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  1. Evening, So, I'm pretty familiar with the basics of building computers. I've built a number of desktop systems of all levels over the years. However, the time has come to build my first server (I'm planning on reselling it's resources in VPS form). What hardware (in vague terms) would you recommend that I purchase to maximise my bang for buck: where can I (and where can't I) afford to skimp. Cheers!
  2. I have a 55GB file that i want to upload to a server where i can give people the link and then them be able to download it. My budget is around £15/$20 a month. I would prefer a 1Gbps port but 100Mbps is fine. I'd imagine i will be using about 10TB of transfer a month maybe less so either a unmetered or high bandwidth connection is best. What would be the best way for me to do this? Would it be just storing it on a service such as Google drive and paying for a bigger drive space? I plan to upload other large files in the future so 200GB+ of space will be required sooner rather than later. Or would the other best way to be to buy a cheap dedicated server or vps? Any recommendations and thanks for your help. Luke.
  3. Purchased OVH Australian Server when I started my business. CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1245v5 - 4c/8t - 3.5GHz /3.9GHz RAM: 32GB DDR4 ECC 2133 MHz Disks: SoftRAID 2x2TB It's great to have an affordable on-shore server now but it kind of sucks knowing for the same price I could get the same server but with unlimited bandwidth and with 64 gigs of RAM. I really do hate Australia's internet. D:
  4. Cheap VPS with a lot of RAM

    So, I've been looking for a vps with lots of RAM but one that's also not to expensive. The best thing I've found so far is Contabo. But I was wondering if you guys know a better vps host by which I mean one that has more or the same amout of RAM at a lower price. The only requirement is that it needs to support docker. I would appriciate it if you'd share such a host it with me if you know about one. -Zwamdurkel
  5. Hi everyone, I'm looking to build my own gaming server / nas. I would to use it to stock my files and be able to have it any where like Dropbox and host my website . I also really want to be able to host a game server on it, I'm currently codding a fivem server (gta) who don't use a lot of ressources but I also would like to be able sometimes to run a server like minecraft and be able to have 20 people's on it without any problems Don't worry for my electricity I won't pay more because it's all in one with my apartment and also don't worry for my Internet I got the fiber with 300 down and 300 up with a 5 ping I hope you could help me cause I don't know a lot in vps and server I'm scared to buy things and see its not too powerful for what I want I would like to put 600 bucks on it or more if it's too short.
  6. VPS vs Dedicated Server

    Hey guys. I have a little trouble. I am a company president that provides educational services online. My page consists of people flowing in and clicking at least 5pages until they get to the product. Our product consists of people filling out reports online and then printing them for their personal use or saving them on the server which is cloud based as of right now. I'm having trouble because current server has php 5.1 which is not recommended and when upgrading it many bugs surface or objects are not recognized by the updated version of php. Now, I am having this trouble because of money and time since my computer scientist can do the work but has not had the sufficient time. Anyway, this is not the main problem since it has been working fine until right now. But, now we are going to have 10x of usual traffic (e.g. more users, more clicks, more saving, but not uploading). I have been told that I should move the hosting site since it is shared. I need top notch security, upgrading php and the page to react fast. I need to know which server to use VPS or Dedicated for the insurance of functionality and downtime. Should I get the dedicated for a little bit more? Willing to spend up to $150.00 monthly. Where should I look for that kind of server? Who has had the experience with something like this? A tip would be nice. Thank you guys JV
  7. TeamSpeak3 | CLOUD VPS?!?

    Hello, i wanted to create little start with community teamspeak3 server and get out of paying big money to teamspeak hosting companys I found this site arubacloud.de they offer 1€ CLOUD VPS, Specs: 1 CoreIntel® Xeon® E5-2650L v3 1 GBRAM 20 GBSSD Storage 2TB/monthdata transfer VMWARE Uplink: Shared 1000/1000 Speedtest [18h] europe time : Is it good enough for teamspeak3 community 10 - 100 users.
  8. Good day, I want to host some virtual (VPS) machines at home. They will run on pretty solid system, and I want to give each of my friends that will use it an IP adress. But there's a problem. I can only have one IP address for each connection, that my ISP will connect me to (and I don't want 564775 Ubiquitis on my walls), and I want one static public IPv4 address for each VPS. I've got an unfinished idea, but I need your opinions, how to make it work. So, I'll buy a cheaper VPS with more IP addresses, and I'll run VPN server there. So I will have more VPN accounts I can use, with forwarding and so on. But the question is, how to connect servers on them? I don't want to install OS on the VPS, and then as usually connect to them, but to solve this somehow by router. I've heard there are some OSs for Routers that are custom and free so everyone can use them, but could you please help me to select one, that will solve this? I can add an virtual MAC IP to every VPS, so every VPS will be visible on the top of the network as a separate device. The only thing is, how to force router to always be connected to these VPNs, and if the virtual device is online, force router to redirect its traffic over a specific VPN? Thank you for anything you post there. Thanks, Peter
  9. Cheap EU based VPS

    I need a cheap VPS for JC2MP server hosting which does not really require a lot of power, so I am thinking going with Digital Ocean. Their cheapest VPS is 5 dollars a month and it is enough for my needs. Do any of you guys know betters hosting?
  10. Windows based VPS

    I am looking for a Windows VPS to host a game server, does anyone know of some reliable, not overly priced ones? Thanks.
  11. What is a VPS?

    Does anyone know what a VPS is? (Virtual Private Server)?
  12. 1 vps made out of 2 vps

    Hi there I was wondering if someone know if it is possible to connect 2 vps on differents hostings into 1 virtual vps regards
  13. Hi, I recently got a small VPS from Digital Ocean, I've already got a teamspeak server running on it, but im not wanting to also host a website on it or anything like that. I haven't really thought of anything else to do with it, but, I'm wondering if any of you guys could suggest anything to do with it that could be useful for me and my friends..... So I'm open for suggestions on what I should add to it (gaming wise) Like a cms of planned events or something like that! (BTW, this doesn't just have to be forum suggestions, anything else that could add to the gaming or communication experience, thanks!) Leave suggestions of some interesting things I should do below!
  14. Webpanel for a VPS

    Hey guys Who has experience with VPS'ses that run a distro of Linux (preferred Ubuntu, CentOS or Debian) that has a webpanel where I can host websites. I need to have a PHP server with MYSQL and SFTP. It also should have a mailserver included. I currently use VestaCP wich I find "OK". I've tried Webmin, but I don't really like it and I found an SFTP bug where the user would not be chrooted to their home directories. I kinda want it to be an open source / free web panel. Anybody has any suggestions?
  15. So I got a domain with Hostgator which I use for mailing purpose, works great. I just bough a VPS with OVH and I want to put my site there. I know I can just modify the A record to my VPS ip but I'm wondering about subdomains. How does that work ? Do I need different ip per subdomains or I can just create an A record for it and then create the same subdomain in Plesk on my VPS ? I'm running Ubuntu 14.04 with Plesk 12... I know can get a bunch of ips and assign a folder to each but I just want to know if Plesk will route the traffic based on the url or the A records will always point to the default domain/Plesk folder.
  16. So I found these guys in Lithuania through Exotic VPS. They're offering a VPS with this configuration: 1x 2.4GHZ (E5 2630 v3)512 MB RAM20GB HDD Storage (Raid 6 and SSDs as cache)500 GB Traffic400Mbps per VM (10Gbps per Node)for a freaking 15.84€ for two years. The virtualization is sadly only OpenVZ. Would sound like a scam, if they didn't offer Paypal as payment. Combined with European laws, that's a pretty good insurance (to my knowledge). I already bought one of these puppies, although it has not been setup yet (~3hours since payment and (automated) acknowledgement by them). . Now I wonder what exactly I got here for my money. Has anyone had any experience with them yet?
  17. Host webserver on VPS

    Hi, I recently bought a VPS from evoBurst for a game server (their 4G plan to be specific if you'd like to see specs) and noticed it comes with 2 VPS servers and 2 IPv4 addresses. I've been interested in getting into web development and was curious if I could host a small-scale web server on one of these VPS's. If so, how would this setup work? I currently have CentOS installed on one of my servers but evoBurst allows for a ton of Linux distros. Any specific ways I should set this up (if I can at all)? Thanks, -Chris
  18. Datacenter rack 'show off'

    I just finished my cabling revamp, and I thought I would share it for your enjoyment.
  19. So I got the highest level OVH VPS and want to get an agar.io server up, but I refuse to do so without my domain(s). I have looked and searched and it seems like my control panel is missing options. The is no DNS record form or anything. I contacted support but I was hoping maybe you guys know what I could do!
  20. Looking for VPS host!

    Hey guys! I'm looking for a VPS to host the occasional game server and website hosting. I would like at least: 4GB of RAM 3 CPU cores 30GB of storage 1TB of bandwidth 100Mbps connection Preferably hosted in LA as my current VPS is there and pings are fine. I'm in Canada. For around $200-250/year I'm currently with ChunkHost (4GB RAM, 2 CPU cores, 40GB storage, 8TB bandwidth, and 100Mbps connection for $216/year) but they only provide 2 CPU cores on their plans and running a modded Minecraft server on only 2 CPU cores is a terrible experience. Thanks guys! I have looked all over and it seems like ChunkHost is the best deal.
  21. Good VPS for Tekkit?

    Hello, Me and 2 friends have recently started playing Tekkit again but i'm having to host every time they want the server up. It's not a problem, I just go off earlier sometimes and they can't play etc thus why I'm looking for a VPS to host it from. I want to make 1 thing very clear, I'm not looking for companies selling Minecraft hosting, although it's easier, I want to learn how to set one up myself. I was looking at OVH's VPS Cloud for roughly £10. Specs are listed here but I'm not entirely sure who to go with or what i'm going to need specifically. There aren't ever normally more than 3 people online at once but we do have wold anchors, quarrys etc. Here's my current utilization http://goo.gl/ZLba4r Anybody have any suggestions?
  22. So I'm trying to setup a friend of mine a user account / login and folder on one of my VPS servers where he can dump all his website files in and host it from, I currently have a working user account added for him but it has full system access and isn't restricted - He can browse the entire VPS file system and read everything. :wacko: How would I go about making him have access to view and modify only a single directory and its sub-dirs, Like you get when you use a web host and have FTP access to your folder only? For example say the user account is "bob" and I want him to only be able to view and modify things in the "/var/www-bobs-site/" directory only, How would I go about setting this up as I have been browsing the internet for a while and read quite a few tutorials and guides without finding what I want to do here (It's probably me typing the wrong things in)... I already have the apache virtual host setup and ready, I just need to work out how to restrict his user account. The VPS server I am setting this up on is running Ubuntu Server 13.10 and for FTP we use SFTP. Are there any good guides out there to setting things like this up anybody knows of? Thanks for any help!
  23. worst hosting ever

    so my sister has been given a job creating and updating (and breaking ) the company website for the people she works for. and the amount of money they are paying for web-hosting is out of this world, $140 for a 2GB vps and a 100GB network cap. we are thinking of moving to linode.com or digitalocean.com but i think it might have some fun. can anybody find anything good about our current webhost http://tummy.com/hosting/virtual.html just you at the amount they are charging for basic a vps. any recommendations for good vps providers is also welcome
  24. okay so I want this to practice Linux web servers for fun, and wondering which service is better for the money. Any suggestions
  25. Good VPS service.

    Does anyone know any good and cheap VPS solutions? I want to get around a 5 slot server for Terraria for some friends and I, but I don't know who is good and who isn't! Any insight is very much appreciated. (does Linus have any affiliate stuff with any VPSes?)