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  1. Mic Sensitivity

    HI, I just recently got a AT2020 and plugged it in through my AMP, I have been getting a hissing noise each time I do a recording, I know a way is issue on discord with their built in program (https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/211376518-Voice-Input-Modes-101-Push-to-Talk-Voice-Activated-) so I am looking for any programs that would do the same thing for other tasks and processes on windows. Thanks for any help in advance.
  2. Hi, I was wondering which one is better: High DPI + Low sensitivity or Low DPI + High sensitivity Preferably in Overwatch although other games are fine. Thank you!
  3. Hello all! So, I have been running into a problem recently with my Steelseries Rival 300 mouse. In the game call of duty ww2, i have a set sensitivity and its pretty quick. Randomly, the game will (virtually) change my sensitivity to what seems like a default, which is super slow. The sensitivity number does not change, and if i tab out of the game and back into it, goes back to my normal sensitivity. But eventually, goes back to this so called default sensitivity. My mouse drivers are up to date, I have tried running the game with the steelseries engine running, and with it closed, still have the issue. The only game this does it in is call of duty ww2. On some occasions, it doesn't do it at all, so I basically have no idea where the problem is. Any help would be great, thanks!!
  4. Most headphone specifications I see only mention the sound pressure level in decibels and don't mention whether they're per mW or per volt. So when using a headphone power calculator such as http://digizoid.com/headphones-power.html, what sensitivity unit (SPL/mW or SPL/V) do I choose?
  5. DPI and New Monitor

    Hello, I have recently switched over from my old 1920x1080p monitor with a 16:9 aspect ratio to my new acer x34 3440x1440p 21:9 monitor, I used to have a dpi of 400 and when I used that dpi on my new monitor it didn’t feel right, can anyone help?
  6. 2017 Mouse DPI poll - Gaming

    Please vote on the poll for what mouse DPI you use, Please vote on the monitor resolution that you use as your main monitor (rounded to nearest). I would be interested in hearing what the average mouse sensitivity for gaming is. Please also comment on why you use the DPI that you do, What games have influenced your DPI choice as well as what monitor resolution you use. Please vote on the nearest DPI in the poll, and only for the resolution that you use.
  7. Same DPI, but different sensitivity

    I've been using a Corsair Sabre Optic for a while now, but the scrollwheel had broken, so I got the Logitech g502 for christmas. I've downloaded the logitech gaming software and set the dpi to the same DPI as my old mouse (2800), but the sensitivity isn't the same as my old mouse! I play a lot of csgo, and when I turn my mouse from one side to the other on my mousepad, I'm able to turn a bit more than 3/4 of a rotation on my old mouse and 1 1/4 rotations on my new mouse. As far as I know, the sensitivity should be the same, if the DPI is the same, no matter what brand of mouse you have. So I'm thinking it might be because my old mouse is optical and my new one is laser? Do you guys have a more precise method to get the same sensitivity on my new mouse, than just taking a piece of paper and making a line after 1 rotation and adjust it after that?
  8. Windows and Mac sensitivity

    Does anyone know how to get the same dpi on Mac as PC. I’d like to have the same sens on my Mac as my pc (for CSGO And other games)
  9. Need help picking a mouse

    Hello, im looking for an mmo/rpg mouse with very low liftoff distance. i already own a corsair scimitar rgb and a naga hex v2 and also an naga chroma and all of these mouse either wont track on a cloth mouse pad (the laser sensor in the razer mouse) or have a very high liftoff distance like the scimitar rgb (around 2cds on cloth pads) so i need a mouse with side button and preferibly and optical sensor because laser mouse wont track on my cloth pad for some reason that also has a very low liftoff distance. Thnx for helping!
  10. Hello everyone. I have a very annoying issue with the mouse sensitivity on my PC. It's been going on for months, maybe a year now, and I still haven't found any solution. Basically I experience a weird form of "mouse acceleration", that randomly appears for a few minutes, several times a day, before reverting back to normal. It feels like the sensitivity increases and the cursor becomes less accurate and "overly responsive". I have absolutely no idea what triggers it. This happens in gaming and in normal use, both have become very frustrating. Now, here's the deal: I have tried nearly everything imaginable, to no avail. Tried with 4 different mouses, wired and wireless: a noname wired mouse, a noname wireless mouse, a Corsair Sabre, and a Logitech G403 Wireless (currently using). Tried with 2 different mousepads, and with other surfaces. Tried enabling/disabling the "Enhance pointer precision". Tried using the MarkC Mouse Acceleration fix. Tried uninstalling the Xbox App with PowerShell. Everything is up to date, including Windows, the drivers of my motherboard (and the BIOS), the drivers of my graphics card, etc. I completely reinstalled Windows 10 and tested on a fresh system with minimal programs installed, the issue appeared soon enough. Tried with different USB ports. Also tested different power management settings and USB power settings. Tried ProcessLasso with ProBalance and everything checked under "Performance Mode Settings" (don't know what it does, but somebody recommended trying this). Completely reassembled my computer. Tried nearly every possible fix I could find on Google. Sooo... Yeah. At this point I really don't know what else I should do. I don't even know if this is a hardware or a software problem. Just what the heck could cause it? My system specs & peripherals used: I'm running Windows 10 Pro, up to date. Please ask if you need more info on my system. Thanks in advance if someone can help me. I'm desperate, honestly. I just can't use my PC serenely anymore, can't game... I already asked on so many different forums... Nobody could help me.
  11. My friends and many pro gamers using around 800dpi in Full HD.But I'm using about 2400dpi in general usage and while gaming for years.Because of this (may be.) I am a terrible sniper. Can you guys suggest tips to lower or get use to lower resolution? Moving mouse under 1000dpi giving me a headache.
  12. here's the problem. i set my DPI to 400 since the i have the mouse about a year ago. but when i turn on my PC my synapse doesn't automatically run and im fine with that because that's what i told it to do because i don't use my PC to game all the time. For browsing i already got used to using the side button to go back at a site. then when i want to play games i sometimes forgot to turn on the razer synapse. why would i want to use razer synapse ? because i bind one of the side button to the 'K' witch is CS GO's in game button for voicechat so i really need it. but my in game (CSGO) sensitivity change after i turned on razer synapse even though the DPI stays the same ( i assume the mouse remember the DPI is the same all the time without the razer synapse because i felt no different comparing razer synapse on or off on the desktop) . normally i don't have this problem, but i think it happen after i updated synapse. can someone help me with this ?
  13. I was wondering whether in-game resolution (specifically CS:GO) affects your sensitivity because I understand that the reason many people use a higher DPI when using a 4K monitor is because there are more pixels to cover compared to a regular 1080P display and therefore need to increase DPI in order to increase sensitivity to an equivalent level. However, when I compared 720P and 1080P on my display in CS:GO with the same sens and DPI, the viewmodel would still be looking at exactly the same place when I did a full sweep from the edge of the mouse mat to the other... Surely, when using lower resolutions (720P) it would increase the sensitivity because you have less pixels to cover for the DPI you've set compared to higher resolutions... What am I missing...?
  14. As I've just upgraded to a 1440P monitor from 1080P will that make my sensitivities different? For example, will 800DPI which I used on my old 1080P monitor be slower on the 1440P monitor in Windows? If I played at say 2 sensitivity in CSGO will I have to increase the sensitivity for it to be the same as the 1080P monitor? I'm confused
  15. For the sake of simplicity, your effective dpi (eDPI) aka your "true sensitivity" is a made up value that helps people compare sensitivities across different mouse dpi/windows settings. This is assuming your windows sensitivity is at the default 6/11 setting (6th tic). Calculating your true sensitivity is easy. You simply multiply your mouse dpi along with your in-game sensitivity. DPI x ingame sens = eDPI. For anyone playing cs competitively, there's a few guidelines below to help determine if your true sensitivity is slow, medium, or fast in relation to what others are using. Fact is, the majority of cs:go professionals use the optimal eDPI in order to mitigate aiming inconsistencies. An eDPI of 2500 or greater is considered extremely fast. An eDPI of 1300 is still pretty quick and you'll likely have consistency issues at this setting. An eDPI between 800-1150 is considered "optimal" by many pro's. An eDPI below 700 is considered slow. I figured this would be interesting. So, what's your eDPI? The cs:go pro player database is updated frequently. It can be found here - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UaM765-S515ibLyPaBtMnBz7xiao0HL5f-F1zk_CSF4/htmlview?sle=true
  16. I am on windows 10 and have a corsair m60 mouse. I have noticed that on some restarts of my pc my mouse dpi feels faster than normal (I use 400 dpi normally). I have checked the corsair application and it says its at the same dpi. I know for a fact that it is faster. Ive checked windows mouse sensitivity and it appears as normal. Thanks for the help!
  17. Hello people of the internet, today we meet to speak of our CS:GO sensitivity. Personally, two months ago I used 2000 DPI and 5 sens, but now I use 800 DPI with 5 sens. In those two months I went from a scummy Gold Nova 1 to a less scummy Master Guardian 2. I intend to slowly drop my DPI as time goes by, but trust me it really helped.
  18. Ok, so I quit playing battlefield 4 for about 6 months and I'm starting to get back into it on the PS4. Since then I've been playing Destiny almost exclusively. I've gotten so used to the 10 sensitivity and when I go to battlefield 4 I can't aim worth a crap. But in Destiny I can snap on target and turn on people and what not. What would be equivalent sensitivity settings advanced options and everything in bf4 that are pretty close to the 10 sensitivity in Destiny? I may have to tweak it a little higher but its right in my comfort zone. Any help is appreciated!
  19. (Wasn't quite sure where to put this) Anyways, I'm looking for a piece of software that is able to change my mouse sensitivity when I open certain games (such as cs;go) and then change it back when that game is closed. I have one that controls vibrancy and was hoping there is one for mouse sensitivity. -Any help/recommendation are very appreciated
  20. Hello, I've been having an issue with my mouse (Corsair Raptor M30) ever since I upgraded to Windows 10. I can't for the life of me turn of Mouse Acceleration. The enhanced pointer precision is turned off in the settings and my sensitivity is on 6/11. I'm not entirely sure what the DPI is set to as there is no software for the M30 but it is a 4000 DPI mouse and its on the 2/4 setting so I would assume 2000DPI. To try and fix this, along with some other issues I was having with Windows 10, I reinstalled Windows 8.1 on my SSD after formatting it. It's worth mentioning that all of my Programs were backup on the HDD so I still had access to them. However, when I installed Windows 8.1, I found that the Acceleration was still there. I upgraded back up to Windows 10, and the Acceleration is still here with the enhanced pointer precision option turned off. I have tried installing the MarkC Windows Mouse Acceleration Registry Edit fix and that seems to have had no effect upon the issue. I have tried uninstalling the mouse from the devices manager and then reinstalling it but the issue still stands. The same can be said for when I have tried plugging in other Mice, the acceleration is still there. This is on the desktop and it is even more noticeable in games. I play twitch shooter like CS:GO and a bit of Battlefield, and I also edit a lot of video so it's really important that I get this fixed ASAP because my PC has been rendered useless these past couple of days sue to the other issues I was having with Windows 10 so I need to get back on schedule with my projects. I'd be grateful for any help anybody can provide, Thanks Major Meteor
  21. 768 to 1080 res dpi?

    Hi, I have a new screen. My old one's width was 768 and my new one's is 1080. My old dpi was 800 and sensitivity was 0.975 (source games). Both have a 16:9 ratio. Math made: 768 -- 1080 800 -- x x=1125 SO SMART Is there anything else to it really? Cause I have a g502 and sensitivity nummaz r no problem0. It really is messed up to me cause for some reason I can adapt to sensitivities almost instantaneously and I only notice when it becomes difficult to turn or hit cause I've been jumping around games and sensitivities lately. So I just wanted to go back to the gud ole sensitivity I feel very comfortable in. Thank you for your time and help.
  22. I have been struggling for a while now in finding the "perfect in-game sensitivity" on Counterstrike GO, I have found a suitable one and one I am comfortable with however to achieve this I have to have a very low in-game sensitivity and a very high DPI. The sensitivity I like is: a DPI of "1600" and an in-game sensitivity of 1.9 I was wondering if it would be capable with some sort of formula or sum to work out how I could achieve the exact same sensitivity whilst playing the game but with a DPI of 400. Is it possible to work out what the in-game sensitivity would have to be? Cheers I hope one of u guys can understand what I'm on about
  23. Is there any way I can get the exact sensitivity (DPi and anything else relating) from my old mouse and somehow make my new mouse exactly the same? As soon as I plugged in my new mouse it was automatically slower then my old one. My new mouse is a ZOWIE FK2 and my old one was a Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse 1.0a. I am 99% sure my DPi is the same as my old mouse (400 DPi) because i'm able to switch it to 400 with a little button under my mouse which then changes a light under mouse my mouse correlating to a certain DPi. I'm able to know my old mouse' DPi because of this: http://i.gyazo.com/3adfce64ce52b43efbed9b62d542dfc7.png **EDIT** I just found out PPI and DPI are two different things. Any way I can get the exact DPi from my old mouse' PPI (400)?
  24. Hello Everyone Recently I have just heard about this thing called "raw input" basically, it disables 'Windows Mouse sensitivity interference while you are in game.' I have found this really useful while playing a few games, (That allow you to enable raw input). But I was thinking, what if you could just disable windows sensitivity as a whole? and just use raw input from your mouse? Now this idea, I have tried searching on the net. But I don't seem to find any programs/software that will allow you to 'enable raw input' and disable windows mouse sensitivity. If anyone has found or even perhaps created a program to disable windows mouse sensitivity, and enable raw input straight from your mouse. Please let me know of any information, because since I do work with animation, that sometimes requires a finer touch then windows sensitivity. So yeah guys, I hope this made sense, if it doesn't and you have any suggestions. Just let me know. Cheers, Pepsomo.
  25. My friends in Skype can barely hear me, so I need help. The mic works fine when connected on the front panel but the problem is with the rear panel. I don't want to connect my headsets on the front panel because then the mic picks up loads of static. So I want to use the rear panel for the mic. I tried to boost my mic and it works but then it picks up loads of static. AAAAAAAAAAAAARRGHH!!! I want to use the rear panel! EDIT: Tried to uncheck auto adjust in skype, doesn't work