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  1. Hello everyone, Here is my situation, I'm a photographer that relies only on lightroom with a mac and a synology drive, I recently switched to PC ! Before i was using chronosync and I'm searching for a windows software that could do those types of things : -I have some file that has the word "CACOM" in it, they are all organized between folders (like a 3 level arborescence of folders) with other files which are not tagged with this word, i want to take the folder arborescence and take only the file with the CACOM and copy them in my NAS network drive TL;DR : searching for a backup solution that reproduces the folders but only take the specified name files and that replaces with the newest file if I changed it. If anyone has an idea of an easy to configure and reliable software like that with some more other options like even programed backup and all the filtering stuff, i would be super happy to know it ! Chronosync was super convenient ! Thank in advance !
  2. I recently got a Synology DS418play and it's supposed to be able to do 4k streaming. However, even with 1080p and sometimes 720p videos it's often very slow and buffers for a long time on Plex. I'm not sure if it's some sort of setting, but I can't seem to get it to stream lag-free within my home network. I heard that hardware acceleration could be enabled to help it, but I can't seem to find that option anywhere. Any suggestions for settings or solutions would be appreciated! Thanks
  3. Synology DS215J Question

    I wonder if anyone can answer me a quick question about this NAS. Now what im finding is if i move\delete files from the drive i dont get the free space back immediately, instead it sticks the files in a recycled folder in which i then have to go and delete manually. Is there a way to just get the files to delete first time and not mess around? Thanks
  4. Synology DS216j

    Hi, my NAS is making these weird sounds and I am scared that it might not be good for the disks! Are the sounds in the video normal? What should/can I do? 775CA694-F9DC-42F8-B7AC-E5466D7015CF.MOV
  5. So I currently have a freenas machine that stores all the projects for my work. I have a synology box that I use for backups of these projects. I am trying to get the freenas box to send all the data to the synology box thats offsite nightly so that it can backup all the days work. I've looked at rsync, bittorrent/resilio sync, and a few others, and either their cloud based, or they give me error messages when I try them. With resilio, I can't even get the plugin to turn on in freenas, as well as it lacking the feature of scheduled backups. With rsync, I cannot get synology connect to the other machine. I also am having some trouble finding current information on how to set it up with freenas on version 11.1. Everything is based on freenas 9.x.x. Is there another program I should be considering, or any help to get through these problems I'm having.
  6. Hi everyone. Hope this is the right place for this. I'm currently in the market for my first NAS. Of course the two names that stuck out in my research so far is Synology and QNAP. I'm looking to run a 4x4TB RAID5. I plan to use it for file storage, media streaming (plex mainly), and torrents. I know that NAS's can have many other uses as well and with this purchase I don't want to limit myself on features in case I want to expand it's use in the future. From what I have read so far, Synology has a very robust interface and is easy to set up. QNAP is not as polished, but has more features. Another thing that stood out between the two is that TS-453B has an expansion slot for 10GBe where as with the DS918+ you are limited to 1GBe. The TS-453B also has HDMI output which may be nice to use it as a HTPC as well since it will likely be located very close to the television. Another question I have is, how important is RAM for NAS systems like these? Anything else I should be considering while deciding between these two? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  7. Hi there! Been figuring it out for months on whether which nas should I get? DS918+ or DS1817+ From what I see the 918 offers a nvme cache with 4k playback, while 1817 offers extra 4 slots for future upgrades without the need to get another expansion unit. With that said the advantages of each are also their disadvantages. Thus I am confused on which one should I get?
  8. Let's get NASty

    Ladies and gents: Looking for a decent home NAS solution. I'd really love to build my own 4U 24 bay unit with SAS RAID controllers, etc, but I don't have $3k+ to spend on hardware (not including HDDs) alone. Does anyone have suggestions on prebuilt diskless solutions? Was seriously considering the Netgear ReadyNAS 4 or 6 pay high performance models, and then just slotting in 6 or 8TB drives as the money allowed. Necessary features: online cloud sync, media server (DLNA and otherwise), RAID options. Ideal features: Lojack options, hardware real-time encryption handled by NAS configurable on a folder or file basis.
  9. Synology RT2600ac + VPN client

    Hello graftonarealivearts.usmunity, I have recently purchased the RT2600ac router after doing some research. I really enjoy this router and think it's doing a great job coupled with my 1 Gbp/s internet connection. I'd like to push my router to the next level by protecting my data from my ISP. I do not want comcast to sell it to marketers. I am leaning toward subscribing to a VPN client, I'll need to test some VPN servers speed before i can make a decision. Can the RT2600ac be a VPN router associated with a VPN client to manage some devices ( apple tvs, tablets, smart tv...) ip adresses? If yes could you point me to a step by step setup please, I am truly a newbie in networking. If no I fear I might have to sell it for an other router, which is a bummer since I also want to buy NAS DS218+. I might be interested in a new router and/or build a nas using freeNas I have created a graphics to help you understand my current home setup. thank you in advance
  10. I have recently installed a Synology DS218play on our home network. I have the problem that I can't see the NAS from my main network. I have a cisco router with built in modem which was provided by the Internet Service after that I installed a switch and after the main router there is also a wireless router installed (the 2nd router is in the first plugged) and the NAS is plugged in the wireless router. And the 2nd router is in router mode because in bridge mode the Wi-Fi network always collapse. I want to ask how can I manage that? With port forwarding? Or how?
  11. Hello there everyone. Long time LTT viewer but have never needed to post in the forum before. I have recently seen a YouTube video regarding the new Synology DS918+ (https://youtube.com/watch?v=0OIDPoA83rU) and think it would be a great upgrade from my current Drobo 5N. However I have recently been gifted a cheap computer from an elderly relative, and around 12 months ago bought a workstation tower from work that they would otherwise have thrown out, for a whole £1 !!! I also bought a rack mounted PC from work at the same time (also £1...!) with dual CPU's and a shed load of RAM, but that's out of the question for this build. The first computer that was given to me is a very basic machine, with a Celeron 1037U CPU soldered onto an mATX board, no dedicated GPU, with 1 4GB stick of DDR3 (1 spare slot for easy upgrading). This PC has only 1x SATA3 and 3x SATA2 connectors, and currently just a single 500gb WD Blue inside. The main bonus of this system is that it was free to me, and uses 30 watts max, it's currently connected up to a mains wattage meter and while typing now it is using 26 watts. The second system is a workstation tower that work were throwing out. It houses a W3520 Xeon chip with either 16 or 32gb of ECC memory, an unknown (can't access it at the moment) LSI hardware raid card and a Quadro FX3800. Complete overkill I'm sure you'd agree, however it is literally sitting doing nothing so I think it would make a perfect home server. The main down side with this is of course it will be power hungry. I currently use a Drobo 5N, with 2x 4TB WD Red drives. I use it for PLEX, and to back up my data from my other computers. However I find PLEX a bit sluggish and problematic on the Drobo at times as it cannot support encoding of certain videos. Backing up onto it takes an age as well. And for some reason I can't seem to easily access music off it directly into a media player. Ultimately I would like to be able to set up a surveillance system, as well as use the new NAS as a 'home server' type storage device, for things like all my music files to save me having all my music on every computer in the house, and videos, etc. Thank you for reading this far! The big question is: Should I use the Celeron system, with the LSI raid card from the Xeon system? Would this be powerful enough to do on the fly encoding? Or does it need a graphics chip to be effective. Or Should I use the Xeon workstation system entirely. Or.. Would the new DS918+ system do everything I want of it? While consuming as much power (if not less than) the Celeron system. I know that the Synology system has a 'surveillance station' which sounds fantastic - however you only get two licenses included in the box. The economist in me thinks I should use the Celeron system as it's free and low wattage, the snobbery in me thinks I should buy the DS918+ (but it is £500+ with no drives), and the tinkerer in me thinks I should use the Xeon workstation - however the power draw of this system will be a killer! Thank you for any advice, apologies about the length of the query but it's quite a complicated question I have! Thanks all, Dom.
  12. NAS/Storage Questions

    Okay, fairly simple question. I'm shopping for a new Nas for myself and my family and I've been assessing my options. I've come down to a few choices, WD because I have had a fairly good time with their products and software. Synology because I've heard good things and reviews about their products, or option 3 I Diy it which I'm hesitant to do because I would like to not tear my hair out with things not wanting to work (I have a freenas right now and I haven't used it in months because it annoyed the crap out of me). Thanks!
  13. I've got my Synology DS213air setup with mail server for my domain. I pointed both my incoming and outgoing mailservers to the domain itself, rather than mail.domain.com and smtp.domain.com. That part works fine, as I can be on an entirely different network and send and receive mails from and to my two accounts, [email protected] and [email protected] BUT, this only works between those two accounts. If I try to send mail from [email protected] to [email protected], the mail doesn't come through to my NAS. This is true for all mail from third party mail addresses, though "internal" mail works just fine. I've got my port forwarding right too, that's not the issue. Oh, and I CAN send mail from my [email protected] account to [email protected] What am I missing? Mail Server: 1.6.4-0489 DSM: 6.1.3-15152
  14. My server is FreeNAS based and is limited to 32GB of RAM (X10SLL) so my existing 32TB (8x4) of data already require most of the RAM (by the rule of thumb 1GB ram = 1TB raw space). I may have some room left but not much I think. But this server also acts as an application server through the jails, but jails take up RAM so I will be limited at some point in my upgrade path (more apps or more raw storage). I was thinking of splitting the roles of NAS and Application server by buying an entry level Synology (or similar) and moving my disks and data there. Then my existing server with a Xeon and the 32GB of RAM becomes a fast (SSD based) application server (plex, transcoding, automatic media management, automatic network backups, private cloud, virtualization host for VMs, ...). This could also free the CPU from NAS specific tasks, like samba that would be handled by the "new NAS". Good idea ? Would you do it otherwise ? Maybe move from FreeNAS to unRAID and keep one server ? Any thoughts or experiences with this kind of two server config are welcome
  15. Hey LinusForumTips! I'm looking for some help, setting up my Synology DS1817+ NAS box for FTP access. I'm based in LA (where the NAS is located), but I'm currently in Boston on a job (I'm a filmmaker). I want to be able to send footage back to the office in Los Angeles for processing. Tried using Google Drive but it didn't like doing hundreds of gigs a day. And S3 is cost prohibitive for the amount of video I'm sending. I have used the EZ-Internet application built into the Synology Disk Station Manager to port forward. I have IP and user accounts set up. However, I can't figure out how to connect to the server using Cyberduck. I've used Cyberduck before to upload to Amazon S3 buckets, but want to send files directly to the NAS box this time. Can someone provide some advice for connecting to my Synology box with Cyberduck over FTP for large file transfers? Any help is appreciated! Thank you!
  16. Synology Cloud Station

    Has anyone used Synology's Cloud Station. What are your thoughts and your experience?
  17. I'm currently running a Synology RT1900ac as my router, with Unfi AP Pros as my Access Points (managed on my always-on Mac Mini). Currently, I have a standard and guest wifi network enabled and managed using the Unifi Management Software (v5.4.9). This has not caused any problems in itself. However, I would like more control over the guest network, including granting permission to a intranet website (hosted on a separate Syno NAS using WebStation). As a sidenote, I can't figure out how to set the IP subnet (?) to 192.168.11.x on the guest wifi network - it appears to connect devices to the standard subnet of 192.168.10.x, while somehow managing to isolate devices. I do realise that doing this may make the intranet thing impossible! Doing this doesn't actually have much practical purpose, before you ask - I'm merely curious, and like tinkering around with the network! TLDR: I can't figure out how any of the guest management features on a Syno Router and Unifi AP's interface together - any help? Thanks!
  18. Synology NAS and Google Photos

    Hello All, I bought a Synology DiskStation DS716+II (at the time of writing it is still on delivery...). I use Google Photos to backup all of my pictures (between photos and videos is around 63'000). I wanted to find a way to download and sync photos from Google Photos to the NAS. That is Google Photos --> NAS. I found that the best (and probably only way) is to enable the option on Google Drive to add a Photos folder to it (you find this in the settings) and then use Cloud Station (an app on the Synology Store) to sync Google Drive. Now, the problem is that I tried to enable the option on Google Drive to add the Photos folder, but it added only some of the many pictures I had. Here are my questions: 1) Does anyone have experience with this situation (or similar)? 2a) When I enable the Google Drive option to add the Photos folder, does it add every photo? 2b) Do these pictures count toward the quota? 2c) If I delete a photo from Google Drive, what happens? Is it removed from Google Photos as well? Is it re-added from Photos? Thanks, Stefano PS: If you need me to clarify anything, please let me know. I wrote this quickly, and it is not super readable.
  19. I don't see any 10TB drives on the Synology Products Compatibility List. I would like to expand my Synology Rackstation RS2414+ with 10TB drives, but I am not sure it that is possible and if it is not I will settle for the 8TB drives displayed on the list.
  20. File Server Nas help

    I'm looking for an easy and simple way to back up and store my media files. I just want to be able to access them from any whereand have a decent upload/download speed. I'm not worried about being able to stream cause my media files usually don't work well with streaming and simplicity. Itried a qnap 451+ but I had nothing but headaches and even tech support couldn't find out why I was having the issue. (Couldn't access files and even though all my http security settings where on could not make a secure connection to Nas. Also link aggration didn't work.) What would be some other good solutions. I haven't tried free as but heard it could be very expensive. ($700 - $1000 Canadian) Thanks
  21. Im looking at getting a NAS, i know Linus wouldn't go here, but i need one for file storage across my network. Im gonna be backing up my Music and some video there, as well as placing all my photos and using it as a server to be able to stream and view all of that on the move on my iPhone. However i am looking at getting a IP Camera or two in/around my house as the neighbours may be getting a extension and will be making security a harder thing for our home, at first I'm planning on a single camera inside with maybe a dummy box outside. As for machines hitting it, it will be my main gaming machine, my HTPC and my MacBook and a couple of iPhones and iPads as well. I have a budget of around £1,000, maybe a little more if the correct is a little more, I'm excluding drives as ill probably be throwing in a couple of 3TB WD Reds to start with, then adding more and more, larger drives as i need to do so. However I am interested in M.2/SSD cache-ing and Ram upgrades at a later date, even a CPU update if you can do that? I like the look of the Synology User Interface in its software, but i like the ease of use of the QNAP units, and am torn to which to get, id like either a 5, 6 or 8 bay unit. Thanks in advance.
  22. I am struggling lately to manage all my data. i am a photographer who takes a lot of image sequence's (time-lapse) and video that takes a lot of space. Currently i have everything on my pc and NAS (synology) for backup reasons. But all my storage runs out quickly so i have decided to step up my game of data management. i am planning to get a big synology NAS and get all my footage off my pc and edit directly on my NAS. But i need a lot off bandwidth so i have decided to get some better network gear Router: Tp-link TL-ER6120 (i have some ddos attacks lately and this was needed to fix that) Switch: Tp-link TL-SG3424 AP: ubiquity AP AC PRO now comes all off my questions because im not 100% sure off all this will work: 1. wil 4x cat6 connection with lacp be enough to get 400 MB/s read/write speeds ? (NAS should be able to give 450MB/s write and 415MB/s read) 2. will a Intel PRO/1000 PT Quad Port Adapter work with osx ? 3. will this whole setup reliable ? 4. will 4 cat6 sftp cables give interference with each-other? also there will be a power cable against it and audio cable maybe any recommendations what can be better ? how i wanna do it: http://prntscr.com/f39hy6 any help is greatly appreciated! thanks
  23. So, here's my situation: I work with 3D rendering, and I'm about to buy a new PC and a NAS. I'm going to use my old (current) PC as a render farm to improve my work time. And I'm going to use the NAS as my plex library (and transcoding), but it seems that the synology processors are not very good for this. My question is if I can use the CPU of my render farm, to transcode the media files of plex when I'm not using it for rendering. (And I'm thinking of connecting everything via 10gbe, it will work?)
  24. NAS upgrade

    I have a DS1515 curently has 3 WD red 6TB, running in a single volume configured as a Synology Hybrid RAID (with data protection of 1 disk fault tolerence). I am looking to upgrade the volume so I was looking at some 10 TB drives so my questions are : 1. According to Synology's website I have 9 compatible drives to choose from, the 2 that stand out for me are the seagate ST10000VN0004 - 1ZD101 and the WD GOLD WD101KRYZ - 01JPDB0, which one would be a better fit for my setup? 2. what would my RAID capacity be after adding this drive? Thanks!
  25. I have a SONY BRAVIA XBR55x850d Android TV. I am trying to stream form a Synology NAS 916+. I have tried who things that do not work. First the native video/audio apps are not connecting to it. Second I would like to use the VLC app to stream audio/video. But I am not sure how to get it to connect to the server. I have contacted VLC support multiple times with no response and I cannot find any documentation to walk through the process. Advice?