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  1. Learn more about Intel Optane Memory: https://intel.ca/content/www/ca/en/architecture-and-technology/optane-memory.html In a desert of high RAM prices, Intel’s Optane accelerator modules are looking like a pretty good alternative.. Does it have what it takes? Buy a 16GB Intel Optane Memory Module: On Amazon: http://geni.us/OBeho On Newegg: http://geni.us/aBREvG Buy a 32GB Intel Optane Memory module: On Amazon: http://geni.us/00ht On Newegg: http://geni.us/IePD6B
  2. Windows Server storage pool size

    Hey guys, I have a noob question, if you see my screenshot below, you can see from a storage pool in a test machine I have running Windows Server 2016. I have a 2TB and 1.5TB HDD in a storage pool, raid 0. Capacity does say 3.18TB, but the final storage pool capacity is 2.73TB. I know there is some sort of calculation doing on regarding the pool, but is it always as bad as 300GB? Please do not roast, I am noob, rush B
  3. SSD not detected?

    I listened to all of you in my last topic and got a 512GB SSD from Sandisk. When I put it in my computer, i could not find it in My PC, but the Device Manager, Disk Management, and the official Sandisk SSD Dashboard detected it. How do I make it so I can find it in my PC so I can port Windows into it? Thanks in advance.
  4. 4+ bays for LOCAL storage

    Hello, do you guys have any suggestion for a storage enclosure (4 bays or more) preferably usb type C (not thuinderbolt) with 4 or more drive bays ? I do not need a NAS. It can be raid or not... I do not really care about speed/redundance. I just want affordable all in one drive box ! Im from Canada so please send canada links if you send any
  5. Short version I installed a SD-card then SD-card was filled with apps and the only way to make Android install more is to remove the SD card because Oreo is to dumb to know that the local memory has plenty of space left! O3O ANDROID Y U DO DIS?!!!
  6. Hello, i had a question. I bought a macbook air 2017, but the storage is insufficient (128GB), i think just only buy any ssd m.2 for more storage but no, i look is a proprietary m.2, my cuestion is there any way convert the proprietary conector to M.2 or just need buy a transcend solucion or another suggestion for my problem? Thanks
  7. Hi all, I am new to this forum, so forgive me if I made a duplicate post etc. My issue is that I am wanting to replace the faulty HDD in my laptop (I've had it for quite a few years) with a new SSD (most likely a Kingston 240gb) but before I buy one I would like to know if it's actually going to be compatible with the laptop connections. Please see the attached images and thanks in advance! Also the text on the reference2 image I believe is roughly "CONN SIDE 13GNUHVAM03X-1"
  8. HDD crashing

    This is an external portable HDD 750gb, which suddenly has gone kaput. it starts reading/writing at 80 mbps but then within seconds it falls down to 0 and then no respose. the following are some reports, I am no expert in this area so please guide. is there any scope of it being fixed ? or trash it ?
  9. According to PCWorld, the Samsung 970 pro 1TB will cost 500$ instead of 630$, thats a 130$ price reduction. The 512GB version will cost 250$ instead of 330$. Quote with regards to the price reduction for 970 pro: The 970 EVO reductions are as follows: So it is a marginal reduction, but still worth noting. I was personally planing on purchasing the 1TB 960 evo for 450$, but now that the pro version 970 costs 130 less, I think will be reconsidering it. Source: https://pcworld.com/article/3269780/computers/samsung-970-pro-970-evo-nvme-ssd-launch-prices.html
  10. HDD not detected in BIOS

    I am working with an online friend and helping him build his new PC. He got his parts yesterday, case, mobo, ram, cpu. He is using his hdd and psu from his old build. We unplugged his hdd and psu and installed it in his new computer. We did not format the drive when plugging it into his new PC, and when it boots. It only boots to BIOS and is not recognizing his drive. It recognized his flash drive in the USB port with Windows installer on it. In the bios is says that sata 0,1,2, and 3 are all "not installed". So is the problem that the sata drivers not installed. Or do we need to format the HDD and retry the windows setup. Currently when we try the windows setup it says there is no drive to install windows on. I was working with him all night yesterday to try and work it out, but can't figure anything out
  11. Sata III VS NVMe

    I'm coming from a 7200rpm laptop hard drive and I'm already sure that a Sata III ssd will probably blow me away in terms of performance, so my question is do I really need NVMe? I will be doing video/photo editing and slight gaming but I'm not sure I will need an nvme drive or not. Once again, never used an sata III SSD running Win 10 and for general storageso it will be amazingly fast from my point of view.
  12. I'm looking for storage to use on my new build and I see many decent sized msata ssds going for cheap prices (256Gb for 60). But I don't know If my mobo supports it. Can anyone tell me how fats they usually are and what slots they will plug into? Thanks
  13. Optimize drive usage

    So I have the following drives installed on my PC Plextor PX-128S3G Kingston SUV400S37120G HGST HTS541010A9E680 WDC WD10EZEX-21WN4A0 The first one is an M.2 SATA SSD having 128GB of space, the second one is a 2.5" SATA SSD of 120GB. The third is a 1TB laptop drive I salvaged of my Laptop, and the fourth one is a 1TB WD Blue HDD. What will be the optimal use case for my Windows install? I have all important data backed up already and am ready for a clean install. The problem with building a bootable RAID 0 with the two SSDs is that they use different controllers and RAIDXpert2 does not let me create an array for them. Also, I cannot boot into the legacy manager by pressing Ctrl+R or Ctrl+I at POST. I was thinking about a single drive install and then striping data among the drives, but it would be useless as the SSD would be held back by the HDD. Moreover, RAID is mostly not preferred due to software problems and increased boot times due to recalculation of array parity. I can install my OS on one drive and use symlinks for all software I need, but that renders one SSD as redundant, and I'd really appreciate it if I had just one Volume, but am willing to compromise upto two drives (one for OS and other for applications). I use some programs that need to be installed on C drive (like VS2017, iTunes etc.) A JBOD can be used but I still am limited by the controller on my motherboard. I'd prefer if there was no need to buy a RAID Controller as I am out of PCIe slots. I did have a license for the Enmotus FuzeDrive for AMD, but I had to refund it because SMART monitoring tools would cause Windows to crash as the virtual AHCI controller did not play well with software like HWINFO64. I have attached the Driver Controller Information, if anyone requires the data. TL;DR Bought a bunch of storage, have jack idea about how to use them. Driver Controller Information.txt
  14. My ssd has developed an issue over the last yr or so. I started to notice extremely long install times, and things like my Nvidea drivers would take in upwards of 2 hrs to install if it didn't fail before finishing. Day to day operations in windows mostly work as fast as they should, playing games on a different drive, downloading to other drives ect. This is my windows 10 drive, 120gb with only win 10 on it.So finally last night I had some time to run crystal disk and as ssd and was shocked when I saw the results. Read speeds were 250-350 mb/s, write speeds though, started around 40 mb/s and would slowly drop to 1.5mb/s where it would stay. Crystal Disk gives the drive a health of 57. Not sure what the issue is. I have formatted and reinstalled win 10 already with no improvement. I have also checked trim, and cables. Checked for disk errors too.System specsMSI b350 gaming carbon pro MoboRyzen 5 160016gb gskill ripjaws v 3200 RAMGigabyte GTX1060 6gb120gb pny ssd for windows (problem drive)240gb wd blue ssd for most played games1.5 tb hdd wd green for mediaAny help would be great, thanks
  15. So I'm stuck with a 120GB SSD right now.As you may suspect,it's storage did not suffice.So since SSD's are expensive and low storage a hard drive is what I'm looking for. So far the HDD I've seen would do me right is the WD Black 1TB.It has 7200rpm it's SATA 3 and overall WD Blacks are meant for gaming.But I'm wondering;is it really necessary?What is all I need for gaming?Would something cheaper be enough?Like maybe a WD Blue or some Seagate?
  16. Chinese SSD

    hello everyone, iam on a budget and want to install an SSD in all my laptops. i found on aliexpress some really good looking and with really strong positive reviews and i limited my selection to two brands and they are : KingDian SSd and GoldeFir SSD, both are cheap and both have positive reviews with KingDian being more bought from people. (PLEASE I DONT WANT TO READ "BETTER IF YOU BUY KNOWN BRANDS LIKE SAMSUNG") now could you guys have a look at the following links and help me decide which one is better ? KingDian SSD: KingDian SSD GoldenFir SSD: GoldenFir SSD thank you all
  17. NAS Drives

    Hello I am having a bit of a dilemma as I am looking to get a NAS drive for my home. This is mostly for me as I would like to back up and store videos and photos that I take as a hobby but I would also like this to be a shared drive for my family where anyone can add a file to this shared drive that anyone can access as well as every single one of us having our own space within the NAS to add to whenever we want. there is a mixture of MAC and PC users so it would need to be able to work on both. I am pretty computer literate this is just a topic that I am not very familiar with so I would like some advice on this. thank you in advance for any ideas and suggestion that any of you may have.
  18. HDD CD Drive Caddy ?

    hello everyone, iam planning to get a HDD Caddy for all my laptops, i am planning to do the following for each laptop: each laptop has one hdd and iam planning to install a 60gb SSD for the system and a hdd caddy instead of the cd drive so i end with 60gb ssd and 1tb hdd. now do yo guy think that this Caddy is good and will work great as in quality and lasting ? https://aliexpress.com/item/High-Quality-Universal-2-5-2nd-9-5mm-Ssd-Hd-SATA-Hard-Disk-Drive-HDD-Caddy/32618448549.html?spm=2114.search0104.3.1.6bd978199gSWA6&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_5_10152_10709_10151_10065_10344_10068_5722815_10342_10343_10340_5722915_10341_5722615_10697_10696_10084_10083_10618_10710_10307_10301_10303_5722715_5711215_10059_308_100031_10103_441_10624_10623_10622_5711315_5722515_10621_10620-10622,searchweb201603_6,ppcSwitch_5&algo_expid=68bedf92-f66e-4b23-90d3-ce3746ea00dd-0&algo_pvid=68bedf92-f66e-4b23-90d3-ce3746ea00dd&priceBeautifyAB=0 Thank you all
  19. I'm planning on upgrading my computer because i'm not really getting the frames that I should be getting. My CPU is Intel Core i5-4460 and I have 8.00 GB of RAM with a AMD RX 480 GPU. With that I'm still running under 60 FPS in some games. I'm pretty sure that my GPU isn't the problem. Does anyone know what to upgrade or is it just something wrong with the part?
  20. External multi-bay HDD enclosures

    I am looking for a non expensive 4 bay external 3.5 and 2.5 HDD enclosures. Any recommendations? thank you!!!
  21. Hi guys! I was just wondering if anyone could help. So as I'm a student I could only afford the bassline 2015 modal of the Macbook Pro which is only 256GB of storage. It is very possible to upgrade the SSD however, it used a proprietary m.2 port so only Apple SSD's fit which, as you guessed, are nearly 3x more expensive then your average Samsung or Seagate m.2 SSD. I have been looking for days and there isn't much on it. Someone did once make a convertor which converts the port into a normal m.2 but he/she they didn't have much luck with it. Might make a good tech tips video exploring the options? Or has anyone else wanted to do this and had any luck? Would love to know! Or if I'm just wrong in general. Let me know! Thanks!
  22. Refurbished HDD

    I'm looking into 2 4TB WD Reds for a server I am putting together. New Reds are $125 right now while I can get refurbished ones are $99. Has anyone dealt with refurbished drives over a long period of time? Should I save the $50 and get the refurbs or buy the drives new?
  23. M.2 NVMe drive not detected

    Hi guys,I just bought a new WD BLACK PCIe NVMe 256GB SSD and installed it into the "Ultra M.2" slot on my ASRock AB350M Pro-4 motherboard. My intention was to migrate windows 10 from my current SSD to the new M.2 SSD but before i could do anything, the drive is not even detected on disk management for me to initialize. So now the SSD is just sitting there doing nothing. It is not even detected in BIOS. I am sure the motherboard does support the SSD as the on the website is states that the "M.2 Ultra" slot supports NVMe SSD with PCIe 3 x4. There is also another M.2 slot on the motherboard but that slot is only for SATA 3 supporting up to 6GB/s. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.Link to the drive:https://wdc.com/products/internal-ssd/wd-black-pcie...Link to the motherboard manufacturer:https://asrock.com/mb/AMD/AB350M%20Pro4/index.asp#S...Kind Regards,Q
  24. Some info beforehand. I have studied Windows Server for small to medium businesses and Ubuntu Servers for custom hardware and data. But now I'm studying Game Development but as far as i know we will see pretty much nothing about servers and multiplayer for games. I have an idea for a fast paced first person shooter with multiplayer. I have told my idea to a good friend of mine who is a PR manager for an organisation that searches for sponsors for other people (for a fee ofcourse). Now i have to pitch my idea and business plan to the organisation to get a sponsorship. My estimated costs for 2 years of development with 4 part time workers will most probably end me up with a budget of €15 000 for a server and networking within my business, but I don't know much about requirements for my server to serve my needs. Now the situation I would like to run a : - 12TB (4*4TB with 4 extra empty slots) storage server with RAID 5 to store all files (photoshop, unity and/or unreal, 3D models and others). - Up to 4 instances unity or unreal multiplayer servers with 16 concurrent players per server. - A custom 10 Gigabit network throughout my working space for many devices. I was thinking of : - An 12 core xeon or i9 ( 2 cores per gaming server, 2 for networking and 2 for storage) - 32 GB of Non-ECC RAM (4 for each gaming server, 12 for storage, 4 for the rest) - A 500 GB M.2 drive for OS in - A large tower case with - A low powered graphics card - 1 ethernet card with 2 ports each with 10 gigabit - A 12 port 1 gigabit switch with 10 gigabit connections to the main server.) Older edit errors (- 1 ethernet card with 4 ports each with 40 gigabit - A couple of 10 gigabit swithes with 40 gigabit connections to the main server.) *Edit: My calculation was wrong. I meant server with 2*10 gigabit connections with a 12 port 1 gigabit switch with a 10 gigabit connection to the server
  25. Ok, so you know how there has been a trend with motherboards and CPU's to move all the extra chips into the CPU package? there's a CPU, GPU and North bridge in there, and the CPU has small amounts of RAM in there. I was thinking, more towards Intel but AMD could also do it, putting a small amount of storage on there (optane for Intel.) that you could put a Windows installation on (or any OS) that would be ridiculously quick because it's right there on the CPU, pretty much nothing else would be able to fit but you'd have some amazing boot times.