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  1. Looking For A New Game

    So I've tried browsing on Steam & I've come to the conclusion I hate the way they sort things. Why can't everyone learn from Newegg & let me check boxes for what I am & aren't searching for to fine tune my search & or browsing results. I'm looking for a free, decently rated, third-person either Shooter, Action or Adventure RPG. I know WarFrame is an obvious first choice on Steam that checks all those boxes, but I want more options because I ain't deciding just yet. As some of you know I play RuneScape mostly, so my standards for graphics aren't too high lol. Although I do value a games U.I a lot & my recent week long Perfect World International experience left me with a massive headache so I'll never do that again. I also play a little Real Racing 3 on my S7 so if decent graphics are possible in whatever you suggest, fire away. What I don't want is something equally long term grindy as what I already do or completely pay to win. I love how you can do whatever you want at any time in R.S by not being restricted to pick a particular race at the beginning like many other games are. I've heard that's pretty rare in the free category though, so I guess you could say I'm looking for a poor-mans GTA. Thanks in advance & for everything else y'all have helped me with in the past.