). What would be a good gpu to run where I wouldn't be losing too much performance for the price?
  25. As the title says, i just updated my Laptop. The thing just stays black with cursor. I know that exproler.exe is dead, but i cannot open Task Manager in any way that i know of (which is ctrl+alt+del & ctrl+shift+end) Please help