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  1. I recently upgraded to my ISP's 500mbps plan. They needed to send me a newer modem since I had the old one, which only supported up to 100mbps. I now have it in my family room, with a cable running into my basement (give or take 10 meters) and into my home's switch. The problem now is, I only get 50 down and 1 up on wired (through the switch, with it being the only device connected), and I get 50 down and 20 up on wireLESS (through my isp-provided modem's wifi). I tried to hook up my laptop to my modem directly, and it gave me 500 down and 90 up (what I pay for). What could be causing the bottleneck here? Modem - Hitron CODA-4582U (ISP-Provided, but the manufacturer link is here) Ethernet Switch - TP-LINK TL-SG1008D (Newegg) All my homes Ethernet cables are Cat 5e
  2. Network speed problem

    So I have a 120mb/s of download from videotron (wich is stable) that gives me a real 15mb/s of downlaod on my pc normally but strangly I have some weird speed drop on some sites/ application / game LIke on steam(game Provider) I download at 16mb/s but if I try the ookla speed test like any other test I have 1-2 mb/s of download and lower On Origin, when I try to play a game (Battlefield) it can't connect to servers But I could download the game at 16mb/s It always says there is a problem of ping with servers It doesnt look like a problem that happens sometimes it always do this. And I tried many things like Resetting Router resetting computer changing cable Downloading latest ethernet driver If anyone know anything about this I would appreciate the help -Alex
  3. How to speed test a NAS

    I was wondering if there is any way to properly speedtest a NAS drive. I currently use a WD-PR4100 system, and I have tried the Intel NAS analyzer but it doesn't see it, is there any other good way to do it? Thank you.
  4. Floatplane Speedtest

    Are you guys able to make a speedtest tool for Floatplane using something like Speedtest.net Mini or some custom speedtest tool? Sometimes when my network is preforming normally, Floatplane is slow and buffers so I would like to know if it is my connection or yours. I guess it would be like fast.com (Netflix).
  5. Hello, I have run across a very strange problem. I think my only solution is to purchase a new router, but I would still like to know if anyone else has encountered this bizarre problem. I have very slow transfer rates over local network when it involves getting anything from my desktop to my laptop. The strange part is, everything is fast and fine over the internet... Just not the local network... I did a series of tests using iperf3. switching out each type of connection on both machines. Every combination. You can see the image results here: I am going to be getting a new router that supports the 5Ghz band anyway, but I am still curious as to why I am suffering from straight up unusable local upload speeds from my desktop's wired NIC while still having perfect internet speed.
  6. So here's the verdict, my PC is the only computer in the entire house that is getting terrible download speeds. My Desktop downloads games or files from the interwebs at 500 KB/s to 1mb/s. Move over to my laptop or X1 10MB's+. Took it to work and had a full HW Diag run and for shiggles did a restore. Everything passed with flying colors. So just for shiggles got a new WIFI adapter. (this also happens with Ethernet as well) Task Manager reads 10MB's DL but chrome and or Steam read only 500KB/s to 1MB/s. In regards to the Wifi adapter i have tried it on both Desktop and Laptop, laptop maintains speed. When i do the restore it runs great up until i update. Basically what I'm asking is does anyone have any ideas what could be wrong and how to freaking fix it!!! SPECS FX8320 G1 Gaming 960 Windforce 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX San Disk 240GB SSD. (also Tested another SSD to eliminate that issue) WD Blue 1TB Mechanical Wifi - Netgear AC1200 USB wifi adapter and Netgear N900 USB wifi Adapter. - Scott Agent 117878 Consultation Agent
  7. Problems with upload

    Why do these results end up so diffrent? I'm paying for a 100mbs upload and download. The diffrence is pretty big, I tryed testing on my laptop aswell on the wifi and got 3 Mbps in testmy and about 50 mb/s in speedtest. My friend tested his aswell and had about the same on speed test and 6mbps on testmy. Our computers are wired to the router, and the laptop is using the wifi. So the real question is why do I end up with a much lower upload on Testmy than my laptop and my friends computer?
  8. Speedtest data usage on 1Gbps, 100Mbps and 10Mbps connections
  9. Please help my internet

    1-2months ago I had 20-30 ping and recently its risen to 100> all games. I am through Ethernet, and have tries millions of things over the internet. please help, please, some things that might help:C:\Users\Jacob>tracert google.co.ukTracing route to google.co.uk []over a maximum of 30 hops:1 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms BThomehub.home []2 * * * Request timed out.3 * * * Request timed out.4 19 ms 26 ms 15 ms 124 ms 164 ms 95 ms 123 ms 153 ms 153 ms peer5-BE6.telehouse.ukcore.bt.net []7 186 ms 150 ms 184 ms 120 ms 127 ms 132 ms 95 ms 65 ms 80 ms 114 ms 123 ms 117 ms lhr26s02-in-f163.1e100.net []Trace complete.Thanks, really appreciate your time and more if you answered.One more:
  10. Hey guys, So I'm about to sound like a real "1st world problems" douchebag but I legitimately need some advice. I've got a nighthawk tri band wifi router with 2 5GHz bands and 1 2.4GHz band all running in the automatic configuration. Speedtest says I'm getting about 100Mbps down and 10-12Mbps up. These numbers, while great, aren't reflecting real world use. My speeds are far from slow but definitely don't feel 100Mbps. These devices range from my iPhone to my MacBook Pro and even my wife's new Acer V Nitro laptop. All these devices are capable of AC so I'm not sure what to do. Is it a matter of channel optimization? Can anyone explain the discrepancy between my speedtest numbers and real world use?
  11. Guys can you please help me out! How can I improve my internet speed, this is my package from EE 38 Mbps for around £25 but this is what I am actually getting http://speedtest.net/my-result/5061810488 - This is from PC that is connected through Ethernet cable. Today I have brought Netgear switch SG608v4 to check if my internet would improve but for some reason when I connected router, console and pc to the switch I had no internet at all. Don't know why. Is it because I have to have modem or Netger router? Also is there any difference with the thickness of the Ethernet cable? because I have two one is about 3-4mm thick and other is around 10mm thick? Have you guys have any suggestions??
  12. Bad Ping! Please Help!

    Hey guys so I've recently been having a problem with my connection to the league of legends servers and some other servers. When I speed test to a server about the same distance away in Pennsylvania I get about 35 ping and 18.xx down which is really good considering we have 20 down speeds through our isp and I'm on wifi so I don't believe that the wifi or our network setup is the problem. When I speed test to any Chicago server I get between 140-180 ping which is what I'm getting on league of legends although it can actually be even higher sometimes. What is causing me to get such high ping? I'm pretty decent on computers, but my internet knowledge is limited so some help would be much appreciated.
  13. Speedtest.net has launched and HTML5 version of their speed test, removing the need to use Flash or any other program installations, both speeding up the test and removing the yet more flash from the internet For about a week now users who launched the site without a Flash plugin (or with Flash blocked) were greeted with a link to an HTML5 beta site. Ookla, LLC the company behind Speedtest.net, appears to be looking into doing away with the rapidly aging platform that is Flash in lieu of the far more lightweight all-in-browser path. Although it doesn’t have the glitzy look of the Flash test (no map to choose locations from) the simple no-nonsense design of the HTML5 test is more than sufficient to meet the needs to giving a well and proper Internet speed test. Flash has been on a long road to doom as it has been a bloated, overlarge app platform that runs in browsers and has a long history of security exploits and poor performance. Earlier this year, Mozilla Corporation began blocking Flash in its Firefox browser (a block since relinquished) because of security issues discovered by controversial Italian firm Hacking Team. And that’s only the most recent nail in the coffin for the aging app platform. I wonder how ads are integrated after the shift, ads are still run through flash by most browsers. given the site is run by ads, this would force all the ads to go html5. you can try it yourself here : http://beta.speedtest.net/ Source : http://siliconangle.com/blog/2015/12/08/speedtest-net-now-allows-users-to-check-their-internet-speeds-using-html5/
  14. AT&T vs Cox Internet

    Hey LTT Fans, do any of you live in the San Diego area? If so, let me know which internet you like better. I currently am paying way too much per month for cox internet (i think its the second from the top tier) and am only obtaining 8000kb/s down and 800kb/s up on my 5ghz wireless N setup. Would I benefit from going to a 802.11ac 5ghz network and using the gateway (modem+router, 5ghz or 2.4ghz n) for my secondary network? We also might need to switch cable companies and ATT has a highest advertised speed of 45mbps which is low because right now apparently my advertised internet speed is 100mbps which seems legit because I can constantly get 8000kb/s when I am connected to the 5ghz network and I am not quite ready to give that speed up. Thoughts?
  15. Inconsistent Internet Speeds

    I was wondering what you guys think on this one. I recently started looking into how well my laptop was doing cpu, memory, and everything. I noticed that no matter what I was limited to 2.9 Mbps down when the router is just in the room next to mine. Before I went out and got a new router I decided to run some speed tests by speedtest.net while having task manager open right next to it. I am running Windows 10 and was shocked by what I got. On Ethernet it was showing upwards of 10-20 Mbps down on speed test but still limited to 2.9 (3.1 on VERY rare occasions) Mbps on task manager. I then turned around and tried wi-fi and I was getting 8 on speed while still only 2.9 on task manager. Which one is right? Granted I am using the closest server on speedtest but shouldn't it show the same amount down in both not a higher one in the speed test than task manager? I've done other speed tests such as at my college and I can get 30-50 down and task manager will show that when I'm downloading something. Any ideas are very welcomed.
  16. Weird internet performance

    So recently i have been noticing slower and slower internet speeds and when i checked using speedtest.net my speeds where between 10 Mbps and 1 Mbps down and 20 Mbps up. After a few tests i shout down my computer and booted up Linux (using a ghetto HDD swapping dual boot thing). The results in Linux where between 80 Mbps and 60 Mbps down and 20 Mbps up. Does anyone know why this happens? Data: My PC: iPhone: Windows 8: Linux: 10/1 Mbps down 80/60 Mbps down 45 Mbps down 20 Mbps up 20 Mbps up 20 Mbps up Google chrome Chromium Speedtest app
  17. I pay 15 EUR /month, no datacaps or other discousting stuff Finland http://speedtest.net/my-result/4485611031 http://speedtest.net/my-result/4485603835 http://speedtest.net/my-result/4485600140 However, I started to have some upload problems lately only around 20mbps...
  18. Well hello there! Q: Is it normal that the actual download speeds in like steam or in the browser are slower than those in the speedtest? For example: My Speedtest (http://speedtest.net/my-result/4406418276) is bad, but would be enough for me. But in steam I only get around 350kb/s... Is that normal or could I do something bout it? Thx for your posts! -y
  19. I just wanted to run a speedtest on my phone. I use SImple Mobile, it's a prepaid phone service that for 40$/month gives you unlimited calling/texting/data. No plan, I just have a credit card linked to it so it renews every month, but if I wanted to I could pay cash and it would be like what the movies call "burner phones". I use a Galexy S3 LTE (Tmobile originally) + Cyanogenmod -- but simple mobile works on any phone that is 1) unlocked 2) tmobile (they made a deal so they accept their sim cards) Yes I can tether the connection to any device, setup a mobile hotspot, do whatever I like. Just wanted to share P.S screw all the "big" telecom cooperation (AT&T, tmobile, sprint, verizon, etc). One line with them is like minimum 90$/month + 2 year contract for crap service. I just have to buy a 10$ sim card once and pay whenever I want.
  20. Help me out here

    I'm paying for 30M down, 5M up, and I'm getting this. When I first got service it was at 38M/6M, a week later it dwindled down to a consistent 20M/4M, and now it's been like this for the past few days. I'm on Arch Linux with a decent VAIO notebook (Core i5, 6GiB of RAM). What gives?
  21. My friends computer was able to get this speed, mine only went to about 90 down and up. This is in Toronto, Canada.
  22. After 3 days of testing, I've determined that I can not surpass 22-23mbps down through speed test. Looking for a solution, I've looked through my gateway, changing channels, power range, N-only, etc. Anything to pass this barrier. However, it seems my speeds are being throttled/capped. Check this below Does anything seem wrong that could be causing this barrier? I would tell my parent to call up the isp, but I need to be sure if this issue is brought forth by intentional throttling, or something to do w/ interference. The modem is the motorola NVG589 under uverse/att connected to dsl through phone cable. My main target of intrest is the Max attainable rate compared to the attainable rate. The attainable downstream is nearly half of the max attainable rate. Sorry if my summary seems vague. I'm trying to wrap my head around networking, but my knowledge is pretty limited right now Any help would definitely be appreciated.
  23. Strange Youtube issue

    Hey guys, i have my pc connected via ethernet and i get about 10 mbps down on speedtest but when i try to play a 1080p video on youtube it seems my connection can't handle it so i went in the performance tab of the task manager in win 8.1 and i saw that when i test my connection (speedtest.net) it uses about 12 mbps but when i play a video in youtube it just uses 300-600 kbps, isn't youtube supposed to use all the available bandwidth? Thanks in advance EDIT: using chrome (latest)
  24. Hello! We recently got some better internet in our house. We used to have a download speed of about 10 and upload of 0.3mb/s and also very unstable. Now we have upgraded and the upload speed has gone up to 6 mb/s everywhere in the house! The download speed, however, has increased massively to around 30 mb/s on every device in the house except for our only stationary desktop which is mine. On this PC I now only get around 2-3 mb down, but still 6 mb up. It shouldnt be an issue of a bad PC, it has very good components. It may, however be due to the fact that I'm using a D-LINK Powerline AV 500 to get the internet straight to my PC, whilst the rest of the devices goes wireless connection. TL;DR My dad gets 30 mb/s down and 6 mb/s up I get 3 mb/s down and 6 mb/s up I Have stationary PC with an Powerline AV 500, my dad is using wireless connection
  25. Router Throttling Modem?

    I have a Linksys EA6200 (aka AC900) wireless router. I'm paying for 50Mbps cable internet, but only getting ~20. I ran the network cable from the modem to the computer, bypassing the router, and got, according to speedtest, ~57Mbps (down). I've searched the internet over, and it seems lots of people have the same issue, but nobody's clear on how to fix it. Anyone here having that problem, or know how to fix it? Speedtest Results: Modem > Computer : 56.95 Download, 6.21 Upload Modem > Router > Wireless : 19.75 Down, 6.15 Up Modem > Router > Wired : 19.63 Down, 6.16 Up