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  1. First Time sub zero

    So as a school project I will be comparing how well temps and over clocks compare in a few ways For air I have a 212 evo with 2 LTT fans on it For water H105 (thick dual 120) with 2 LTT DICE will be a home made one. Copper Pipe+ extra copper to add thermal mass. VRMs will get extra cooling from 2 noctua redux Insulation for sub zero is kneaded art eraser CPU is a core 2 quad Motherboard EVGA nforce 780i SLI Ram 8gb PSU my RM750X GPU TBD Will be done before the end of May because of school dead lines. More updates as I get stuff moved along.
  2. So I have seen many people ask how to mod an air conditioner to cool their PC, which is extremely difficult. I always recommend they just buy a phase change system instead, but then they complain about price. Whenever I looked, I also couldn't find any phase change coolers for less than $1k. But I have found what I was looking for, and hopefully someone who wants to experiment with sub-ambient temps can use this knowledge This is a Hailea water chiller: It is a phase change cooling unit with a massive cooling capacity of over 3000W. It is built to chill fish tanks up to 2000L in size. And yes, its expensive. But the good news? Hailea makes a variety of chillers with a variety of power levels, and chillers about 300-800W cost less than $500 No need to spend $1500 on a phase change cooler for only your CPU, this cooler chills the water in your loop directly to cool any watercooled component you want. With the high cooling capacity you can choose to set it at a temperature (such as 20C) so that no condensation-prevention is needed (this is explained in the review) Or with some insulation you can crank it to go sub-0C Review: http://bit-tech.net/hardware/cooling/2010/07/20/hailea-hc-500a-water-chiller-review/1 Buy: http://performance-pcs.com/water-chillers Manufacturer: http://hailea.com/e-hailea/product1/HC-300A.htm Instead of trying to modify an air conditioner, which will cost almost the same and probably not even work, these are a really good alternative to the classic "phase change unit" Hope this helps you get into sub-ambient cooling