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  1. MMO & Image Editing Mouse Pad?

    Now that I've gotten used to my Logitech G600 & saved some money I'm in need of a bigger mouse pad. Nothing insanely huge, just around the size of the Logitech G240 would be fine (11 x 14in). As a matter of fact I'd simply buy that specifically which would make this thread pointless if it weren't for one important detail. It's marketed as moderate surface friction, which to me is completely alien since I've never used anything other than small round free generic ones. I use 1200 DPI for gaming & 200 for when I'm cropping images or even changing the color of individual pixels. Other than that though I have no idea what type of resistance I need for what I do or what I'm accustomed to. Alternatively the MM300 by Corsair is very appealing because of it's anti-fray edges. Although I've heard that SteelSeries makes some of the best bang for the buck mouse mats so you can see why I decided to ask here after all. I've also gotta consider compatibility, naturally the G240 should perform the best with my mouse because it's "tuned" for it as Logitech claims. I'm well aware though that I can't trust marketing claims so I've gotta ask y'all, what do you recommend for me?
  2. This thread is an active, in progress review of my new Logitech G600 & will be edited as updates arise over time. Day 1: So far it's working fine on my small, free, multi-colored cloth mouse mat. I haven't experienced any tracking issues, even did a circle & line drawing test between this & my G100s, no difference that I can see. While we're on the subject of consistency though, here's an odd one. Whether I turn the Windows setting Enhance Pointer Precision on or off it doesn't seem to effect anything. Maybe this is because it's a Laser mouse I don't know but there was always a noticeable improvement while having it checked on with all my past Optical mice. I've disabled the ring finger click for now until I get more used to the design because I kept accidentally hitting it when moving the mouse to the left. Aside from that though there's only one other issue so far, right out of the box there was a small scratch on the back piano finished surface of the mouse. I can't feel it with my finger or hand, only finger nail if I glide it across multiple times & just barely at that. I've already told Logitech about it in a Contact forum I submitted asking other questions as well but made it clear I don't want a replacement. Oh & while typing this I noticed the mouse makes a scraping sound when I lift it unevenly on my mouse pad. I guess it's just the edge/side texture of the mouse gliding across my mouse pad, hopefully this wont sound even louder if I go with a hard pad in the future. Scratch Pic: Day 2: I've had to reduce the DPI from 300 & 1300 to 200 & 1200 respectively, I had heard that laser mice have built in acceleration but this is the first time I've witnessed it. Also scroll wheel tilt, G7 & the ringer finger buttons are disabled for now until I find a use for them. Week 2: I'm sorry I intend to do a one week later review but I got distracted by other things & just how well this mouse is working out for me. I've yet to have any accuracy issues despite it being laser on a generic cloth pad. Even after a long Double XP Weekend of playing RuneScape for 10 hours a day consisting of constant clicking, the mouse still functions like new. Over A Month Later: So far still no issues, I think I'm past the breaking in point as now all 3 primary buttons sound the same. After the 2 week mark I could hear a noticeable difference between left & the right & ring finger. It & the feel is all the same now though but I'm wondering how long it's gonna take me to get used to using all these side buttons. So far I've only made use of 3-5 regularly, hopefully the rest wont prove to be a waste in the long run as there aren't any mice in-between this amount & just the normal back & forward buttons.
  3. logitech g600 macro's

    I was wondering, how would i set up a macro for volume up/down on my logitech g600? I can't figure out how to do it on the Logitech software, i see options to make other macros but none to make my own. any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  4. Hellos here's my first ever post on the forums, looking for help with this little trouble thats bothering me... I just got a G600 as a bday present from my gf, who knew that my G700 needed a replacement and that I liked the idea of having the g600 a Lot. Now that Im using it, I can't find a way to save macros into the onboard memory, nor even just some functions as volume up or down; only pretty basic stuff like single keyboard keys + a modifier.... and my g700 Can save macros and other commands to its onboard memory. I have not allowed myself to believe that it may be impossible to do in the g600 because its Meant to be more programmable than the g700, isnt it? they advertise it like so. so... any g600 owner -or just anyone that happens to know- here knows if one can actually save macros to the onboard memory? (ps: I need the macros for work. where I cant install the lgs software. that Why I choose the g700 in first place, and why I decided that the g600 should be its succesor, assuming it should obvly have the same functionality!) thnx in advance for your help
  5. The Logitech G600 MMO mouse is only $40 today!! On sale over http://amazon.com/Logitech-G600-Gaming-Mouse-White/dp/B0086UK7I6/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1438630384&sr=8-2&keywords=Logitech+G600+MMO