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  1. So my HP Laptop has been messing up for a bit (i mainly use my desktop computer) So i tried competely reinstalling windows via the format methods on the computer. I let if delete all my files and during the time of the computer reinstalling Windows 10 (without the USB Windows 10 drive just reinstalling from the computer). When i came back to it the message on the screen said it was installing windows 10. A while after i assume the laptop died and since then everytime i startup the laptop before it finishes loading and before it shows the wndows starting up pic it pops with a message that says "The computer restarted unexpectdly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows instillation cannot proceed. To install windows click "OKAY" to restart the computer and then restart the instillation." is the computer R.I.P. i doubt it. should i say F the Hard drive and buy a new windows 10 install. I do have the USB Instillation from my PC Rig Build not sure if i'd let me use it on a different computer
  2. So I am trying to draw out a Free Body Diagram but I have no idea whether the wood about the middle axle of the X is in tension or compression? Also How do you calulate shear force of an object, I need to know to see if the cross beams will withstand the force?
  3. I expect to have this rig by Black Friday, so keep that in mind. I'm also taking the prices from rumors of the future card. Thanks in advance for the opinions and tips. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PCPartPicker Link: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/hWKsrH CPU: Intel Core i5 4690k CPU Cooler: CM Hyper 212 EVO Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z97X-Gaming 7 Memory: 8GB Crucial Ballistix Sport (1x8GB) Storage: 120GB Kingston V300 and 1TB Seagate Barracuda Graphics Card: AMD Radeon Fury Case: NZXT Source 210 PSU: EVGA Supernova NEX 650W ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I planned this rig to meet my price point ($1500) and accommodate the possible Radeon Fury. I will have funds that will be incoming afterwards, so I expect to acquire a second 8GB module of RAM and a possibly second V300. I'm also running a 1440p monitor.
  4. Hi, guys, I'm a student, and I have been think about buying a tablet for myself lately. After looking though the prices and specs, my options narrowed down to 32 GB Nvidia SHIELD tablet LTE and 32 GB iPad mini 2 LTE. Just to be clear, I'm not a gamer at all, I put Nvidia Shield tablet against iPad mini 2 simply because it's budget price, high performance and near stock android experience, I'm just buying a tablet for general uses as a student. Nvidia's hardware(Tegra K1 chip, pretty much) and it's price, plus, it's very likely to receive fast Android updates since it uses a near stock android. Some of the hardware features are great, too: front facing speakers, 5MP front and rear cameras, and a SD SLOT! Although I think android has been improving rapidly, which is amazing and I love that, but my old Android experiences kept haunting me about the later lags, which I am very afraid of: I will most likely keep use this tablet for about at least 4 years. Since Nvidia is very proactive about software updates, I'm really hoping for the update speed like a Nexus, but to my other concern, this ISN'T a Nexus, the future of this new product line is uncertain, what if, just what if Nvidia stops caring about it 1 or 2 years later? It's a gaming tablet, and Nvidia isn't a mobile device manufacturer after all. I also have a little bit concern about the build quality since a few users got their SHIELD's edges cracked because of the processor's heat. Now to the iPad mini 2. Honestly, it wasn't even on the list before the price cut right after the Apple's new releases, mainly because I'm not an Apple fan at all, I prefer Android, a lot better! Yet I can not deny that Apple has advantages of it's own, the high build quality, the efficiency of it's hardware, promising software updates, they all just seem as great, especially the battery, comparing to the Nvidia SHIELD, it's a big gap. About the display, although it's not that much better, but it's still greater at reading and web browsing. OK, I just wrote down pretty much all the Apple advantages I could ever think of, now the downside. First of all, the price, it's still $100 more expensive than the SHIELD even after the price cut, that's a BIG difference to me. And, iOS, not a fan of it, it runs smooth, sure; it saves battery, sure; it looks so fab, sure. But it's much less fun to play with and open than Android, and it's not as convenient. Although iOS can keep running smooth for a long time, but let's face it, Apple doesn't give much sh*t about the old customers, besides the instability, those fast software updates aren't made for the older models all that much, it just lags... Plus, Apple loves making new devices, mini 2 is probably an old junk to Apple already. The gap between the A7 and A8 concerns me that the later A8 or future A9 oriented iOS might not work so well on the A7 equipped devices. So much for the software, there are problems with the hardware, too. SHIELD is one of those tablets with beloved micro SD slots and iPad obviously isn't one of them. 32 GB is all I can afford, but it still doesn't seem to be enough for a tablet. Even iPad mini 2 uses iOS,Nvidia's 2.2 GHz Tegra K1 with 2GB of RAM is clearly better than the 1.4 GHz A7 with 1GB. Although I don't care that much, but 1.2 MP front camera and the bottom speaker are just not so great... Whoo, there, I said it all(probably), most of you guys might even know better than be already but I just felt like it's better to put it out anyway. This is a really hard decision for me, so I come to you guys, looking for helps, and I will most likely go by the result of this discussion. I appreciate it a lot! Thanks!