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  1. Windows Server 2012 R2 no boot

    I have a windows server 2012 r2 installation that was in raid 1 using a hardware based controller. The raid somehow broke and disk 0 has windows boot loader and a copy of the windows 2012 server installation where AD services are broken. Disk 1 has a functioning installation of windows server 2012 R2 that tests good, but I want to get it on a new raid 1 array. As of right now Disk 1 wont work without Disk 0s boot loader. How can I clone disk 1s windows installation that we want, but then get windows boot loader back on it?
  2. I have a Dell PowerEdge 2900 III (tower) that I use as a testbed for various things. It's currently running Ubuntu 14.04LTS. Long list of specs are there: http://dell.com/downloads/emea/products/pedge/it/PE2900_Spec_Sheet_Quad.pdf Mine is currently outfitted with the following: Twin quad-core Xeon 5430 32GB Registered ECC RAM (because you can never have enough RAM) 1 pair SAS boot drives in RAID 1 (300GB) and 4 more SAS in RAID 5 for a total of 1.5TB PCIe wireless card Dual 930watt power supplies (POWER!) Extra 4 port USB 2.0 card an nVidia GT 730 in the x8 PCI slot, but I now have all the parts needed to upgrade that card to a GTX 660 or something similar (Space inside is a tad cramped) DVD/RW in the 5.25" bay (SATA) and as soon as I shut it down, I'm throwing a spare Blu Ray drive in instead. So, I'm looking at what else I can put into this, pushing the limits of what it can do, so to speak. Money isn't an issue here, it's not my main rig (or even my backup rig, it's just a playbox) There is a 3.5" slot that would take a floppy, but I was thinking instead of a floppy, put a drive cage in there (they exist, and are cheap enough) that would support twin SSD drives, and use them for some kind of cache drive to supplement the SAS ones. The motherboard only has 2 SATA ports, and one is in use from the DVD/RW, so I was thinking perhaps a PCIe SATA card, but I'm not certain system requirements? My other thought is the recent LTT video on Optane, using it as a cache drive, assuming I could find a PCIe adapter, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS would see it, and the 2900 would recognize it. My third thought is to max out the RAM, it supports 48GB total, and use part of it as a RAM disk, but every time the server is shut off, the data would be lost so that might not be the best use of the extra RAM. Just some thoughts about pushing the system past what it was designed for, What are your thoughts?
  3. Can it be done? I doubt it can be done through the bios but can you use something like Throttlestop or other utilities to do so? I just got a HP ProLiant ML350 G6 for free and it can take upto a pair of Xeon X5675s and 196GB of DDR3 RDIMM. I'd like to build it up as a nice little video editing machine. I doubt I'll need THAT much ram but 16~32GB of ram ought to be enough. I haven't booted it up yet, working on cleaning out some of the other computers I got since I won't be able to do anything at the moment.
  4. Intel has recently started shipping their xeon scalable gold 6138P with an on-package arria 10 gx1150 FPGA ( 1.15M logic elements ) . The cpu is the same as the regular Xeon gold 6138, with 20 cores and 40 threads, based on the (revised) skylake architecture and is dual socket capable. The whole on-package FPGA idea has been floating around for quite some time now ( intel demoed a broadwell chip featuring the tech a while back ). It was actually one of the main drivers of intel's EMIB and omnipath interconnect technologies . source : https://anandtech.com/show/12773/intel-shows-xeon-scalable-gold-6138p-with-integrated-fpga-shipping-to-vendors
  5. As title says: I fixed a HP ML370 G5 server that I got for free when broken. (Mainly a broken PSU). It has two quad core CPUs (Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® Processor E5440 (2.83 GHz, 80 Watts, 1333 FSB), hyperthreaded so a total of 16 threads. 64GB ECC RAM. See this link for more info on hardware: https://h20195.www2.hpe.com/v2/Getdocument.aspx?docname=c04282493 So now what? If you had this computer, what would you do? I was thinking to maybe put a matlab compute node on it, as I do sometimes work in matlab for my research at the university. But I doubt that it will be of any gain since my main computer already has a 3.5GHz hexa core xeon E5. Note: I already have a hyper-visor server running for all my VMs (and has power to spare). I have a freenas running at home with mirrored disks and one similar server at a server hall as an offsite backup. I also have HP DL360 G5 that has the same story, got it for free broken, fixed it and now I don't know what to do with it... I guess I like fixing broken things. Any ideas are welcome! /Robert
  6. Windows Server storage pool size

    Hey guys, I have a noob question, if you see my screenshot below, you can see from a storage pool in a test machine I have running Windows Server 2016. I have a 2TB and 1.5TB HDD in a storage pool, raid 0. Capacity does say 3.18TB, but the final storage pool capacity is 2.73TB. I know there is some sort of calculation doing on regarding the pool, but is it always as bad as 300GB? Please do not roast, I am noob, rush B
  7. SE316M crash with Xen

    Hopefully its the right section for this question. I want to install a current Ubuntu 16.10 LTS repository version of the Xen hypervisor on the SE316M. The Xen version is 4.6 Its not an exact clone of the DL160G6, so I am not sure if that matters in this case. The installation worked fine, except I get a crash when starting the hypervisor with a "CPU0 Panic" when I enable in BIOS the option "VT-d". Unfortunately, this is exactly the one option one needs to run any non-aware Guest OK, e.g. Windows on Xen. Did anyone succeed to get a HVM Guest running with Xen on this machine?
  8. I read those two topics about similar issues, but not the exact goal. /main/index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=notifications&do=follow&follow_app=forums&follow_area=topic&follow_id=675995 /main/index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=notifications&do=follow&follow_app=forums&follow_area=topic&follow_id=843928 I am running a SE316M server and think it is a great machine. Ony issue is that the fans can be reduced only to 50% of their speed. With full speed they sound like an aircraft engine but that is only for a few secs at boot-up. But while 50% a lot better it still is too much to have it in the same room and - most of all - too much for the load of the system. Using the LightsOut console one can see that the server is rarely above idle mode for most of the time and temperatures are all at very low values. BIOS just have a single setting to enable max power saving, which is active. It seems to me that there is a block somewhere that the fans will not drop below 50% for some reason. Based on a vague statement of a HPE community member (see link here), one can read between the lines that it should be possible to get the down to below 50%. This is what I am looking for. I would like to do this without installing some hardware faking another PWM pulse, because that would basically disable the power management. So I would like to check if there are people out there who can confirm any of this Yes, its possible to get a SE316M /DL160G6 below 50% fan speed Is the rumor true that the system will not drop below 50% when there is any hardware the power managment system can not identify?
  9. Is there a way i can manage my LSI HBA RAID Controller from within windows server 2016 environment? (rebooting into BIOS is tedious and seems quite unnecessary to me just to add a hot spare or new drive configs (not removing existing arrays)....) I've looked up some stuff from broadcom (new parent company of LSI), but none of the programs or files i downloaded and tried to install appeared to do anything. i was thinking like someway to locally ssh or telnet in, but i have no idea how to flash a card from within windows without a working tool from a manufacturer. LSI SAS 9211-8i | https://starline.de/fileadmin/images/produkte/lsi/LSISAS92118i__ENG_.pdf | PS. I've also considered upgrading the firmware on the device, but i'm really skeptical of doing so since none of the current support info webpages actually list this exact card as compatable. (closest listed page on broadcom's site is the 9210 | > also.. how do i download a copy of the current firmware off the card? (since if the new version for w/e reason doesn't work, it's not available online anywhere i can find) | >> I have replied to this thread to find out how their upgrade went.. /main/topic/779052-lsi-9211-8i-p20-firmware/ other thoughts: upgrading bios: data loss? (wouldn't see why it would, but can see it possible) Thanks.
  10. Are these good parts for a home server? https://pcpartpicker.com/list/bgrMbX First I meant to go with an i3 6100 or a i5 3570, but the i5 is't available anymore and I figured if I want to do multiple stuff at once or something the i3 may not be enough. And also if I ever plan to sell the server for whatever reason (for example as a gaming PC) Then I would just need a GPU and that's it. Next I will explain why I chose these parts CPU: I'm not really sure about this part, because I'm not sure if its too much for my needs or too little. PSU: It's modular, so no unnecessary cables lying around in the case, and it's 80+ gold SSD: I think I was told in my previous post that I won't need an SSD, but I kinda want to include one just for the fast boot up times. Of course if it's completely unnecessary, I will remove it. GPU: I just chose this because the 1600 doesn't have integrated graphics. (i'm not really sure yet though which CPU/APU I should go with) CASE: I chose this because I have built a gaming PC in one of these before, it seems to have a good airflow, it has 3x 3,5" bays and 3x 2,5 bays and It's easy to install them both. Also it comes with a one fan. (I have two extra fans that I can use for intake) RAM: I will just use this RAM because I have it already and I'm not using it for anything at the moment. I will get another 8 GB later if 8 GB won't be enough) HDDs: I have one (i think Toshiba) HDD lying around doing nothing so I will just use that. ( won't put anything important on it, in case it breaks) Then I chose this WD Red Pro 2TB for all the important stuff. (would a WD Red (non pro) also be good? or should I just get the Red Pro?) MOBO: I chose this for mainly two reasons: It looks cool so just in case I ever want to sell the server as a gaming PC or something it will attract more people, it has 6 x SATA 6Gb/s ports (I may actually change it for MSI B350 PC MATE, it has 4x SATA 6Gb/s, but I think that will be enough since the case only has 3x 3,5" bays anyways) WHAT I'M GOING TO DO WITH THE SERVER Current plan is to use it for file storage and hosting a Minecraft server for 2-30 people. The server would have plugins and mods (worldedit, essentials, vehicle mods) And in the future I may start hosting a website, setting up a VPN and use it for media streaming. Feel free to give any suggestions / recommendations on what I should change, remove, add, etc... Thank you for any help!
  11. HP DL380 G7 Memory Config Help

    I recent acquired (for free no less :D) an HP DL380 G7 and was surprised to find that all 18 of its memory slots were populated with 8G DIMMs for a total of 144GB (72GB per CPU). I also have another server with only 4GB of RAM and intend to remove this memory and replace it with 6 of the DIMMs from my new server. The config on my DL380 is the usual tri channel per CPU (with the primary slot being white) and I was thinking of removing one DIMM from each of the channels, but which slots should I remove from first?
  12. so i am looking at getting two intel xeon x5550 and i was wondering what motherboard and power supply they will need. i''m not looking for anything specific so bang for you buck would be awesome. heard about dual atx12v and not sure what i will need to get the system in a working state
  13. Hello, I have just started running folding @ home on my 32 thread server but it's not getting the results that I though? Its says its only going to get around 33k ppd. It seems to be really low compared with my main rig that brings in 336k ppd. Any help would be great to bring that number up. It looks to be running on all cores at 100% Rig specs OS : windows server 2016 1st Processor : Xeon E7 - 4830 - 8 core 2nd Processor : Xeon E7 - 4830 - 8 core Memory : 96 GB Just thinking would it be better if I ran them in smaller hyper v clients?
  14. confirmation on my nas server

    my list photo (basket) links for mobo, i was going to get the Asus Prime X470 Pro but it got expensive and the Amazon seller is out of stock so its only available from 3rd parties. should i get another one? just to be sure i can expand my raid 5 array? https://broadcom.com/support/knowledgebase/1211161503168/how-to-expand-an-array-on-megaraid-controllers-adding-drives-to- btw do i need something like this for my raid card or does it already have sata?
  15. Dell PowerEdge 2400 P3 Server

    I have a Dell PowerEdge 2400 Server, 2 X 1ghz pentium 3 CPU, 2gb Ram, 4 scsi 73gb HDD, and pretty much all the trimmings that was available for it back in 2000. I’m just wandering what would be the best OS to use on it as a file server for 3 windows xp pentium 4 pc’s. I just want to use it as a central hub for all my files and maybe the odd bit of music or video streaming.
  16. Hi! I just hosted a free Minecraft server on a website and i was just wondering is 5GB of disk space gonna be enough space for me and my friend to play Minecraft survival on, no mods, pure vanilla, and maybe some command blocks. That's it! So, there is gonna be max 3-4 people on that server. Thanks for helping me out!
  17. Home Server

    Hello I'd like to start my own server based on Raspberry Pi at home. I'd like to have mail,web and ftp server, connection outside of home network. But I have no idea where to start, I can connect HDD to Raspberry Pi to work as a storage, but have no idea about which Rasp to buy and how to configure whole stuff to work outside of my home net. Sorry post might be little chaotic :c Thanks for help tho.
  18. Good morning, We are a small video game company working on what could be called "Dark Souls in Space". So far, we went by with a SVN on a NAS made from normal HDD in a 12 years old dusty PC. We were making backup by hand on a external HDD I kept at home. We have been hiring, and now we are looking for something more stable, safer, faster, easier to remote control, able to do automatic backup, and the ability to schedule game builds on PC, Mac and Linux. Considering we can only build for Mac on a Mac, we will obviously need a setup with more than 1 computer. I've been looking at a 2U server hotswappable server chassis for hosting the depot, with proper ECC memory and NAS HDDs. However... my knowledge pretty much stop there. I have no clue what is good and what isn't. The SVN/Matchmaking server doesn't need much CPU, but mostly disk space and responsiveness. The build machine some good CPU, but not so much disk space, as its task will be to pull a changelist off the depot, open it, compile it, and push back the result. Where should I begin with all this?
  19. I read this and in definitely helped /main/topic/577494-guide-nas-vs-home-server-the-ultimate-comparison/ ,but I still want to ask some things here. WHAT I WOULD USE THE SERVER FOR I would use it for file storage, try to host a Minecraft server (and maybe other game servers too), and also maybe host a website and set up my own VPN at some point These are just some ideas that I came up with, feel free to suggest any ideas what I could do with the server --------------------------------------------------- MY BUDGET IS 200 - 500 euro --------------------------------------------------- But now the big question: What kind of parts should I go with? If I will host a some kinda game server, then I would need a powerful CPU and stuff like that right? Or would a Ryzen 3, i3 6100, i5 3570 be a good enough option? PC PARTS THAT I ALREADY HAVE / CAN GET FOR A OKAY PRICE (i think) I HAVE - i3 6100 (with matx mobo, but I need an itx, because I want the server to be as small as possible) I HAVE - 8 GB DDR4 2133MHZ - 1x8 I HAVE - 500W PSU from Acbel I HAVE - CD DRIVE I HAVE - 120 GB SSD CAN GET - CORSAIR CX450M (for 30€, used for under 5 months) CAN GET - i5 3570 + 16 GB DDR3 1600 MHZ (for 110€, both are used, also I would need to get a mobo for the CPU) (CAN GET) - GTX 960 2 gb reference, if needed. ------------------------------------------------- If I go with the Ryzen 3 or any other CPU then I need a new motherboard also. ------------------------------------------------- 1. Also what kind of HDD would be good? I have a 1TB normal HDD that I'm not currently using for anything so I'm just wondering that could it be used for the server in some way? Or should I just get server HDD's? 2. Does it matter which motherboard I use? for example if I go with the i3 6100 do I need B250, H270 or would a H110 be good also? Any recommendations etc are welcome!
  20. Fujitsu E5645 and Radeon r7 240

    I temporarily bought the e5645 Fujitsu so I could finish the most basic work until I purchased the main system. I know it supports low profile graphic cards, and there are three that are officially supported. I am interested in whether someone can help me, if he knows or has experience, can the r7 240 work in this system, because of all the others I have found, that graphic card has the lowest consumption and represents me the safest choice.
  21. hello everyone, i know its a crazy idea but here it goes, so iam thinking of building a cluster of 4 computers to be used as a super computer. which is better do you think ? a cluster of 4 motherboards fit in one case with each motherboard having 32gb of ram - xeon x5690 (overclocked) and graphics hd7970 - OR - a dual socket motherboard with two xeon x5690 and 64gb of ecc ram and a 6gb graphics card ? my main idea of building such a crazy supercomputer or more like a mainframe, was because i have four socket 1366 motherboards laying around with a total of 128gb ddr3 ram and four hd7970 and the rest of required components, so all is left is four xeon x5690. if i had to choose to get a dual socket motherboard i have to buy the motherboard + the 64gb of ecc ram + a 6gb gtx 1060 which will cost 700$ i will be using the four motherboard supercomputer for high intensity scientific research and simulation. so what do you guys think ? thank you all
  22. I have questions and concerns about this project including issues such as: TRIM Using multiple SATA controllers & how that will impact single network client performance write cache/buffer under-provisioning Server Hardware: CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2670's RAM: 16x8GB Kingston DDR3 UDIMM ECC 1600MHz Motherboard: ASRock EP2C602-4L/D16 SATA Controller: 3xSATAIII SAS 9207-8i HBA CASE: NORCO RPC-4224 Server Software: FreeNAS ZFS raidz2 (RAID6) I plan to use the Intel DC S4500 960GB (subject to change). Questions/Concerns: TRIM In the early days of consumer SATA SSDs it was known that hardware RAID controllers disabled the TRIM function. What about software RAID? What about FreeNAS ZFS RAID specifically? The only difference I know of between software and hardware RAID is that hardware RAID uses a dedicated controller while software uses system CPU/memory. Does the OS need to support TRIM to use it or is it solely a feature of the SSD itself? Would the SSD run TRIM itself on its own schedule or does the OS have to tell it to? Multiple SATAIII Controllers When drives are spanned evenly across multiple controllers is it possible for a single client to see speeds that exceed the limit of a single controller? In theory it should be possible but I won't be surprised if it doesn't workout that way. With multiple clients though there should be perfect scaling. Write Cache/Buffer In the past putting an SSD in the server I've seen abnormal write operations where it will start out strong and drop radically. After a short time it would shoot up again and repeat this cycle until the move completed. It acted as if a high speed cache or buffer were being filled, then emptied to a slower permanent media then started refilling the buffer with more data, etc. Can anyone explain this activity? Provisioning Would any form of provisioning/under-provisioning be recommended or just setup all the usable space in one giant raidz2/RAID6 volume and not worry about degradation? @Electronics Wizardy @leadeater @Lurick I believe all of you could have valuable input among others who's usernames I don't remember so I can't link them. If anybody has any other input or things I should be wary of don't be afraid to mention it.
  23. Hi all, I am currently working at IT helpdesk position and I wanted to expand my knowledge on servers and network. Currently I am running my vms on alienware 12 laptop which is quite ok for running a domain controller with one workstation. However I would want to create a bigger environment with couple workstations in domain, and few dcs to play with dns zones/ exchange server in a future. Therefore I am thinking about a new device that would serve me to run couple vms (probably around 10). Some of them less cpu heavy like windows 10 hosts but also at leats 4 dcs and a exchange server which i guess would need some resources to go into it. I understand I need something with hefty ram (16-32 gb) but not sure about processor Just started to wrap my head around server hardware so wanted to consult with you my purchase ideas. Please let me know which one of those would be a good option in your opinion or let me know if you have your own suggestions. Some of my requirements: -run 10 vms for lab. - I have around 2000-3000 polish złoty I would like to spend (700 -800 us $) -I will be running it under my desk so it can't be jet level noisy as my girlfriend is going to kill me. - I would prefer something on lower end with possibility to upgrade. - I would like to play mostly with windows hyper-v, however having a possibility to play with ESXi would be great. -It would be added benefit if it had raid 1 /0 for messing around. . By one hand it would be great to have some hands on experience with server hardware. Only concern is to find something not sounding like a jet. a) New HPE micro server gen10 with X3421 On one of the guides I fallowed on udemy they used and recommended HPE micro server gen10. +It is quiet +there are some sales on it and I could buy it for around 500 us dollars brand new with X3421 version +I was thinking about using it as a nas storage later +It has raid 0/1 Anyone used this server and what is your experience? b) used dell t610 I found used one near me for around 500$. It has two 2x SixCore E5645 2,40Ghz 12M and comes with 24gb ram. This sounds great for me as it has nice specs and by throwing some ram I could easily upgrade it. My only concern is how loud it can be: https://dell.com/community/PowerEdge-Hardware-General/Noise-levels-for-PowerEdge-T610-T710-compared-with-R610-R710/td-p/3893425 Workstations I have no experience with those but some suggested it for virtual lab, and they can be found used quite cheap. c) used workstation lenovo d20 I found those being sold for around 200$ with shipping. They come with 1x XEON E5620 with possibility to upgrade them with another one dirt cheap. Also 8gb ddr3 ram. I would possibility have to buy some ram and I would throw another cpu as its so cheap to do. However I dont know if old zombie like this would run good with esxi. (They are from 2011 god damn!). Also I probably could get even a better deal if I bought 2 of them as local company seems to be getting rid of them so that would be two esxi/hyper v hosts d) dell precision workstation t7500 Those were suggested to me by one of my co workers. They used one of those to run some company-lab vms. I could get one with 24 gb ram and ntel Xeon W3530, 4x2.8 GHz for 200$ I found they can run up to 96 gb ram so also a huge benefit.
  24. Server upgrade

    So I'm looking to upgrade my server that I've been using for the last few months because of dead hardware. I've never really tried to make one from scratch so I was looking for recommendations I mostly use it to run Virtualizations for Plex and file shares. I'm looking to build a new one but if someone can link an old eBay server that is from a good seller I've heard that may be a better choice. This is my spec that I came up with: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Benidict/saved/p73THx Edit: I've also been looking at something like this but the price is really similar to what I speced out and seems like it would have less power: https://amazon.com/dp/B075MZTQBT/?coliid=I3VDOQCJWCZS32&colid=2XU8BLRD2D5XG&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it I'm still really new to the server atmosphere and please don't be afraid to call me out for being stupid (only if you offer a proper solution). Thanks!
  25. Server Build

    I'd like to build a family server for file storage and my own tinkering(Python and website hosting). I will probably run Ubuntu server edition. I live in Sydney Australia and have a rough budget of $1200 AUD. If anyone can either plan a build for me, or recommend me a site like pcpartpicker but for servers(I don't think they have server stuff). Thanks in advance.