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  1. Monitor help.

    Hello people of the Linus Tech Tips Forum! I need help finding a monitor for my new custom built computer. GPU: rx 560 CPU: Ryzen 1600 MB: Asus B-350F Gaming Things the monitor must have: -1080p resolution (Not higher, Not lower, I don't thing my GPU can handle anything more than 1080p while gaming) -27 Inches of length -An acceptable looking base -Okay colors for movies -Okay response times for games (I don't need a 144hz 1ms display, Im just a casual gamer) -A price under $250 (Cheaper is better, of course) -Durable construction Things I would like: -1800R curvature -Good Colors -Good response times -Mainly black and/or grey in color I would be using the monitor for movie watching and casual gaming. If you need more information just ask. I will be thankful for any advice. =)
  2. I set egress to 300-600kbps and ingress to 768 - 1024kbps, problem is I am still getting high pings ranges from 80-400 ms. What should I do?
  3. Hey all, So I feel like I know the answer is going to be "nothing that can be done" but I'm going to ask anyway. I have a HP Envy 13 laptop, the one with an MX150 and I've found that with certain games regardless of settings it seems blurred. I haven't got any issues with frame rates, one of the affected games is Warframe which I can easily hit 90 fps in. I've tried every combination of vsync on and off, in game frame limiter without vsyncs, etc. Nothing seems to help. My conclusion is that the IPS display has a fairly slow pixel response time and in fast paced games the display can't keep up with the changes in game. I tried searching for information about whether or not it's possible to improve a pixel response rate through some form of software level overdrive and couldn't find anything. So I thought I'd ask here anyway in case someone is aware of anything that can be done. Any help is appreciated Many thanks
  4. 999 ping?

    Im getting extremely vexed by the developments of these past few days and I need your help. Ever since I've gotten Windows 10, Ive been plagued with ping over 999, packet loss, and more network issues. Ive set windows to metred connection and still I get this. Is there any way to isolate network traffic directly to my game and only my game, and restrict network usage for anything else? Any help is appreciated, from simple settings to registry tweaks. Thank you
  5. Wi-Fi high ms.

    I have this asus RT-AC66U router and an asus pce1300 wifi adapter. And theese are the ms im getting in 5ghz bandwith. Im like 2meters away from my wifi router and i have 30/30mbit connection. I tryed speedtest by ookla, with the wifi im only getting 10/10mbit. And with cable im getting 30/10mbits. Why is that ? Im thinking its something to do with the channel my 5ghz is on, what do you guys think ? Im not so good with wifi networking.
  6. Ok i will start off by explaining the situation, Im a serious media junky/photographer/Videographer who keeps all his raws on Archive and want to add a layer of protection in instead of just using cold storage. I have a Large scale Plex library that i need Parity to give some fail over safety. Not got matching drives so rules Raid out in the normal sense. Currently running around 14TB of Media from 2x 8TB WD Golds with 44TB potentially available. Looked into FlexRaid, ZFS, UnRaid, Raid 1-5 as an option but haven't been able to settle on a hard decision. Windows Storage spaces certainly looks interesting, Next to no press coverage about it, Appears to have ability to add SSD's as a write cache and read speeds i would imagine would be absolutely fine as far as Plex goes on the network but not sure. I Cant justify a full custom server atm so need to make do with hot swap bays and my Lian Li Cube with Icydock hotswap drives (4x http://icydock.com/goods.php?id=157) and a 6x bay 2.5" enclosure (http://icydock.com/goods.php?id=151) If anybody has any good ideas as far as what would be best to maximise performance given my situation. For not my Drives are as follows: 2x 8TB WD Gold Enterprise 2x 6TB Seagate Enterprise 2x 4TB WD SE 2x 4TB WD Green 5x 2TB WD Green (currently in a drobo but can be transferred and made usable) Totally open to any advice given! Thanks!
  7. Help With POWERSHELL

    Morning, Do we have a Powershell wiz in the forum who could help me out with creating a couple of scripts, I have just started learning the basics but would like some help. Thanks James.
  8. Disc Usage

    So this program called "Microsoft Compatility Telemetry" or something like that has a very high disc usage, which seems to be causing trouble for me when playing games like GTA V. So my questions are, what is it and can i just close it down if it uses alot of disc space and is what is causing lag or fps issues when i play GTA V. Here is my specs in case you need that to help me out.. Win10 - I5 4690K - 8GB Ram - ASUS B85M-G - ASUS GTX 970 - 1TB Seagate HDD
  9. New network

    Hi everyone, Last week I upgraded my network speed from 12down 1up to 16down 2up. My ms/ping changed from 27 to 40. I don't feel it when I'm playing games but it's not good right? Why is it and shall I call my proviader? Thanks!
  10. Mobo k30ad_m31ad_m51ad_m32ad Wifi adapter AC600 Wlanusb So I don't have this MS fluctuation issue with any other computer, but the issue is at every house I've been to, all with different routers, all with different internet providers. Any idea what it is? It fixes when I plug in through ethernet but unfortunately I don't have that pleasure in the house I'm at now. Maybe it's a driver I'm missing or something by chance? The MS spikes in anything, games, pinging sites, etc. Plugging it into the front panel USB it's at roughly 40 and spikes to 100-ish in games, but plugging it into the mobo it's at 400-600 spiking to 800, any help would be appreciated in fixing this.
  11. MS-DOS Image

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone new where I could get an image file to install MS-DOS in a virtual machine! I dont have the money to buy my own dos system at the moment but plan to in the future.
  12. Dell Monitor! (Does ms really matter) ?

    So I have a semi gaming 14" inch laptop that I want to game on for CSGO mostly. I found one dell monitor (seen in the link below), I'm looking for a good looking thin bezel cheap-ish monitor. I get different answers from a lot of friends and online, some say 1-5 ms is what I should be looking for but others say up to 8ms is fine and etc.. So should I be worried since this is a 7ms monitor ? If you have any suggestions on monitors I can get that would help. I currently found someone selling this used one for 120$ CAD. my buggest is at most 200$ Thanks. http://dell.com/ed/business/p/dell-s2340l/pd
  13. In a move that will shock no one in this point in time, MS will be laying off 2850 more employees from it's mobile division. It as been a terrible ride for MS's mobile division ever since the acquisition of Nokia's devices and services business back in 2013 for 5,4 billion €. Since then 18000 ex nokia employs have lost their job in the following year, in 2015 7800 more had to leave, earlier this year MS's had to sell the feature phone business for 242 Million $ and in the following weeks lay off 1850 people. No words from MS's on which region will be hit this time (last time the majority of the 1850 were from Finland). In a US regulatory filling MS said: source: http://technobuffalo.com/2016/07/29/microsoft-to-cut-an-additional-2850-jobs/ The Nokia acquisition by MS as proven to be one of the worst purchases in the history of the company, i just wished the team behind Cortana would be the one to get the axe instead of the ex Nokia employees.
  14. I found this while browsing through the Mobile app store on my 950XL in Continuum. Apparently the United States Postal Service has found it appealing to make and support a current app for WM10. I do not send many packages through the USPS so I personally don't have much use for it but apparently it is well received by many WM10 users. Interesting. [click to enlarge picture]
  15. so right now im using the Toshiba 23.8 24L4200u https://amazon.com/Toshiba-24L4200U-24-Inch-1080p-Black/dp/B0077E48IM?ie=UTF8&*Version*=1&*entries*=0 wondering if its okay to use for gaming. my other choice is to buy the hp 27xi 27" ips monitor intended for computer use! http://us.hardware.info/product/195818/hp-pavilion-27xi/specifications is a larger screen better in gaming aspect given its still 1920 x 1080 resolution also! would I get better picture output with an hdmi plug or a dvi plug?
  16. 27xi hp 27" monitor

    so is the hp 27xi a great monitor for task and gaming? gonna buy for 80 bucks, has to be better then my Toshiba 24" tv I'm using right? ill have a better gaming experience using this monitor over a tv
  17. Just something to chew on.

    Not holding my breath here but I wonder if the MS Servers will get an overload on free upgrade downloads the few days before the free upgrade option disappears. Though I know I will get comments like "why would it happen" or those that do will be dumb doing so" and the sort. But you know as well as I know that it just may happen. Food for thought.
  18. *Update* Microsoft: No, Microsoft Edge will not natively block ads Microsoft rebuts a report that said Edge would get an integrated ad blocker By; Gregg Keizer ComputerWorld via PCWorld Source: http://pcworld.com/article/3050475/windows/microsoft-no-microsoft-edge-will-not-natively-block-ads.html Apparently the article I posted, somebody did not do their homework correctly and or did not follow up with their to confirm the information. For Shame.......... The original article I posted: Apparently according to Microsoft the add blocking that has been referred to in conversation is a slider for an ad filter of sorts. MS only has plans of supporting Ad Blockers through extensions so users can use their choice of what Ad Blocker they want. This makes a lot more sense to me honestly. I like the information that put out in the related article but it did seem a bit of a stretch for MS to bake in an AdBlocker since there is already solid extension available through either AdBlocker Plus and AdBlocker Pro. If MS was to bake one they would most likely work with or offer to buy either of the 2 I mentioned. Thoughts?
  19. Report: Microsoft will build ad blocking into a future version of Microsoft Edge Begun, the ad wars have. By; Source: http://pcworld.com/article/3049998/browsers/report-microsoft-will-build-ad-blocking-into-a-future-version-of-microsoft-edge.html Yay! This is good, and I am glad, now hopefully it will be decent and well made (hopefully). This along with the addition of extensions being added to the next Edge update, it looks as if Edge may be a worthy competitor after all. Thoughts?
  20. OK so for various reasons my uncle runs a self written "2GB Excel Macro Monster" as company software. (The main reason is that the unix based custom ERP, which was awesome for 20 years, disintegrated into thin air because it was still the original hard drive.... yeah backup your stuff accessible, 20 year old rotten tapes don't help you nowadays....) Honestly what he does is sheer amazing and I never though you would be able to archive this kind of complexity with just Excel, VBA and a few Word Templates for printing. (Even some certified MS Office experts bow before him) Now he starts to create UIs for employees and has one major concern: speed. He already managed to get most tasks (and those are mostly the "idiot prove, mega safety check" type of functions because Office is a bitch) under 8 sec. (which is faster than any ERP I have encountered so far) but he still complaints that they need to be under 3 sec. for a feasible workflow. So his next step is to build a "MS Office Mega Server" but he has no clue about hardware. He asked me for advice so I thought lets try beefier hardware which worked to some extend but still doesn't make a noticeable improvement because it isn't properly utilized. We also tried a RAM disk and a shitload of office settings but we are unable to find the bottleneck. It seems MS Office is really picky about hardware and you need compatible hardware to get any gains. (This includes graphic cards and printer interfaces too) So if anybody has experience with this topic please share it with me. P.S. I don't have the current system specs at hand right now. I will post those when they are available.
  21. Hi guys, looking for new monitor. If you guys can help me, that would be great! I have EVGA GTX 960 SSC 2GB (GPU). I'm looking to upgrade my current monitor to something that is 1080p 24 inch LED monitor. I play a range of games, but I mostly play 'Dota 2' and 'CSGO' and on a time to time a bit of GTA V and Arma 3. Good FPS and MS Monitor, that has great colors, with the great performance. Preference, good looking monitor (Black). I know BENQ have great gaming monitors, but it's hard to find the right one for me. Saying this, I know other manufacturers have the same specifications but may be cheaper and more reliable. But, it's hard to find. My budget is around £100 - £150. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks, Dec. Also, here are some monitors I've had a look at. BenQ RL2455HM LED 24 -inch BenQ GL2450HM LED TN 24-inch BenQ EW2440L LED VA 24-inch
  22. Hi am i overclocking my GTX 980 from MSI and i am not sure what settings should i use att my first attempt i use the Settings where you dont have to change your Voltage but when i was in the game my game would crash in the loading screen i have even turn down the oc but it steel crash so now i am testing a new one from guru3d New http://guru3d.com/articles_pages/msi_geforce_gtx_980_gaming_oc_review,26.html Old http://hardocp.com/article/2014/12/01/msi_gtx_980_gaming_4g_video_card_review/3#.ViCkG_nhCUl and my question is the guru3d oc safe?
  23. mouse

    They are both simple mouse without tons of butons, comfortable and good looking mouses on pictures. Which one you would choose and why, i play alot League of Legends and sometimes CS:GO ( Time to time other random games tho... like Gta V etc. etc. ) - Mionix Castor - SteelSeries Rival - Razer Taipan // white edition - Razer DeathAdder Chroma - Razer Mamba Tournament Edition
  24. One year ago, I created my MS account. I also created my Skype & linked them together. However, on August 30, I unlinked my MS fused Skype. My Skype is not gone, but I need help regaining access by relinking it. How can I do this? Skype name won't help because it's "Skype name" has "live" next to it. How it's "structured": live:*************** . I used astericks to keep my Skype name private.
  25. MS Edge and exporting

    Is it possible to export Edge favorites to other browsers. I am no a fan of edge, and wish to just go back to using chrome without having to manually transfer all my favs over again.