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  1. They are mostly the same With the only differences being: One has Geforce MX150 // Intel UHD Graphics 620, 1.6 Ghz CPU Speed, 6MB Cache The other has GeFore 940MX // Intel HD Graphics 620, 2.5 Ghz CPU Speed, 3MB Cache I want to be able to game on it Which one is better ?!? I've heard MX150 is better than 940MX But I want this laptop to last long So I don't want to have to boost it too much Does the better Cache help much ? Here are the links https://phongvu.vn/may-tinh/may-tinh-xach-tay-laptop/acer/May-xach-tay-Laptop-Acer-A515-51G-50NJ-NX-GTCSV-001 https://phongvu.vn/may-tinh/may-tinh-xach-tay-laptop/acer/May-xach-tay-Laptop-Acer-A515-51G-58MC-NX-GPDSV-006