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  1. Windows server 2016 DHCP

    help my server is giving out IP addresses to my clients but they have no internet any suggestions?
  2. LF Server Chassis

    Hey guys, I'm a bit new to planning out a streaming server build and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a Server Chassis. Bonus points for those that have hot-swappable bays built in and I would like to keep it under $200 (Not including shipping). Requirements include the ability to house an E-ATX Motherboard as well as at least two 3.5" HDD bays/slots. So far, the best deal I was able to find was this case which has a $50 dollar shipping charge... http://rackmountmart.com/rm2u/rm2044.htm
  3. Heya everybody! So, I've got this server setup that I'm trying to add a gpu to, and it refuses to output video. I've tried 2 different kinds of risers (the gpu lock prevents it from fitting on the server board and i'd *really* rather not cut it off like a certain ltt video lol) and the onboard vga should be disabled. (switched the jumper from pins 1 and 2 to 2 and 3). The thing boots and makes all the appropriate noises, and the fans on the gpu spin up, but it doesn't actually output any video. Help please!
  4. Hello there! First forum post is an off-the-wall one. I run a small public access TV station and we do not have money for a server room. We recently acquired a Telvue Princeton video playout server, pictured on the bottom of the stack in the attached image. It is critically important to our operations as a station going into the future and we have been beyond excited to have it. We have two racks in the back of our office but no way to contain them: they are open air, not air conditioned, and eject all of their noise into the office. The Princeton is the first 'real' server we have in that rack...and it HOWLS. The stock fans are so loud and whiny that my boss, who's desk in the open office is closest to the rack, winced...she'd be fine with it, since it's going to be the most important piece of equipment installed in our rack, but it'd be wonderful if I could find a way to quiet it somehow. It uses plastic brackets for its fans which appear to be SanAce 80 80mmx35mm fans. The brackets have a channel to route the PWM cable and slot in nicely together. It has five of these in the whole system, and what looks like an Intel stock cooler with a Foxconn sticker on it. The only other hardware is the RAID array in front, the RAID card, and two video I/O cards in back. If I was to replace the 'case' fans with something like the Noctua NF-R8 redux PWM fans, with their significantly lower RPM and airflow, do you think that'd be enough airflow for the server to stay stable 24/7 while preserving our ears? Or should I hack it up and DIY a way to fit a few larger PC case fans in there to get the higher airflow needed and lower noise desired? Thanks in advance for any help with this. It's an odd problem to have and if anyone has been in a similar situation, I'll be amazed and pleased.
  5. Hey Everyone! Question for those of you infinitely wiser than I: I have a FreeNas serving that I use mostly as medium and longterm storage. When I built it around 6 months ago I had around ~144GB of ECC ram sticks lying around, so thought, what the heck, let's put all of them in. I loged in a few minutes ago to see if anything was happening that I should know about and I'm seeing that the OS has allocated 99GB of ram as wired. Any idea why it may be doing that? Attached are 2 screens shots, one of system specs (I'm running 2 cpu's, freeness only uses 1) the other of the recent system memory usage Thanks, Felix
  6. I have a 55GB file that i want to upload to a server where i can give people the link and then them be able to download it. My budget is around £15/$20 a month. I would prefer a 1Gbps port but 100Mbps is fine. I'd imagine i will be using about 10TB of transfer a month maybe less so either a unmetered or high bandwidth connection is best. What would be the best way for me to do this? Would it be just storing it on a service such as Google drive and paying for a bigger drive space? I plan to upload other large files in the future so 200GB+ of space will be required sooner rather than later. Or would the other best way to be to buy a cheap dedicated server or vps? Any recommendations and thanks for your help. Luke.
  7. Windows deployment need not be boring This may not have been a good idea, some of them overheard others and set their language to Kurdish
  8. I have a HP wx8600 workstation 2x xeon x5430, 16 gb ram, boot ssd I recently added 4x 4tb western digitial enterprise drive to create a new zfs pool. But after cable management and adding the drive the server won't boot WHY?! It freezes on importing ZFS filesystems and then just stops. and ask to boot in default mode and I can't get any further.
  9. 4K Streaming Rig Complete !

    Finished The X299 4K streaming rig, it's alive !! Sod the cable management, it's rackmount i7 7820X 32GB DDR4 Corsair H100i Samsung 960 Pro M.2 Magewell 4 channel HDMI capture card BMD 5 channel 6G SDI Capture card BMD HDMI/SDI monitor card. Some asus wifi card ESI Maya AES Balanced Sound Card And a shit GPU just for testing, the W7100's havent arrived yet Never built something this meaty, and never built in 4U before. i think i did good
  10. Backup server for clients

    Dear LTT forum members, I want to get an backup solutions for our costumers. We have a own server but I am looking for a good piece of software to do that Do you guys have any ideas? I was thinking about acronis backup solutions.
  11. I am curious what others use their servers for? File share, media, web, application (what ones?). I am thinking of this since I am redoing my whole network from routers to desktops. My servers are my current project and I am wondering if there is something useful I could be doing with the left over power since I am running 2x xeon 2680 8 core cpus. Overkill yes to some degree. Also adding in a 24 x 10 TB storage array onsite and a 24 x 8TB array x2 offsite.
  12. Storage Server Build

    Hi there, I have several free new 3TB hard drives, and I wanted to build a storage server. I do not need RAID, I just need to share the disk space with other network devices. I have Chieftec 19" 2U UNC-210HS-B server case, and I think about some custom build. I would like to run Centos7 or Ubuntu Server distro. I want the disks to automatically turn off when they are not used. Are you able to recommend any specific components for that type of build (CPU, Motherboard, RAM, PSU) ? Of course, I do not necessarily have to buy new devices, they can be used. I prefer Intel processors, memory should be ddr4 Thanks.,
  13. I just installed Dell OpenManage v8.4 on Ubuntu Server 16.04. I have OpenManage setup serverside, however, I need to use the web UI for some other config. The thing is, I can't login to the web UI because the web server "crashes". If I log in with the wrong user id/password, it denies access, which is what it's supposed to do. However, if I log in with the correct user id/password it crashes after login (images attached). I can't confirm that it is crashing because after I try to log in on one client if I go to a different client the web server doesn't work at all. In order to get the web server working again, I have to restart Ubuntu because restarting the web server using systemctl doesn't work. I should also note that OpenManage CLI still works (omconfig, omreport, etc.). Thanks in advance. Images after login:
  14. Hi guys, I am in need of a NAS. I never set one up before. The reason why I want to go with Raspberry Pi is that it is the only "computer" I have laying around =]]. Parts I have: Raspberry Pi Model B+. 8Gb Micro SD card. 1TB HDD. Do you guys have any guide that shows how to set-up a home server for Raspberry Pi? Which OS should I run on my Raspberry Pi? Ubuntu, Linux, NOOBS, Raspbian??? which one is better and has better NAS support? I could upgrade my SD Card to a higher capacity if needed but prefer to keep it at 8GB since it is what I already had =]], but if I can get better software using different OS then upgrading SD card would not be a problem. Thanks.
  15. Sup guys, i've spent the last day creating a deployment image for my new WDS "Wensleydale" and Sysprep is going to make me kill someone. I have been given a WDS, with a VL windows 10 image on it I've put that base image onto a machine from my fleet, and proceeded to do my job, and make it hirable as a video playback/control PC. The first time i did it, the OS was imaged over, booted fine and got to desktop, i then gave it the ninite, and some other handy things. Then after reboot it decided to forget all it's drivers, and windows update was reporting they were all installed and PC was up to date, though devmgmt was clearly angry. Started again 2nd time at desktop after cloning, install all programs one at a time from respective websites, run ccleaner and reboot. Loses activation, can't fix it, above my head, the linux guy couldnt figure it out either. 3rd time at desktop, i got the image perfect, all programs installed, all settings spot on, everything licensed, go to sysprep, and it fails with error relating to corrupt registry and inaccessible driver files sitting in an intel folder on the root of C, which are there, but the permissions are fucked. It's my first day with WDS and i'm slowly working it out. But i can't for the life of me work out why Sysprep won't run, i cant capture that perfect image until it has shut down after sysprep Thanks
  16. No more using Clonezilla like a peasant, finally got my WDS dropped down to my office today ! Dual Xeon X5667's Quad gigabit NIC's (multiplexed) 10Gb NIC for when i can squeeze a 10Gb switch out of the bosses for "unbottlenecked" multicast imaging I Introduce, Wensleydale
  17. I have an issue that is much weirder than it is on the surface if not simple to boil down. If I go to my website christophersites.com and am connected to the same internet as the server it connects just fine. However if I am on a different network ie school or cellular nothing happens even if I try going to website directly using the WAN ip. HELP ME PLEASE
  18. Hi everyone! I own a photography studio and we started redecorating lately, so I have been thinking about moving my servers from a random room in the house to my office, which should improve a few things on my workflow. Long story short, to match the design of the studio I decided to use a piece of furniture as the rack, instead of my default black frame ugly looking thing. But I have doubts about airflow and heat dissipation. This is the furniture my wife and I have in mind for the office, except for the door, which will be removed: https://i.imgur.com/QB2rVU4.jpg I will get a friend's company to build me a few U4 cases to cover the servers, two editing servers running Vega 64 in crossfire plus a Threadripper 1950X each, plus four storage servers running Ryzen 3 and a network switch. AMD hardware is not known for being cold, so you get why heat is a concern here. The ideas I have for the server cases is something like this: https://i.imgur.com/L33gFRs.jpg https://i.imgur.com/L33gFRs.jpg So three to four fans throwing cold air inside the case, and three to four removing air on the back of the case. As I live in a city with good weather (20C in average), I believe that will be enough to handle everything. But I recently got my hands on two server rack fan enclosures, and I think those could come handy, what do you guys think? https://i.imgur.com/7HhKYsa.jpg Any idea on how I could use those to increase heat dissipation? I think the case fans will take care of everything, but I prefer to have more just in case. Maybe have the fan enclosure on the bottom, with holes in the case for the hot air to come out? So cold air would come in front and leave on the back and bottom of the case. What do you guys think? Thanks in advance! And sorry if this is all a little confusing.
  19. https://servershop24.de/komponenten/festplatten/fibre-channel/fuijtsu-eternus-dx8700-450-gb-15k-fc-3-5-hot-swap-festplatte-ca06600-e465/a-113803/
  20. Hello guys, Ok so I was watching both videos from Linus and iJustine when I saw that pile of external HDDs from Justine the first thing It came to my head was myself, that whole pile of HDDs it's just so me..I felt like she was the only one that could understand my "data center" until Linus said what a terrible disaster that was haha. So I built a home NAS, sorry for the intro, now this will be simple, I'm stuck in the OS so I will comment on the uses of the NAS: -Just for storing and streamming media content. I've got more than 350 Blu-rays and now 148 UltraHD Blu-rays, they're upstairs (they don't fit anymore in the home cinema room downstairs) so grabing a disc everytime is a huge pain in the ass, specially since the GFE (Girl Factor Effect) where she changes her mind last minute and I have to go upstairs again. The content will be streammed with an Oppo UDP-203 UltraHD Blu-ray Player via Gigabit Network Port. The types of files are from MP3 and FLAC music up to 1080p Blu-ray encodes and UltraHD Blu-ray losseless MKVs. Now to keep this simple, it's my first NAS build so I'm not using any kind of RAID and please don't talk me about how good it is and trying to convince me because it's a movie/music NAS, I don't want to wait for 3-4 drives to spin all in order to view the content. Also I don't like the idea of having to waste money on extra drives just to keep data safe in case a failure, RAID is not stable, I haven't had any problems in my life with drive failures, and I have more than 15 right now, one of my external makes a strange noise but it's from 2006 so..there you have it. My backups will be my external drives, I've got about 40TB of external drives, that is the best backup I could think at least with this type of content where I can re-rip it anyday (unless I loose my disc or it gets scratched). I will be using JBOD. Requirements: -Needs to be free (maybe in a couple of months I'm open to paid software but as for now, it needs to be free) -Has to support JBOD or let you create individual pools for each drive (Not RAID) -Has to support NTFS file system for flexibility, as all my PCs are Windows and my home theatre works fine with NTFS, so if I ever want to take a drive and add an external enclosure or use it on my pc, I won't have to format from Ext4 and all that headache. -Has to be light, meaning that I don't want to have tons of RAM as this is only going to be for storage and viewing purposes. -Has to have a Torrent and Plex Plugin (Torrent more important than plex) -GUI Web Interface is a must -Let's you put in whatever drive you want from whatever size. FreeNAS is completeley out as it only lets you have drives from the same capacity and also requires a ton of RAM, meaning that the word "Free" does not quite cover it. UnRAID let's you do all this stuff but its paid software so for now that is also out. I was also considering Xpenology and OpenMediaVault but since they use Ext4 that's what drives me out, I wonder what will happen if I put an already mounted NTFS windows drive in one of those OS. I also looked at Windows Server 2016 with Project Honolulu (I have like 5 spare licenses from work), but I don't know if it has a torrent or plex plugin like the others do, also from the videos I've seen it's really slow. What do you recommend? Is there something to be aware of? My Build is the following: -i3 7100 -8 GB (1x 8GB) Corsair DDR4 2400 MHz CL14 -Gigabyte B250 HDP3 Mobo -Noctua NH9Li -Corsair TX550M Gold Modular 550W (just in case) -Case: Silverstone CS-380 8 Bay Case -Drives: 3x 8TB HGST Deskstar NAS, total 24TB Thank you for your time to read this long thread
  21. hay toghter i found this and i wondert if you can use the with sata or sas? i dont ne the cage of it. https://servershop24.de/komponenten/festplatten/fibre-channel/fuijtsu-eternus-dx8700-450-gb-15k-fc-3-5-hot-swap-festplatte-ca06600-e465/a-113803/
  22. Recently I bought an HP Proliant SE326M1 which is a special edition of the HP Proliant DL160 G6 as well as a pair of fitting-or so I thought-processors. Though after trying to install them the system wouldn't boot anymore with no further information given. Therefore I think the x5687s which I bought might not be usable with this server. Does anyone know which processors are supported or if I was just doing something wrong? It is clearly not only the processors that DELL sold the servers with as that x5672s also appear to work with that model. Thanks for any help in advance.
  23. So i am planning a new server build for my home, now most of the parts are going to be used server hardware from refreshes which can be sourced via websites such as eBay. Now the budget will be around £350-400 without HDD's; no need for peripherals as it will be done via remote access. Now from what i have seen i can pick up an E3 Xeon for around £60 - £80 (https://ebay.co.uk/itm/Dell-T3500-Precision-Intel-Xeon-Quad-Six-Core-Tower-PC-Customisable-Windows-10/122653277587?hash=item1c8eb47d93:m:mFMGNPj7DuutsSKTLA-JhFg) Looking at up to £100 for a decent case with a large amount of 3.5" 6-10 spaces so i can have a decent amount of hard drives. motherboard up to £80 PSU - £40 ram - £20 no need for a GPU as i have a spare lieing around. I was looking at pre builds or refubs i can salvage for parts as that seems to be much more cost effective, but anyone has any pre built servers then please post them. I was looking at cases which were towers rather than server cases as a computer cases would be much easier to store for me and quieter also. Thanks for reading
  24. Is it a server? Is it a NAS? Is it a steal? Is it useless? How does it compare to other solutions, like Synology's? Apart from eshop reviews (which tend to be very positive, saying this thing beats everything Synology have ever made for a fraction of the price), I wasn't able to find anything about the device, nor anyone who would seem to use it. Its four drive bays look really attractive for the price, as well as the proclaimed Plex streaming abilities. The only thing people complained about was the lack of ILO, but that was added this September.
  25. I downloaded linux server on to this system. 2x xeon e5430 16gb ecc ram biggest reason 15x sata ports mostly sata 2 but not worried on raidz. Plex seems to be struggling and dont know why. Cpu and ram usage are barely moving.