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  1. Hi fellow LTT'ers, I wondered if anyone could recommend any PC MMORPG's that fit the following description. Third person, with a shooter element that allows for vast (or as vast as it can get) customisation of your character, that takes place on multiple world's. Ideally the weaponry would still allow for good old fashioned lead bullet guns (although I guess most space games will be all lasers and energy weapons). In essence something akin to The Division style of play but set in a sort of Firefly-esque universe. I know it probably doesn't exist, but you never know!
  2. Heey Buddies! Iam looking for Rust MODDED players X5 NO DECAY SERVER NO TWIG Iam Julian Iam You've CAT to be Kitten me ON Steam! Iam looking for Rust Players! Clan NAME: YouCattRaiders! Aplication STATUS : OPEN! Aplication Link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfPW4jpiKkz3k6wUldN0RGUWO6xUVrpXgRq41Lykth1-Iu5ag/viewform?usp=sf_link Requirements: Voice Chat MIC 220 Hours of IN-GAME time Trusted Steam Profile set on Public NO VAC BANS NO GAME BANS Must be good at Google Forms LEVEL7on STEAM Evidence of AGE required! Rules: NO KILLING OF CLAN MATES! NO DDOS ATTACK THREATS! (KICK AND BAN FROM SERVER) NO TOXIC PLAYERS (PERM KICK) NO NEGATIVITY TOWARDS OTHERS (PERM KICK) NO ABUSIVE USE OF THE FOLLOWING: RACISM, SEXISM, AGE, GENDER, Voice, Skill, Discrimination (PERM KICK), exclude(er), Glitches (PERM BAN), Nationality, Relation, Religion NO Politics (TRUMP,PARLEMENT,EU,US,UK) (Kick up to 2 times depending on severity) NO Bullshit NO HATE NO NEGATIVITY NO !!!!NO FRIENDLY RAID!!!! NO ACCES TO MAIN LOOT These are 3rd degree charges and WILL be PERMANENTLY SUSPENDED AND REMOVED FROM OUR CLAN. What we stand for? Being able to Learn something very well Certainty and stability Rest in the work Creativity Working independently The best ones are learning to see New things Physical challenge Working in nature Guiding others Difficult challenges Exactly working Honesty Reliable Consistentcy Being able to grow in the work Being successful Being fun and being happy, Being friendly, Being Loyal, Positive, being a FAMILY Travel Make decisions Collaborate with others Experience adventure Being cheerful Something contributes to society (CLAN) Organizing my own time Variety and change Entering friendships Working under pressure Independent are helping others WHAT IAM LOOKING FOR : PVP GODS STATUS: OPEN PRO BUILDERS (3.0) STATUS: OPEN MILITARY SPECIALIST STATUS: OPEN PRO RAIDERS STATUS: OPEN PRO STEALTH CAT STATUS: OPEN PRO LOOTERS AND FARMERS STATUS: OPEN PRO EXPLORERS STATUS: OPEN Mapping and TERRAIN specialist STATUS: OPEN RAD TOWN explorers STATUS: OPEN ROCKET MAN STATUS: OPEN C4 SPECIALIST STATUS: OPEN BLUEPRINT SPECIALIST STATUS: OPEN RANKS: YOUFRENTOBEKITTENME (ONLY BEST PLAYERS) General FIRST CLASS General CAT4RAID4 (C4) Lieutenant General Lieutenant FIRST Lieutenant Second Military Specialist Major Friends Building Specialist ARCHITECT 1 Building Specialist PRO RAIDER Rocket MAN AK HEAVY Mapping and TERRAIN specialist(s) Militair(s) FIRST CLASS LOOTER/FARMER PVP GOD PVP PVE/PVP Private Trainee Applicant PLAYERS (1) (24/02/2018) EMPTY SLOTS : 20 You've CAT to be kitten me : Colonel PRO OWNER FOUNDER HEAD ADMIN
  3. This is my first time posting an article here, but this seemed cool. I for one am in full support of restoration, both for consumer and scholarly use. https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2018/02/preservation-or-theft-historians-publishers-argue-over-dead-game-servers/
  4. This thread is an active, in progress review of my new Logitech G600 & will be edited as updates arise over time. Day 1: So far it's working fine on my small, free, multi-colored cloth mouse mat. I haven't experienced any tracking issues, even did a circle & line drawing test between this & my G100s, no difference that I can see. While we're on the subject of consistency though, here's an odd one. Whether I turn the Windows setting Enhance Pointer Precision on or off it doesn't seem to effect anything. Maybe this is because it's a Laser mouse I don't know but there was always a noticeable improvement while having it checked on with all my past Optical mice. I've disabled the ring finger click for now until I get more used to the design because I kept accidentally hitting it when moving the mouse to the left. Aside from that though there's only one other issue so far, right out of the box there was a small scratch on the back piano finished surface of the mouse. I can't feel it with my finger or hand, only finger nail if I glide it across multiple times & just barely at that. I've already told Logitech about it in a Contact forum I submitted asking other questions as well but made it clear I don't want a replacement. Oh & while typing this I noticed the mouse makes a scraping sound when I lift it unevenly on my mouse pad. I guess it's just the edge/side texture of the mouse gliding across my mouse pad, hopefully this wont sound even louder if I go with a hard pad in the future. Scratch Pic: Day 2: I've had to reduce the DPI from 300 & 1300 to 200 & 1200 respectively, I had heard that laser mice have built in acceleration but this is the first time I've witnessed it. Also scroll wheel tilt, G7 & the ringer finger buttons are disabled for now until I find a use for them. Week 2: I'm sorry I intend to do a one week later review but I got distracted by other things & just how well this mouse is working out for me. I've yet to have any accuracy issues despite it being laser on a generic cloth pad. Even after a long Double XP Weekend of playing RuneScape for 10 hours a day consisting of constant clicking, the mouse still functions like new. Over A Month Later: So far still no issues, I think I'm past the breaking in point as now all 3 primary buttons sound the same. After the 2 week mark I could hear a noticeable difference between left & the right & ring finger. It & the feel is all the same now though but I'm wondering how long it's gonna take me to get used to using all these side buttons. So far I've only made use of 3-5 regularly, hopefully the rest wont prove to be a waste in the long run as there aren't any mice in-between this amount & just the normal back & forward buttons.
  5. Looking For A New Game

    So I've tried browsing on Steam & I've come to the conclusion I hate the way they sort things. Why can't everyone learn from Newegg & let me check boxes for what I am & aren't searching for to fine tune my search & or browsing results. I'm looking for a free, decently rated, third-person either Shooter, Action or Adventure RPG. I know WarFrame is an obvious first choice on Steam that checks all those boxes, but I want more options because I ain't deciding just yet. As some of you know I play RuneScape mostly, so my standards for graphics aren't too high lol. Although I do value a games U.I a lot & my recent week long Perfect World International experience left me with a massive headache so I'll never do that again. I also play a little Real Racing 3 on my S7 so if decent graphics are possible in whatever you suggest, fire away. What I don't want is something equally long term grindy as what I already do or completely pay to win. I love how you can do whatever you want at any time in R.S by not being restricted to pick a particular race at the beginning like many other games are. I've heard that's pretty rare in the free category though, so I guess you could say I'm looking for a poor-mans GTA. Thanks in advance & for everything else y'all have helped me with in the past.

    Hi guys! im looking for a group to play Mechwarrior Online, is someone interested to play?
  7. Need help picking a mouse

    Hello, im looking for an mmo/rpg mouse with very low liftoff distance. i already own a corsair scimitar rgb and a naga hex v2 and also an naga chroma and all of these mouse either wont track on a cloth mouse pad (the laser sensor in the razer mouse) or have a very high liftoff distance like the scimitar rgb (around 2cds on cloth pads) so i need a mouse with side button and preferibly and optical sensor because laser mouse wont track on my cloth pad for some reason that also has a very low liftoff distance. Thnx for helping!
  8. ESO or Wow

    Hey all... I need some opinions as I cannot decide what to do... I've been a huge elder scrolls fan since oblivion. Was so excited that they made a MMORPG of the series, ESO. I pre-ordered the imperial edition from launch.. Played beta before that.. Feel like i'm very committed to the game. After the last 3 years of the game being out.. I just feel that the game is far from what it should be. For example they've changed the base of the game twice already, first being as they removed "veteran levels" and implemented the CP system which should of been there since the beginning, and the second being One Tamriel, making anyone can go anywhere at any level(Which I understand a lot of other MMOs have diverted to, which is all good). Endgame for me is fun, doing veteran trials are fun. But after like a 1-2 months of doing the same trials over and over.. Feels boring. And Cyrodiil PvP is a joke, between the lag and all the zergs I just don't like it, even from when the game first came out. They just released the new "chapter" Morrowind and it feels super not complete, between their battlegrounds being 90% bugged at launch of live patch, to Morrowind feeling just uncomplete, with so many closed of ruins, and just feeling empty. Orsinium(One of the DLC's which was included in my Sub) Felt so much more complete, has more quests, and felt more complete overall. But this new "chapter" which I had to pay another $40.. has be wondering If I wanna be apart of this game still... Being that said, I've been thinking on picking up WoW once again, I played way back during TBC and WOTLK, and quit when cataclysm came out. Heard ALOT of good things with legion. Back when I played TBC and WOTLK the game felt so much more complete and premium vs ESO. I'm stuck here feeling committed to ESO based on all the time I've spent on there and being there since before the game "officially" came out and having the elder scrolls being my favorite series... Sorry if this felt like a vent, Just stuck debating on which MMO to go for. Any Opinions and support for one game or the other would be great. Which one should I go with?
  9. What mouse can you recommend?

    Hello graftonarealivearts Im looking for a new gaming mouse and hoped that you could help me Im looking for a MMO/MOBA mouse Just like Razer Naga but forget recommend a Razer mouse for me I always have a Razer naga 2013 mouse and it sucks because the mouse stops for 1 sec and when I lift it up again we have the same problem again. I have looked for a Cosair Scimitar and being recommended a Logitech G600 Mouse so here is my request What mouse of them can you recommend me or do you know other mouses there are better. Im living in Denmark just saying so also im also looking for one there are easy trasfored - JimmiLarsen
  10. What MMO to play right now?

    Hello everyone! Greetings, I was looking to get back into mmos after a long leave of absence.I have been craving that feeling of satisfaction after hours of grinding, so I have decided to take a break from other games for a while and invest my time in a good mmo for a couple of months.The problem is I don't know which one should I choose.I do have some requirements like it should be f2p and have a good action based combat system and also a good community.I really liked neverwinter and Tera when I used to play them.So what are your suggestions on which MMO should I play?Maybe we can even play together. Thank you.
  11. CrowFall

    Anyone in the community Playing this game? I backed it recently because of one of my buddies, but I am looking for more people I can play with.
  12. Black Desert performance

    Hello, i have some question considering black desert global performance. I am running : I7 6800K @4Ghz 16Gb ram 2666Mhz GTX980Ti @1400/1850 Raid 0 4*250Go Samsung 850EVO. On a PG248Q, 144Hz Gsync FHD internet is good too : Basicly a good gaming machine... problem is ... my FPS aren't great on black desert... And by not great i really mean, not great at all in some places. I can have FPS drops down to 5 fps or 40 fps but stuttering in Calpheon. Most of the time it's ok but some day it's really disappointing. Any idea about how to solve those issue ?
  13. My Razer naga molten se. Finally died, it is a sad. This was and still is my all time favorite mouse if anyone know of where i can find another one, or a mouse similar in shape and size that would be great. I do not have a price limit any help would be appreciated- Wayland
  14. Dual Universe.

    I haven't seen any threads about this, so I figured I'll make one, since amongst all the space sims coming out as of recently, this one, which actually looks kinda neat, seems to be getting panned over. Maybe because it's a kickstarter? The tech demos are fairly impressive. And I like the idea of a big player-driven MMO in the vein of EVE with more action oriented gameplay, kinda like what I wished Star Citizen would be but doesn't seem to be shaping into.
  15. Hye guys. After my naga 2010 died I decided to buy the naga chroma, I am extremely dissapointed to say the least. The mouse is WAAAAAAY larger then the original mouse making it really uncomfortable and causing a pain in my wrist. The clicker is surrounded by two pieces of plastic meaning your finger gets caught on it when you push down. The scroll wheel feels tacky and unresponsive unlike the original naga and the side to side movement feels like it does more bad then good. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a mouse of similair profile and deisgn tot he razer naga 2010 and the deathadder 3.5g
  16. I need a mouse with buttons for keybinding for games like World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, and others. I have rather large hands and use the claw style as i saw from youtube videos. Can any of you with problems like this or tech gurus about mouses can help me out? Thanks in advance!
  17. Whats your favorite MMO?

    MMOs are a genre of Games more recently that haven't shared the spotlight most recently with all the New video games news and other sorts of things related. I love talking about them and learning about whole new Worlds I can immerse myself into with large groups of people and tell a story and generally have a fun time. One MMO in particular that is my favorite is Guild Wars 2. Guild Wars 2 is the second Game in the Guild Wars series. It is an MMO based in a Mythological era in which you can play an assortment of races and classes. There magical casters and the standard Bow and sword play characters as well with more weapons types such as rifles and pistols and sorts. This Game is such a fun experience for me I can spend hours nonstop playing. The Graphic design in the Game is absolutely beautiful and the Gameplay mechanics are so fluid and wonderful. The game is really a new experience on MMOs and deserves a lot of praise.
  18. MMO Recommendations

    Heyo! I've played pretty much EVERY mmo to come to the (free and pay to play) gaming market. JUST CURIOUS: What MMO are you (currently) playing that you would recommend to others? ++Bonus points for underground mmo's that no one hears of in recommendations +Bonus points for open world mmo's My Recommendation: Anarchy Online - This game used to be bigger than WoW ever was. Before WoW got popular, this game dom'd the charts! It's rather aged, now.. but they keep releasing updates, it's incredible. HUGE open world Sci-Fi MMORPG (Sandbox). This game was my childhood and it is the iconic image of "what a mmo means to me" or "should be to me".
  19. Having played wow from BC and being a massive Diablo fan, breaking away from Blizzard wasn't easy. Over the last year I have tried supporting WOW but there is just no community, and on top of that, lack of enthusiasm with my irl friends. Diablo 3, while I found to be an enjoyable game, I have pretty much done... everything. Reaching leaderboards every season was fun for the first couple... but now it has become... not fun... I need a new game, I have tried a few but just can't get into them. These include: Dragon age - I think primarily, the polish on the game wasn't there for me - and the single player (while fun) lacked the co-op features to make it "great". Guild Wars 2 - Massively enjoyed the game at launch, but now lack of community during levelling phase has caused me to quit. I imagine the end game content is what I'm looking for, but the grind and loneliness to get there is too much. Trove - To be fair, the rpg style was good idea, basically a minecraft mmo with dungeons - was pretty fun, but the refusal from my friends to play in turn made me stop playing. League of Legends - Played this game for years, but the Moba style is getting old for me! Massive community (while sometimes cancerous) helps a lot. Allowing for lots of guides and people to learn and play with. The only reason I don't play this game a lot is because (although a lot of teamwork) lacks a major end goal (i.e take down x boss for loot). I think the game I want to be playing has to have HEALERS (gosh, the amount of games nowadays who don't have healers!!). I am a PvE type of player, I want a game that involves teamwork with healers, tanks and damage dealers, that take down bosses for gear etc. I see a lot of wow clones, but they all seem to lack something to make me go "I want to play that" like wow used to. The game I'm looking for doesn't need to be an MMO, but allow for like 5 or so players to fight together. If any of you have some good game ideas for me to try, I would appreciate it. I have a pretty good PC, so don't worry about game specs etc. TL;DR - Looking for a game me and my friends can sink some time into, with good co-op involvement, MMO/RPG style. Thanks all.
  20. Check out my game!

    Hey everyone, I'm currently developing a game and I am looking to get some more people playing. The game is currently an alpha and is being developed very actively by myself and a couple of others. It is just a hobby project so it is free for everyone. The game has most of its core mechanics implemented and really just needs a larger player base to help make the game more enjoyable for everyone! The game is a throwback to the browser MMO strategy games I use to play when I was younger. After getting back into the genre earlier this year by playing Arch Battle, I was left a bit underwhelmed. I wanted something with a bit more depth and a UI that holds up to today’s standards of web design. If this sounds at all interesting to you, i'd love for you to check it out! Head over to fleetwars.net and start playing Thanks guys! Heres a description of what the game will be: What is Fleet Wars? Fleet Wars is a browser based massively multiplayer turn based strategy game. The game is primarily text based, but will be packed full of beautiful 3D art and pre-rendered animations. The aim of the game is to rise up the rankings and become the most powerful empire in the universe. You will achieve your ranking by exploring, acquiring new planets and exploiting their resources to grow your population and drive your need to create the most powerful ships with the most advanced technologies. You will research your way through the tech tree to unlock the most powerful weapons and gain the knowledge to build ship classes like Dreadnoughts and the Military Space Stations. Once you have your first fleet, attack an opponent and fight for your place at the top of the leader board. Monetisation Model: Fleet Wars is free to play with nothing locked behind a paywall. The websites monetisation will be primarily driven by non-intrusive ads. In addition to this there will be a subscription model (advanced membership) which will remove the ads from all pages and unlock additional cosmetic customisation options. What the Game Will Include: Fleet Wars will forever be an evolving game. New features will constantly be added and balancing the game will be a top priority. Below is a list of the features that will be included in the initial release of the game. - Expeditions to find new planets - Planet Management - Economy Management - Design your own Ship - Commander leveling - Create a fleet of ships for each Commander - Research Tech Tree - Tech Tree will consist of passive bonuses, new weapons and new ship classes - Guilds - Declare War on other Guilds - Guild Rankings - Attack other players and NPC's - Text summary of how the battle played out - Steal other players Technologies - Raid other players planets - Destroy or steal other players planets
  21. Calling all MMO mouse users

    Is there a bug learning curve to figuring out he 12 buttons on a naga or scimitar for practical reaction use? Thanks
  22. Hi all, just found this out of no where but it looks extremely interesting. "IBM Japan recently announced a new project, Sword Art Online: The Beginning, a dream project that aims to bring the series to virtual reality." http://siliconera.com/2016/03/17/ibm-japans-virtual-reality-sword-art-online-project-gets-first-screenshots/ http://wccftech.com/vr-mmorpg-sword-art-online-beginning-screenshots/
  23. LFM - FFXIV (Malboro Server)

    For those who don't know much or anything about Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) it is a cross-platform MMO. PC, PS4, and PS3 users can all play together in a very story/lore heavy universe. Recently the first major expansion, Heavensward, was released which brought a new race, jobs, and content. There is a lot of things to explore and plenty of variety. I currently play on the Malboro server and am looking for players to join my Free Company (guild). We are very small (only 3 active people) but would love more! If you are looking at getting into the game you can play the demo which allows a character to reach level 20 (60 is current max). If you purchase the game you can continue from your demo character and we can get you a recruitment code, which comes with some bonus items (including a headpiece with 20% experience boost for classes under level 25). If you have any question about the game feel free to talk to me either here or in-game (Morwen Nuru or Morwen Ainatar)! Old Free Company group photo: Scholar/Healer with pet summoned (left), Summoner/DPS with pet summoned (middle, pet on right), Warrior/Tank...or DPS...(right).
  24. GAMES on steam?

    What games or on steam that are worth buying? I have about 28$ to blow but I'm not sure what is good. I don't have cs so maybe I buy that but what else is there? I like rpg a lot and fps.
  25. Recommended MMO mouse

    Currently have Logitech's g502. And while I love the thing, it's not entirely optimal for FFXIV-- my mine MMO. So I'm thinking of picking up a second one and looking for any recommendations. At the moment, I'm leaning towards the g600, but have also heard good things about the Razer Naga and Corsair Vengeance M95. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.