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  1. Hello! I've recently build my own PC, and am wondering about thermals. What software should I use to monitor my CPU Load and temperatures? And what about the GPU? Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!
  2. Hi all, so as the title suggests, I want to control my case fans speed for my CPU & GPU temperatures simultaneously. At the moment it seems i can only control the case fans based on my CPU temperature. The reason being is i set my case fans to around 80% when my CPU hits 75C (8700K) but want to set my case fans to hit around 80% when my GPU hits low 70C as well. Some games or benchmarks (heaven) dont utilise the CPU as heavily so my GPU is hitting 75C. My case fans are only spinning at around 20% in this instance because my CPU is only hitting 40-50C which is leaving a large amount of hot air within my case as you could imagine which results in higher GPU temperatures. Is this possible to do through NZXT CAM software? If not, what would be the best way to do so? Thanks!
  3. Hello. Anyone else recenly had any struggles to get the ASUS AI SUITE 3 software to work? I remember my computer restarted once during two nights ago when I was aswell, ever since then, the software refuses to work. Curious if anyone has any success to get it working or having same trouble as me.
  4. hello, its me again! (im the guy with the atari and the disturbingly low IQ) im looking for the best software to 3d model, line draw, or in whatever process you can think of for car design and pc case design. ive got a ton of ideas for pc case designs, my personal favorate being what i call ATAROS, but have no software at this time that i can truly create my ideas in. my criteria: - preferably in VR - ive found that line drawing (ie; not blender) gives me the best result - cheap, though if its amazing price shall not matter. - must work in windows 10 Thanks for the suggestions! -acrain7 ps ill design a car after the person who gives the best result
  5. So I am trying to transfer the data from my old 1tb WD Blue to my new 4tb Seagate Barracuda (keep in mind, not OS disk). I usually use Minitool partition wizard free edition but the free version only supports MBR but in order to get one 3.7 tb volume I need GPT format type, I would normally just go into windows explorer and ctrl-C and ctrl-V to transfer the files but I am getting some abysmal speeds considering they are connected via SATA Directly to another computers MoBo (10-30 MB/s). Does anybody have a recommendation for some software that would work for this?
  6. So I am trying to transfer the data from my old 1tb WD Blue to my new 4tb Seagate Barracuda (keep in mind, not OS disk). I usually use Minitool partition wizard free edition but the free version only supports MBR but in order to get one 3.7 tb volume I need GPT format type, I would normally just go into windows explorer and ctrl-C and ctrl-V to transfer the files but I am getting some abysmal speeds considering they are connected via SATA Directly to another computers MoBo (10-30 MB/s). Does anybody have a recommendation for some software that would work for this?
  7. I am curious what others use their servers for? File share, media, web, application (what ones?). I am thinking of this since I am redoing my whole network from routers to desktops. My servers are my current project and I am wondering if there is something useful I could be doing with the left over power since I am running 2x xeon 2680 8 core cpus. Overkill yes to some degree. Also adding in a 24 x 10 TB storage array onsite and a 24 x 8TB array x2 offsite.
  8. Hi, I recently got me some juicy RGB RAM as mentioned in the title, but as of yet I haven't messed around with RGB control software as I read on some forums that the software from G-Skill itself might corrupt your sticks in some way. My question is whether if anyone has tany experience with this software and if they've had any problems or if it's safe. I've had the standard rainbow effect on for a couple of months now. Sure it's pretty but I'd like some customizeability. Thanks in advance!
  9. I just installed Dell OpenManage v8.4 on Ubuntu Server 16.04. I have OpenManage setup serverside, however, I need to use the web UI for some other config. The thing is, I can't login to the web UI because the web server "crashes". If I log in with the wrong user id/password, it denies access, which is what it's supposed to do. However, if I log in with the correct user id/password it crashes after login (images attached). I can't confirm that it is crashing because after I try to log in on one client if I go to a different client the web server doesn't work at all. In order to get the web server working again, I have to restart Ubuntu because restarting the web server using systemctl doesn't work. I should also note that OpenManage CLI still works (omconfig, omreport, etc.). Thanks in advance. Images after login:
  10. Hi I wanted to format the pendrive but due to some reasons it didn't pop up on PC, assuming it to be pendrive, i repeatedly formatted a local partition of my laptop, First Quick Format & then complete format(Slow one). It contained all my lifetime data and I'm just not able to get a thing to actually recover the files, maybe because it was formatted both with & without Quick Format selected. Tried many many softwares in last 3 hours but none worked. Please assist how can it be recovered, it contained all the data for my websites, excel sheets, images & basically all the data was very precious to me. I am feeling like a fool but since I am an avid viewer of linus videos on youtube, I thought to come to the community as my only hope & last resort. PLEASE HELP. I will be indebted if you can help recover the data. Best Vinayak Goyal
  11. Hi Guys, I do some subcontracting and I was wondering if I could use my Synergy Purchase (If I bought it) on other computers by just downloading it and logging in. If I did this that it would not disturb my other computer if so do I just need to log out, or can I just use it on that person's computer, log in and out when needed, then log out for good and be able to use it on my own computer again, Thanks in advanced
  12. I recently bought a 5 tb USB external HDD and I want to use it for backups. The thing is I know I won't remember to back up all my important data regularly if I have to do it manually. Does anyone know of good backup software that can make local, automated, differential backups, for select folders, to an external drive, that works with Windows? I am not interested in cloud solutions, I already use cloud services for my most important files. This is mostly for everything else, game saves, rich media, etc.
  13. Hi guys, A family friend runs a dance studio. She currently has an Ipod classic with a machine that can alter the tempo of music on the fly to dance to. They have recently purchased 2 HP laptops running Windows 10 to run iTunes and they want some software to be able to slow down the tempo on the fly to simply connect to a speaker to play in the studio. All of the music is held and played via iTunes so this is what the software would need to manipulate. I have no idea if this even exists, but if someone knows something, even if it's a USB controller or something, that would be great. Cheers, Jordan
  14. I recently have got a Z270-E motherboard and I am trying to open the aura sync program, when I install it, it comes up with a message saying "Can't open AsIO.sys !! (2)"when I press "Ok" it carries on the download and an Aura program will appear on my desktop with the administrator icon on it. after running a reboot I open the program up and it appears with the message: "unable to obtain the aura-enabled device information" the program then opens up, I can see the layout and the window but there is nothing to customise my lighting. please help. if there are any more screenshot you would like to see please ask I NEED MY RGB!!! D:
  15. Hi everyone. My friend has come to me asking him what is the best pc for cad and adobe software, but also wants to be able game in his spare time.The gaming PC part I am able to help with but I have no idea when it comes to cad software and editing software. My question to you is can you suggest a build/prebuilt pc which would be capable or some advice on minimum specs I would need to cover these things. I have been told a budget of £1000 but can stretch to £1500 if needed. Thanks in advance! Trent x
  16. With what has happened in recent days with the death of Net Neutrality it has become a mission at to what is better for those of us who stream on multi platforms and prefer our freedom to do what we choose with our internet connection. this brings me to a pondering question that I would like to hear from you, Software vs. hardware VPNs. what do you prefer?
  17. Hi there Is there any software for painting for windows? The one that can adds brush like effect and whatnot? I heard about paintool sai but not sure if its the right software. Thanks in advance.
  18. I cant control my fans with cam software anymore after upgrading to z370p. Why is that ? It says hue+ and grid+ is installed in cam...
  19. Guysss can you suggest me some free editing video software, to edit videos.
  20. LMG Server software

    What programs or how does Linus make the servers accessible for others
  21. Wondering if there is any software out there that lets you place dots on your screen with each having their own color that you can choose. What I'm doing is I'm creating a gamebot and using those dots on the screen with each their respective color, the mouse can automatically hover around them and click them (while it clicks in game) so the dots are there on the screen but they don't have any effect once they're clicked. Any ideas?
  22. Does anyone happen to know of a good alternative to DriveImageXML for imaging a drive? I'm running Windows 10 and have tried Acronis True Image in the past but have disliked it's overzealous Windows Services hold. I like DriveImageXML however it's unclear when I select C drive as a source if that includes the system reserved partition as well or not. I have a Windows Backup backed up using Windows Backup and Restore (sdclt) but I'm unable to verify the backup is valid later. Any tips?
  23. Hi Everyone, I would like to know which data recovery software is the best.That can recover any type of data. i wanna know the best data recovery software that is mostly used by everyone even Linus .Because i am reinstalling my windows 10 and its best to have a data recovery software before hand. Thank you in advance.
  24. Hi all, I need help to locate or download a software that will let me create partition or manage it, from DOS before the windows or other OS could be loaded. If details are needed please reply. partition manager that can help create, delete, format the drive post boot. I am creating a multi-boot drive. Which has all the OS such as 1. Windows 98 to 10 including the server, business, home, ultimate versions 2. NAS OS ( Free Nas, Nas4free, Open Media Vault and so on) 3. Ubuntu 4. Mac OS ( all versions) 5. Linux Based OS 6. Hirens Boot CD 7. Norton Ghost and so on So a partition manager is required. That can help me create partitions, so if I have to change the OS type there should not be any issue at all. And is can use just one partition manger for all OS. Note: If possible the partition manager should be able loaded itself and should not be along with any OS. Thanks.
  25. Hello, I need a Linux OS that would be best for software development. I have tried Ubuntu, Parrot, and Kali and I didn't really like the look and feel of each OS. I would need an OS that is 64 bit, free, and supports nvidia gpus the GRUB boot loader can be modified to make it boot. I develop Python so Python via apt-get Web Development so apache, php, etc via apt-get I want to start working in other languages too. I currently use Windows and Linux on Raspberry Pis and this is not the best way if I need to go somewhere such as school or friends and relatives house.