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  1. I have an WD Blue 1tb, that are full (of junk), and I'm thinking about buying another HDD/SSD, but wich one worth? An normal HDD (another WD Blue/Barracuda 1 or 2Tb) or Samsung 970 Evo SSD NVMe 250Gb? Samsung SSD I can get one for around $120 dollars (but there is an "small" big chance of getting taxed and at end costing +$72 dollars, $192 in total) Or an HDD which I can get for around $93 dollars here in my country (barracuda 2tb) If I buy SSD I will install W10 and all programs and some games, and "reset" (just to ensure that it won't get bad blocks) my current HDD Or buy a HDD for everything and my current for junk (downloads..) I have no idea if NVMe really worth for my rig (i5 6600k, z170p, 8Gb ram and GTX970), if I can get all advantages from it, or save some money and invest on coolers/games... (yes, my i5 get easily 65°C when playing a game).
  2. Hello, I have a very very old Intel desktop pc. I have my Windows 10 installed in a dedicated 128GB SATA III SSD. I just ordered a new Ryzen 1600, a B350 motherboard and a RAM. I intend to use my previous SSD to run Windows. Now my question is, as I'm moving towards a completely different system, from Intel to AMD, do I have to re-install my Windows and other softwares? Please also suggest me to do this the right way. Thanks.
  3. 860 evo or MX500

    I bought both drives off Amazon the evo was $79.99 and the MX500 was $69.99 they seem to perform the same. Which one is the better one? I plan to return on just wasn’t sure which one. It’s use case is running windows and a game or two along with usual programs.
  4. Ryzen 2600 and 120gb SSD $189

    This is less money then just the processor by itself. https://newegg.com/Product/ComboDealDetails.aspx?ItemList=Combo.3823073&nm_mc=AFC-C8Junction&cm_mmc=AFC-C8Junction-_-na-_-na-_-na&cm_sp=&AID=11877032&PID=8200811&SID=US-001-3273925-000-000000-web-20

    I recently got a samsung 860 evo installed windows and for some reason it keeps randomly freezing which is really odd because its a ssd what do i do?
  6. Hi guys, i wanna find out whether i can add an ssd on this board that comes with the computer. Its a TP500LN SSD BOARD. Please refer to the image below.
  7. Hi, After installing my first M.2 SSD, the new WD Black 1TB m.2 ssd, my fans after about 10 minutes ramp up and down then stay at 100% for a while on my AIO (Especially under load rendering, downloading updates or playing games) . I've already ordered an EKWB m.2 heatsink in case it's a temp related issue but I'm not sure if this will help. I've attached an image to show location of m.2 on my Maximus Viii ranger mobo. And yes, I know it's terrible cable managing. Is it possibly sitting too close to a temperature sensor?
  8. My lenevo Yoga 520 has a 5400 rpm hdd. which is too slow for me. I want to upgrade it with a m.2 ssd. I dont know which m.2 to buy( which will support) or even it will support at all?
  9. SSD not detected?

    I listened to all of you in my last topic and got a 512GB SSD from Sandisk. When I put it in my computer, i could not find it in My PC, but the Device Manager, Disk Management, and the official Sandisk SSD Dashboard detected it. How do I make it so I can find it in my PC so I can port Windows into it? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi Guys, I am an aspiring content creator just wondering if there was any way to speed up downloading/transferring video from an SD/CF card y 2x12TB Western digital Gold HDD in raid 1. I was looking at Intel optane but to my understanding and not that well of it but those only work for files that are open frequently? I have an I7 6850k GTX 1080TI and 64GB of ram and an Intel PCIE SSD 400gb drive for startup. specifically the intel optane ssd 900p for video editing Some of my work if you want to check it out: Thank you, Natsuu
  11. So I just updated my Nvidia drivers and after the update a 100 MB sized SSD appeared in my storage devices along side with my usually 120GB SSD and 1 TB hard drive. I can't access it and have no idea what is on it. Is there anyway to access it or reconfigure it back to the way it was before ?
  12. Hey everyone It looks like WD finally improved their NVME SSD's with the new Black NVME drives. I'm thinking of getting the WDS250G2X0C for my Alienware 17. Anyone know what the temps are like with these drives? How do they compare to something like the Samsung 960 Evo in terms of temps and throttling?
  13. Would it be possible to load the three big Operating systems (i.e. Windows 10, Mac OS, and Linux) onto a single system by putting each operating system on its own M.2 Drive? This is more of a question of is it possible and how rather than a question about whether or not its a 'good idea' as that typically involves the consideration of price.
  14. Upgrading my laptop ssd

    Hey guys, I have what I believe is a dumb question but I want to make sure I'm doing this right. I have an MSI laptop with a 128 GB SSD that I want to upgrade to a 512 GB one. Thing is the OS is installed in this drive and I want to know if I just have to replace the ssd and the bios will automatically have the windows 10 key for the installation and I just need the ISO (or not even that) or if it is more complicated than that. I have 1TB HDD too.
  15. Config or not Config!?

    I had read a lot of info about hot to config an SSD for Windows (superfetch off, no swap on the drive, disable auto defrag, etc) ... ... but, is that necesary? at 2018 is still needed to config an SSD for the system? ... what are the basics here to know?
  16. Hello, i had a question. I bought a macbook air 2017, but the storage is insufficient (128GB), i think just only buy any ssd m.2 for more storage but no, i look is a proprietary m.2, my cuestion is there any way convert the proprietary conector to M.2 or just need buy a transcend solucion or another suggestion for my problem? Thanks
  17. m.2 ssd compatiblity

    jus wanna know wheather this (https://samsung.com/us/computing/memory-storage/solid-state-drives/ssd-960-evo-m-2-250gb-mz-v6e250bw/) m.2 ssd is compatibile with asus rog B350 - f motherboard. thanks
  18. Hello, I just wanted to know if there was a way to move the os on my hard drive to an ssd, if I bought one? Any answers would be helpful for me.
  19. Hey, the other day I bought an Intel Nuc ( BOXNUC7CJYH4 ). Updated to newest BIOS. Bought a 240GB Galax Gamer L SSD with it, on the first boot everything was good. I installed windows 10 ( used there creation tool ). It loaded up, was using it for an hour. Turned it off to move it to another room, plugged it in and since then I havn't been able to boot to the SSD, tried to reinstall windows but in the install manager it can't find the SSD, tried searching in diskpart had no luck, tried installing ubuntu to see if could find the SSD but no luck. In the BIOS it registers the SSD and says the name of it, it also comes up with windows portable partition 0 on it. But if I try boot to it, it just fails and goes back to the bios splash screen. I've tried putting the SSD into 2 other PC's and neither of them can detect it other than in BIOS. I don't know what else to try or attempt or if I should just return the SSD but I don't think its dead because BIOS still shows it. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated Thanks, Tom
  20. Need help. Windows is corrupted

    So a few days ago I had bought a SSD (Samsung SSD 860 Evo 250gb) and performed a fresh install of windows on to it. Yesterday I tried booting up and I keep getting this error. I tried resetting Windows 10 but it didn't work. I reinstalled Windows 10 on a spare hard drive to see what was wrong with the drive and it said D:\ is not accessible. The file may be corrupted or unreadable. I just want to restore my lost data My specs I7 6700 GTX 1060 3gb 16gb Ram Also should I get the SSD replaced?
  21. Hello, I was recently looking around for some hardware for a laptop and came across some relatively cheep SSD storage and RAM on a site called https://wish.com/ From what I know, wish is not always reliable and i would like to know if anyone had bought any hardware from this site and if so can you please comment on whether it is legitimate or not. Thanks, Harry
  22. Hey peeps, Was trying to update Windows to the new 2018 April update the other night, through windows update, and was met with "Error, unable to update" with a general error code (no google searches were throwing up a definitive answer on it) Ended up finding a thread on how to update using Windows10 Upgrade tool. Did so with no errors. Didn't think about it until tonight when i was going through my news articles on my phone and found the following on Hexus https://m.hexus.net/tech/news/storage/117971-windows-10-april-update-blocked-intel-ssd-models/ I have an intel 6 SSD and I've managed to install it with no problems though so far.
  23. Hi I have a sabrent ec-hdfn which I have used to make hdd clones in the past. Currently I am trying to make a clone of my father's HDD to a new SSD; as the life of his HDD is currently dwindling. For whatever reason I can't seem to get the cloning process to start, so I'm hoping someone may have some insight on this issue. I've Googled around a little with no success (mostly product reviews how to forum posts and where to buy results is what comes up). I also tried to contact the company, however, they did not answer (will try again tomorrow). If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.
  24. SSD Template help

    I'm making a custom computer case and need templates for hardware. I found a template for the SSD, but can't seem to dowlnoad it for some reason. http://pdfsr.com/pdf/ssd-template-tested-exact-drill-holes the "verification" needed to download the file never comes up. Anyway, if anybody can either help me download the file, or have any SSD/HDD templates, holla at me. Any help appriciated.
  25. Good day to you all... I think? Anyways, my laptop just shit the bed on me, XPS 13 9350 has a bad display according to Dell causing it to refuse to start and it's gonna cost me $245+ to fix... FML Right? Well at the same time, the paper I submitted a month ago for 40% of my grade, my prof just emailed me (after I emailed him first) saying that the paper was never received, I sent a blank fucking file. Great. Send it in soon, I'll fix the mark... Great... One problem... That file is on that laptop... the one that refuses to turn on... even with a display... So question time, is there a device/adapter that I can take the M.2 NVME SSD from the laptop and open it up externally? I have an enclosure for SATA, which obviously doesn't work, and all the adapters/enclosures I find is not NVME comparable. I believe it's an M key (?). F's in the chat please. Thanks.