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  1. So I had started a live stream on Facebook about a week ago. I had been steadily growing and had decent traction. Well yesterday in the middle of my stream everything screwed up and Facebook kicked me out of my account. The only thing they said was send them a picture of me so they may verify my identity which I did and now all I see when I try to log in is this. I don't know what to do because its been almost a full 24 hours and nothing. I have also tried contacting Facebook but it is seemingly impossible as far as I can tell. Any advice?
  2. So not long ago I went and got a new setup that is Dual Socket E5 2680 V2 which go about 3.4ghz on 6 of the 10 cores, which I assign 6 to games only. (the issue here is the 4 that are assigned to the game are not all maxed turbo, seems like the turbo mode still just floats around all 10 on that one CPU)My motherboard brand Tyan S7050 a simple or say cheaper model motherboard for servers. I have 64gig of ram ECC 1600Mhz in it and a 1080gtx.Now over the last few weeks, I have been trying to get this Issue fixed. As to why it would do this one thing. STUTTER and lower fps, in high intense video games or should I say more demanding (Battlefield 1, PUBG, Fortnite) my fps is not as good as it used to be like my old setup and I would get stuttering and low fps jumps. I am talking from 120 to 70 (but feels like 25-30) then back up again in a matter of seconds and it does it a lot. WhatI have seen online to what my setup feels like it does not feel the same. I have seen Xeon 2670's running games better than mine.So this is what I have in my setup right now.Tyan S7050 motherboard LGA 2011 Dual Socket BoardE5 2680 V2 x2 – Turbo is 3.6ghz one core and around 3.4ghz on 4 cores normal is 2.8ghz or 3.1ghz on all 10.1080GTX Graphics Card64Gig of Ram ECC Memory at 1600MhzUSB 3.0 PCI CardSound Card in PCI slot also.SSD 500gig 850Firecuda 2tb HDDPSU 850watt PlatniumRunning on Win 10 ProSo what have I done to troubleshoot?1. Clean install of windows 10 no drivers – Everything on the board. 2. Removed USB 3.0 card 3. Removed Sound Card 4. Graphics card and CPUs are only in it 5. Changed slot for GPU 6. Turned Turbo Mode off 7. Turned USB 2.0 off on the board 8. Tried with fresh Win 7 Install 9. Only allocated 4 CPUs to the system which all for on turbo goes to 3.4ghz and still stutters in games.10. RAM Test11. CPU Test12. Speed Stepping Off13. Taken out one CPU and only used the one. 14. swapped the CPUs on that one socket. 15. Replaced the Bios ChipI am looking for someone who has a Dual Socket Gaming/Rendering rig that could give me some insight into what could be causing this issue. I am using this PC for my Rendering/Game Dev and to play some games. Instead of having to upgrade my current gaming rig. Thanks allMeathead
  3. So I was running a CHKDSK scan on my computer to see if there were possibly any issues with my drives. After running it, it said Windows found problems so run CHKDSK /scan to fix the problems found. Well, I ran CHKDSK /scan and it said that it found no problems. But if I run the first CHKDSK command again it says the same thing about Windows found problems. Any idea on what's going on here? Seems like I've been having these issues since the Windows 10 April 2018 update.
  4. Just received a shiny new IPS monitor and as we all know there is a panel lottery in play across the market. What defects should I check for to ensure that my monitor is properly QC'd before the return window expires? - I've checked for dead pixels, can't see any right now (yay!), but will check again later today just in case I've missed something or a new one appears in the next few hours. - I've tried checking for backlight bleed but unfortunately it's daytime and I don't have blackout curtains so I can't do a proper check until tonight. I didn't see anything obvious on max brightness but again it's daytime so I'll see how it fares at night. What other defects should I check for? Thanks!
  5. So for past two weeks or so, I've been experiencing screen blackouts and I could see the screen kind of refreshing when my GPU was under load, I really don't know whats going on. now the HDMI port doesn't work at all, im using the 2nd HDMI port, I need the 2nd port for my vive though, what do i do? thanks
  6. Games are not running properly in my laptop. This are my spec of laptop in photo attach. I tried to play Call of Duty 4: modern warfare, Left 4 Dead 2, Counter Strike: source, Cs:go which should support my system. But I'm get fps lower than 30. I tried change setting to low and lower the resolution but results were same. I also played cs:1.6 and brawlhalla, this game were running smooth but something even this game gets lower fps. Please suggest me something to this problem. I'm not excepting to run high end game but my laptop should able to play supported games at decent fps.
  7. So i just installed my 1080 which btw i found it for $600 at best buy. anyway i just installed it a few days ago and i decided to watch netflix without my headphones while i was eating dinner and my audio wouldn't come through so i changed the default device. i then plugged in my headphones told my friends on discord later and i went to play cities skylines with the headphones off once again. after a while i went to bed and now the next day got home prom work and my game will not play sound through my headset even after i changed the default back to my headset. it only plays through the TV. all my other apps work fine though so idk whats up. help plz this is driving me insane. if i unplug my headset the audio will instantly start playing from my TV and mute itself when i plug headset back in.
  8. PC not picking up speakers.

    Hi, So recently my speakers suddenly stopped showing up in my playback devices. (see picture). There have been no problems with the speakers, they still work (I tested it with my phone). I haven't scratched with any audio drivers and I need help. thanks
  9. Fps problems

    Hello, I have a problem with my pc. Every time i start my pc and i want to play a game. my fps is low and shitty until i restart my pc. can anybody help me with this problem. because it is really anoying to restart my pc all the time.
  10. I recently built my pc and I had received all my parts except for my ram at the time so I borrowed some ram from my friend and my pc ran without any issues. What he had was a single 4gb stick of hynix ddr4 memory clocked at 2133 mHz I believe. After my ram did come in (this kit https://newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820158605&cm_re=geil_super_luce-_-20-158-605-_-Product ) I swapped the sticks and booted my pc on. My pc booted and everything was normal until I went to install the software to control the lights (asus aura) when I downloaded it and installed it, I worked around with the lights and after a few minutes of tinkering within the software, my pc crashed with the monitor not displaying anything and the pc still running (all the fans were still spinning and the leds on the ram and motherboard were still lit up). What I noticed was that when I tried to press the reset and power switch, was that nothing would happen, my pc would not respond. When I did get my pc back up (restarting it through shutting off the power supply) I uninstalled the asus aura software, thinking that it probably was the reason why my pc crashed in the first place, that didn't help. I've also noticed that the timings for the ram while using it is 15-15-15-36 when the kit is supposed to run at 16-16-16-36 and whenever I try to bump up the frequency to 2400MHz which is what it's supposed to run at, it refuses to boot into windows so I'm stuck with my ram running at 2133MHz. To this day, my computer still randomly crashes at times and will not respond to the reset/power switches. Is it possible that my ram is faulty or it's just not compatible with my motherboard? My specs: Ryzen 5 1600 (stock clock) Asus Strix B350-F motherboard Evga gtx 1060 3gb SSC 16gb Geil super luce ram ( https://newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820158605&cm_re=geil_super_luce-_-20-158-605-_-Product ) Evga 450bt power supply Fractal design meshify c case
  11. 2500u graphic driver issue

    I bought the hp envy x360 with the ryzen 2500u last year. the laptop graphics driver has never been patch still at 17.7 since launch with 1) horrible youtube video playback(corrupted video from time to time) 2)random hang and restart 3)horrible battery life.. 3 -4 hours and every time i saw amd advertising their "ALL GREAT AND NEW" graphics driver currently it is 18.3.3 my blood boils because none of that matters to a puny laptop user like me. in case any of you have suggestions. let me tell you what i've tried 1)installing through HP support software 2)installing it directly from HP's website(still 17.7) 3)installing directly from AMD's website -the website doesn't even HAVE drivers for 2500u - i directly installed 18.2.1 but during the installation it says 17.7 is the newest driver on my computer......=O= And what i am not willing to do is -force installing 18.3.3(i know there is a way) because i don't want to go though a few hours of running around online and have a unstable system. If anyone have any recommendations are are in contact with HP or AMD... please tell them to get their shit together.. desktop is not everything even though intel is still kicking amd's ass in this category... if i knew this was going to happen i would have went with the intel varient.... On another note: Has anyone realize there are significantly less coverage about the 2500 u than expected, i mean it is almost like they forgot they have a laptop line. Also..i bought this in the US for RM2700 and it launched in my country for RM4300.... and yeah when it came to my country, there were almost zero news about it....wtf amd . I swear that if amd does't fix this within 3 more months i am going to only purchase and promote intel to my friends from now... GOD FKING DAMMIT IT has already been almost 6 months since it's 1st launch i though lisa su got one of these....i guess it is another marketing strategy. NO wonder Linus wasn't covering this piece of crap
  12. Alright this is gonna sound comepletely stupid. But I built me a PC about a year ago and instead of going air cooling i got a free water cooling kit (Radiator, CPU block, Pump, Resevoir, Tubing). I know how to put everything together that to me is easy as baking a cake. BUT! i pour water in my loop and i dont REALLY know how to start my pump and get my water through my loop. i know you can jump start your 24 pin buy getting a paper clip and putting it in the green cable and any black cable, but how do i jump start the pump. If i have the 24 pin out of the motherboard where do i put the pump cable. If you have a link to buy a external AC/DC adapter for a pump to start it that would help. OR a video on what im asking. I have searches youtube and havent been able to find any video of the sort. And this is the pump I use below..... http://performance-pcs.com/phobya-dc12-260-pwm-12volt-pump.html
  13. Please go to the video, I have an explanation of what happened and everything I've tried.
  14. My headset with mic has 2 jacks obviously one for the mic and one for audio out. When I plug it in to the right jacks, whichever one goes in first cancels the other out. (ex. plug in the mic first I can only use the headset as a mic and not headphones) Anyone know how to fix this, or a certain setup I have to do (also, a splitter wont work my computer doesn't support it)
  15. Hey everyone, I have bought both a lenovo yoga 920 and a hp spectre x360 13. Both these devices suffered from the screen flicker issue that many other people suffer from too. It seems that any 2-in-1 with a 4k panel and a 8th gen intel processor suffers from this problem. Both the devices I bought had 16Gb ddr4 ram, i8550u and a 4k panel. Just to be clear I have tried all solutions proposed on several forums including updating all the drivers and even doing a bios update on the lenovo yoga 920 that they suggested, and none of these fixed the problem. I cannot understand how there is no one that is taking any responsibillity from the big companies offer a solution or atleast a public announcement about these problems. Instead they just keep selling the products and it looks like they're getting a lot of returns. I hope we can get this news to Linus so he can maybe do some investigation and talk to the big companies since he actually has some influence, perhaps make a video about it. I would be glad to answer more questions about these problems and I also have a video of the flashing problem on the lenovo ( many more can be found online ). I sincerely hope we can get this issue revealed to the public soon so this finally comes to a halt and people don't buy these devices and spent time setting them up to then have to return it.
  16. So I have been having troubles with my new wireless network adaptor (the asus usb-AC56) and I have read many problems about it but still cant seem to fix it. I have windows 7 HP gpu 1070ti cpu i5 6600k I have looked at any fixes and none of them seem to work unless im just doing them wrong. I will get a solid connection then randomly it will cut out and sometimes come back on and sometimes not come back on. I have heard to not install the driver software for the device and have windows install the drivers itself, but windows fails to download the drivers even when I have another wireless adapter plugged in to access the internet. I don't know if i should return the product or not because of my issues and this is a last resort for me to fix it because i'm struggling. I have already tried updating my BIOS and plugging it into a different usb port (both usb 3 and 2) Any help would be appreciated and if you want more information just let me know.
  17. neds tha halps

    so i have this razer kraken pro OG and for some reason using it on my pc the mic does not detect i have tried using the spilitter and done everything i can do i just need you're guyses help
  18. Amazon Scam?

    So, apparently there's a "scam" going on Amazon, regarding the "Canon EOS-1D X Mark II" camera...at least that I'm aware... This guy I follow on YT ordered one, directly from Amazon, not from someone else selling there for cheaper, and he got rocks. After going trough the return process and geting a second one, he got bricks. I'de call it an upgrade, but still a long way to go untill he gets an actual camera! Maybe someone at the amazon warehouse was feeling poor, or somewhere on the way from the Canon factories to Amazon a batch of those was replaced with rocks, bricks, etc, but they still arrive wrapped in plastic as one would expect. So, if someone was thinking about getting one of these, I'de buy from somewhere else. Here are the videos: 1- 2- First time posting...
  19. I just need to know the best place to review where it will get noticed I have a lot of things to bitch about from experiences in the past year and a bit(post vengeance lineup)
  20. Hey guys, I am very new to this forum and I came here needing some help with my ram. I looked and couldn't find something that would directly help me with my problem on this forum or google in general. I may just be looking in the wrong places. I am not very tech savvy. I'm quite new to computers, I know somethings but not a lot. Maybe i'm not typing something right or saying it right. Here is my situation... I bought some sticks of ram from someone off the internet in a bundle. I got G.Skill Ripjaws 2gb (3 of them), two sticks of Corsair Vengeance 8g (2 of them), OCZ Gold Edition 2gb (2 of them), and that's all. I do not know much about them besides the the amount of Gb's each stick of ram is and that they are all ddr3. Anyway the problem i'm having is when I put them into my motherboard and turn my computer on my computer on it will not boot up. It will start to turn on then turns off, and repeats. When I do this I unplug my computer completely when I put/remove the ram. My screen remains black when I try to turn it on. If I need to post any pictures, I can. What is the issue or am I doing something wrong? I need to know if they ram is damaged/broke. If it is i'm going to try to get my money back. My PC - OS: Windows 10 64bit - PSU: 650 watt - CPU: Intel Core i5 2320 - Motherboard: MSI P67A-C43 - Graphics:AMD Radeon HD 5700 Series Thanks, PortzJ - Sorry for making this a long post
  21. so hi! i get my pc just a few month ago and he is great! just one problem... intrenet!!! i always having "spikes" when i play video games. i dont know quite the issue help!
  22. First here are the parts i have in my Pc- https://pcpartpicker.com/list/q8QT6X my PC is also just over 1 years old and I had basically the same problem before but fixed it somehow and i honestly forgot. Second i started having this issue after i updated my bios. Some of you may have heard of it but it's an American Megatrends power supply surge detection that is the issue. I have done some research about it and people mentioned that it could be a problem with my PSU or the software is just bugging out. What happens on my end is I normally shutdown my pc at night because I have a SSD and I don't find it annoying powering up everytime. When i push the button on my pc a good second or 2 will go by and then my Pc will turn on (This isn't normal. Normally it powers up immediately). So it will start by showing the EVGA logo and if i want to go into the BIOS settings or not and then after that it will show the screen with the surge detection. It gives me an option to go through the bios or (F1 to run setup), so I click that and it will load the BIOS and all i do is press save and exit. After i press that it will load up my PC like there is nothing wrong with it and I can use it normally with no problems at all (except when i shut it down and try to start it back up of course). I updated my BIOS to see if it would fix this problem with a driver I was having, but it didn't fix it and i found a different fix for it anyways. I figured I could just fix the problem by going back to the old version of the BIOS so I did and it fixed it, but what i noticed was the Anti-surge protection software wasn't even there so technically it was off meaning even if there was a problem it wouldn't even do anything about it. So I kind of want it on just in case I actually do have problems, but i find it really annoying on startup. I want to keep my BIOS up to date just to make sure it doesn't cause any problems later. I heard people say its just a software bug and that's what it sounds like it is, but i don't want to turn that feature off just in case. My BIOS settings are almost default and even at default it still had the problem and also I don't overclock anything. I'm just asking is there anyway I could keep the BIOS update and stop this problem at startup.
  23. Glitchy screen effects

    I sometimes notice this weird glitchy effect on my monitor, somewhat similar to screen tearing. I've also been seeing more flashing/refreshing icons on my desktop, as well as on some websites. I first started noticing this a few months back, but I rarely use my PC as I'm at uni most of the time. Any ideas what might be causing this? Any help is appreciated, thanks EDIT: This may be important to add. When installing my graphics card I was worried I had put too much pressure on the connector. A few times, I left the card handing from the moba with no support. Yet, I didn't start seeing any graphical problems until 6 months after installation. Specs: Athlon x4 860k Asus A88XM-PLUS HyperX Savage 2 x 4 GB 2400 MHz GTX 1050 TI SC Samsung 250 GB 850 EVO SSD Corsair Builder Series CXM 430W Semi-modular 80 PLUS Bronze PSU Windows 10
  24. Hi I've only had my PC just about two months now and i'm so confused with why i get so many frame drops. in my PC i have i5 7400 pny gtx 1060 6gb 8gb (2x4) ddr4 2400mhz asus prime b250m-plus 240gb san disk ssd (70gb free space) 500gb hdd 7200rpm (250gb free space) corsair vs 550w psu no mater what game i play i get stutter whether it is csgo or overwatch all the way to PUBG (but i expect stutter in this even though my friends dont get any problems and they are using 1050 ti's) the game randomly stutters or stutters when i get in a gun fight resulting in death. when playing overwatch cpu sits at around 50-60% memory is mostly around 70% and gpu is around 60% then it will just drop and i get major stutter and this doesn't change if it change it from ultra to low. i have reinstalled drivers for the card and fiddled with the 3D setting in the nvidia control panel. it has made no difference and it is really starting to irritate me please help find a solution/fix.
  25. All of a sudden, my internet connection via wifi has been extremely weird. My computer connected via ethernet works fine, and my smartTV connects to the wifi with no problem. However, all the four iphones in my house recognize the network, but won't connect. If I connect to the 5 ghz I get wifi connection, but for whatever reason, the 5 ghz isn't reliable and will disconnect me. The 5 ghz has always been like this, though. I am using a dir 842 router and a comcast modem. Thanks for the help!