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  1. So My os is on a pretty old and beat up hdd so I wanted to transfer the os to my ssd but it’s just so complicated and I tried to follow the steps and I ended up in the “preparing automatic repair” infinite loop, so I have no idea how to fix it or how to transfer my os and I’m just lost and looking for help.
  2. There's kind of a lot going on in this project, so be ready. I got an M.2 PCIe3.0x4 SSD to replace my tower's sata III SSD boot drive and I plan to use this sata SSD to replace the 5400rpm HDD in my laptop for an all around performance boost. When I stuck the M.2 in to make sure it works, I got errors, so I pulled out the SSD and the when I turned it back on, the computer began a first-time install of Windows 10 from the m.2., without asking for a product key. I didn't expect it to have an OS and it caused some complications, but may have simplified the plan of moving OS's if I can simply copy all the non-Windows files over. The complication is that when booted from either the M.2 or sata SSD, Windows will not show the other drive being connected, even in disk manager. The laptop runs Windows 8 and I'd like to substitute with one of the Windows 10 copies if possible. All software on the laptop will be removed to make it fit on the sata SSD anyway, so it isn't a big deal to do a clean install, which it would need because of the hardware change. To summarize everything: Current Setup: 1. New Windows 10 on M.2 2. Old stuff on Windows 10 on sata SSD 3. Laptop stuff on Windows 8 on HDD 4. Storage HDD in tower, so you know it's there Goals: 1. Old stuff on M.2 2. Laptop stuff on Windows 10 on sata SSD 3. If #2 can't be done, Laptop stuff on Windows 8 on sata SSD Questions: 1. How can I see both the M.2 and sata SSD's at the same time, or can I get by by copying one to a storage hard drive while it's running and using that? 2. Would it be easiest to transfer all non-Windows files from the sata SSD to the M.2 or swap them entirely, Windows and all? 3. How does one duplicate a boot drive without ruining the OS? 4. If Goal #2 can be done, how can I revert the copy of Windows back to its ready-to-install state? I have plenty of storage on the tower to back up all three hard drives a few times each, so don't worry about making excessive backups or disk images. The Windows 10 copy on the M.2 didn't ask for a product key, probably because it was pulled from a pre-built, and I can find the product key for the copy I already had on the sata SSD. Thank you to everyone who offers help, I really need it for this chaos.
  3. Hi everyone. Currently, I have an ASUS ROG G751-JT laptop that came with a 1TB HDD SATA III bay and a second hard drive bay (Which I've learned is SATA II for who knows why) that came as a use for upgrading later. I recently ordered a Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD SATA III and would like to use it as my startup drive and to put some games and programs on there which could heavily benefit from the SSD, My question is, how should I go about transferring over my operating system (Windows 10) to the SSD if I am not replacing the hard drive with the SSD? My goals are to have both the HDD a SSD (SSD as startup and important programs, HDD as storage for games and other programs). The HDD is in the SATA III bay while the empty bay is SATA II. With my SSD being SATA III, I plan to swap the hard drive with the SSD so the hard drive sits in the empty SATA II bay. My hard drive is currently partitioned into a C: and D:. While I have more data than my SSD can hold if I have to clone the whole drive, the partition that Windows is on is only 300GB which fits in my SSD. However, my D: drive is mostly full and I would have to delete some programs if I "have" to clone the whole drive. My main questions with this process are: Do I need to clone the whole HDD to my SSD or can I clone just the C: partition which has Windows on it? Do I need a SATA to USB connector if I am not replacing my drives and rather just installing an SSD into an empty slot and moving Windows? How would I go about swapping my SSD and HDD with each other (If the difference between SATA II and SATA III is even worth it)? Would I clone Windows onto the SSD with the Samsung software, shut down, and swap around the HDD and SSD? Apologies if I have worded my situation weird. This is my first SSD and first time doing cloning/transferring of any kind so I'm still researching how the process works.
  4. Hey, I'm going to be building a new computer soon and I'm on a budget. So what i've decided to do is buy a 1tb hard drive for when I initially build my computer and then upgrade to an SSD when I have the money. I know that i'll have to install windows to my hard drive, but when I decide to buy the SSD to put into my system, can I transfer just the OS to the SSD? I saw the data migration video on NCIXcom's channel and it mentioned how you could clone your existing HDD to your new Intel SSD. My question is, does your SSD have to be an Intel SSD in order to transfer your OS and do you have to clone the entire drive? I was hoping I could just clone/transfer the OS and some programmes like the adobe CC suite and maybe some games etc for faster loading times. Thanks, Blueprint