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  1. please help my WD10EARS-00Y5B1 ATA Device isn't detected in the bios its a 3.5 inch wd green drive, i have 2 of the same exact drive i tried to make one for the data and the other for the os and as a backup for it i used windows installer for windows 7 to re-partition them so at one point i made one partition "logical" and the other one ( the one im currently using ) i didnt do anything to it i shut down my computer, unplugged the sata cable from it and went back to the installer to partition the other drive but now everytime i plug it it doesnt show up in the bios i tried other sata cables and sata power leads but unfortunately nothing happens i just want to get my data back at least thanks my mobo: intel dg41w

    I have an HP laptop(Model: Probook 440 G4) almost ten months old. Yesterday it fell from the table by mistake; then it was on. Noting broken as it seems first. The screen got stuck where it was before. No command was working, so I left it like that. After a few hours, I pressed the power button, got the "Smart Hard Disk error". (Pics are attached below) The hard drive diagnostics is also not working. I took out the HDD and connected to my desktop, found that it is so slow, even responding after 10 minutes. My desktop OS Ubuntu is also showing warning: "The DISK MIGHT FAIL SOON". The laptop was under warranty, but I took out the HDD. I guess warranty is void. I searched online but coundn't find a solution for this issue. Please help me, if anyone knows how to solve this. The HDD is from WD Black (Moel: WD500LPLX)
  3. Hi all, I have a WD My book 4tb drive. Due to recent thunderstorms, the external enclosure doesn't seem to function, the drive is not detecting on any of my devices. I got worried as this is the replacement drive to the original one which died and I already lost all my data once. So I removed the external enclosure as gently as I could (There was some minor damage, nothing openly visible on the outside) and removed the circuit board that converts the drive to external. Then I plugged it directly into my PC and it seems to read. Now my question is, can I continue to use it as an internal drive or should I buy another external enclosure? Will there be any issues if I run it as an internal drive in the long run? Also, no I do not have warranty left on the replacement drive so I cannot take it to the service agents. Any advice for me? Thanks in Advance, Varun
  4. HDD at risk?

    All on a sudden, it's showing that my HDD is at risk!! It's a WD 3TB Blue! is it a serious thing? should i do something? ...
  5. Which one is the best

    Which one is the best for gaming and video- editing? WD Blue PC SSD (€152) (2.5" 7mm) https://wdc.com/en-ie/products/internal-ssd/wd-blue-ssd.html or the WD Blue 3D NAND SATA SSD (€152) (2.5" 7mm) https://wdc.com/en-ie/products/internal-ssd/wd-blue-3d-nand-sata-ssd.html#WDS500G2B0B
  6. I just got two WD 8TB external drives that I want to make sure are 100% good. If not I’ll need to RMA them. I’m planning to shuck them for use in my home NAS build but once you do that you lose the 3 year warranty, so I need to know they’re working from day one. Can you preclear or run another test to write and read to all sectors of a USB drive to check for errors and bad sectors ? If how can I do this ? This is something I never done before as I usually just plug my drives in and format them and go.
  7. Hello, I got a WD HD TV Live Media Player and unfortunatelly I cannot see any content that is on my HDD. I got an SSD and for my data an HDD. When I put for example a movie on my SSD in the ´Video´ folder, the file is recognized by the WD HD TV. But the same file on the HDD cannot be found. I have shared the whole disk with ´erveryone´ to write and read. The folders which are needed to be shared are also shared for ´everyone´. Media sharing is ´ON´ and I removed the password protection from the network share option. Still I am unable to see any content from my HDD and every file on my SSD works fine. Is there anything I looked over? Is someone able to help me with this? Hope someone can give me some advice. Thanks!
  8. "WD Blue"

    I'm not that into computer building, I bought my (probably consisting of bad parts) pre-built PC for about $700, and the topic is on a 1 TB "WD Blue" Hard drive. I'm just here to ask, is 1 TB relevant today and is it useful?
  9. "WD Blue"

    I'm not that into computer building, I bought my (probably consisting of bad parts) pre-built PC for about $700, and the topic is on a 1 TB "WD Blue" Hard drive. I'm just here to ask, is 1 TB relevant today and is it useful?
  10. Hey guys I'm new in this forum so hello to everybody I'm building a new machine and have a problem with my SSD. I bought the new 500Gb WD Black 3D-NAND SSD (M.2 2280, PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe) and my mainboard or the Windows 10 installer won't recognize it. Here are my specs: Mb: ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-F SSD: WD Black 3D-NAND SSD (500Gb) CPU: i7 8700k GPU: GTX 660ti PSU: be quiet! Dark Power Pro (850 Watt) dunno what else do you need to know I have already updated the bios. I tried different things I read in other forums. But to be honest I don't remember every settings I tried. I try to install Windows 10 from a bootable USB Stick I created with the Media Creation Tool. I have also a HD which is working fine. I already disconected all Sata devices. I set the PCIe mode from x2 to x4 but didn't help. Do you have an idea what I could do?
  11. Hi, so about 2 weeks ago my WD Blue 1 TB (WDC WD10EZEX-00BN5A0) started making this strange "ringing" sound (kind of like the sound of a chronograph clock). It's very silent but since i have a very quiet pc, i can hear it while doing office work and not wearing my headset. The drive is just over 2 years old now (warranty expired 3 months ago), i ran crystal disk info aswell as WD Data Lifeguard diagnostics and HD Tune, they all reported that the drive is okay. The health check in HD Tune resulted flawlessly with only green blocks. I've noticed that this WD Blue is a bit louder (-> more vibrations) than my WD Black but i'm not sure if that's always been like that. So are there any fixes i could try or should i just purchase a new one? I am currently using a 4 year old 128Gb Adata ASP900S3 SSD, the 2 year old WD Blue 1Tb and a 8 year old WD Black 1Tb. I'm thinking of replacing both my Hdd's to a new one so the best idea would be purchasing a 2Tb one right ? Also do you guys have a recommendation for a silent, fast and very relieable hdd ? Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
  12. Which SSD should I buy?

    Adata,,Kingston,,Pny,,Transcend,,WD which brand you guys suggest??(120g/128gb for boot drive)(Without Intel & Samsung)
  13. HDD Problems

    Hey everyone. So I'm installing my first HDD (I used nvme for boot drive). I'm seeing that it's detected in the sata 02 port in my bios, however I'm not seeing it in windows when I'm looking at my drives. What exactly might that be? Also, in case I'll be missing something when I actually try to download things, do I need to change settings for where my games will download so that they don't fill up my nvme? Will it bother anything that my games are located in one drive and steam is on the boot drive? Thanks for all the help in advance!
  14. Hard Drive Not Detected After Wipe

    So earlier today I wiped my hard drive to start fresh again. So I wiped it using EaseUS which I found through a tutorial video on youtube. after it was fully wiped I plugged it into my PC along with my other drive which has windows on it and my drive isn't detected! (image attached) I have my windows boot drive and then my mass storage drive but the mass storage drive isn't detected. Somebody please help. It was fine and working until I wiped it and now it isn't picking up. It's receiving power because I can feel it moving when I touch it.
  15. WD Blue vs Toshiba X300

    I'm thinking of getting a new 4TB HDD to store all my drama/movie. Was looking at the WD Blue(64MB Cache)@5400rpm 4tb and Toshiba x300 pro(128MB Cache)@7200rpm 4tb Any advise or experience using any of these?
  16. Which is the Best - Seagate 1 TB or WD 1 TB internal Hard disk ? And what is the difference in wd blue,, wd black,, wd vaiolet..etc
  17. I have a WD blue 2 TB hdd. few days ago for some reason it got unallocated. There were 4 partition including 1.12 Gb. With the recovery software i could get all the data back but need another hdd which i dont have. Is there any way to locate the hdd how it was before including all the partition and data

    Hi, I own a laptop that comes with 128G and now I want to upgrade it with 250G SSD M2. I have searched for a while and concerned to the M2 BLUE & GREEN. I checked the specification of the two types of SSD. As the result, I saw no difference but the price quite made me think again. Anyone knows why the price of SSD M2 BLUE higher than GREEN?
  19. So, I'm building a new system and want to know if I should pick up a WD or Hitachi 1TB hard drive. The Hitachi costs ~$2 more than the WD, and I want to hear the community's opinion. Which drive should I get? Hitachi: https://ebay.com/itm/Hitachi-1TB-3-5-SATA-3-0-Gbps-7200-RPM-Hard-Drives-0F12627-Tested/162876155355?epid=1165056823&hash=item25ec2ce5db:g:0wIAAOSwSrNaTkYN WD: https://ebay.com/itm/WD10EADS-11P8B1-Western-Digital-Green-1TB-SATA-3-5-HDD-32MB-WD10EADS/232665772563?epid=72373243&hash=item362bf5f213:g:ztcAAOSwjytahKXQ Preferably 1-2TB, 7200RPM drives is what I want for this system, but for cheap.
  20. Help with Server & WD Red

    We have a Lenovo x3500 M5 server here in our office and would like to add a WD Red HDD. Is there a compatibility issue? Is it okay to install it? Our vendor says it would void our warranty because the hard drive is a third party hard disk.
  21. Guys help I have an extra 100 usd here, can you give me some suggestion on what should I upgrade or add to my system? My Specs: Ryzen 5 1400 *4 cores/8 threads - Overclock to 3.8 ghz at 1.35 volts (Stock Cooler) @40C in idle MSI B350M - Gaming Pro DDR4 MSI GTX 1050TI Gaming X 8gb Hyper X fury Ram DDR4 2x1Tb Harddrive WD I am planning to buy an AIO cooler like AURAFLOW 240 from ID COOLING or FROST FLOW 240L for AETHETIC PURPOSE and OC. Do you have some suggestion? Thank you!!
  22. Hi guys, I'm choosing between the WD Blue, WD Black and Seagate FireCuda for my secondary hard drive. My question is: is the WD Blue good enough, or is it worth upgrading to WD Black or Seagate FireCuda. From where I'm from, the WD Blue is about 45 USD cheaper than the other two. I use the secondary drive mainly for gaming and movies, so which drive is the best for the money? Thanks in advance.
  23. As the title says. How are the Ironwolf disks? I've always went with WD myself mostly because of brand loyalty, but my main HDD has been a 2TB Seagate drive for a while now and I've never had problems with it. The Ironwolfs are a little cheaper compared to the WD Reds (only ~15 euros however though). I've come across some stories about Seagate drives and failures, but I'm not sure how much of that to believe. Which one would you get?
  24. NAS Drive

    I'm looking for a model of 6TB Drives for my new nas (RAID 1) Help me choose a model from below 1.HGST Deskstar NAS H3IKNAS600012872SWW 7200RPM 128MB cache 3 year warranty 2.Seagate Ironwolf ST6000VN0033 7200RPM 128MB cache 3 year warranty 3.WD Red WD60EFRX 5400RPM 64MB cache 3 year warranty PLZ Vote here at the link below: http://strawpoll.me/14805015
  25. Apparently some of Western Digital's "MyCould" NAS devices have a built in, hard-coded backdoor. Using the fixed login information, any attacker with network access to the NAS and even malicious websites loaded in a browser on a PC on the same network could gain access to the device. The original paper on the vulnerability goes into great detail on the buggy software and how these attacks work. The vulnerability was discovered and published by GulfTech.org, who disclosed the issue to WesternDigital in June 2017 and a firmware with some of the vulnerabilities fixed was released on November 16th, according to the paper. However users report that some of the issues remain even in the latest firmware version. The article states that no fix has been issued. WD MyCloud devices are among the best selling NAS solutions on Amazon and geared towards home or small office use with little to no user maintenance. I couldn't find information on whether automatic firmware updates are enabled by default, but if they are not, there's a very high chance of many of these devices not receiving the update. The vulnerable software components seem very poorly written as displayed in the paper. Considering WD being one of, if not the biggest manufacturer for storage solutions with probably a fair bit of money to spend on R&D, this seems very careless. Original Paper: http://gulftech.org/advisories/WDMyCloud Multiple Vulnerabilities/125 Source: https://techspot.com/news/72612-western-digital-cloud-drives-have-built-backdoor.html Western Digital MyCloud patch notes: https://support.wdc.com/download/notes/WD_MyCloud_MirrorGen2_Firmware_Release_Notes_2.30.172.pdf?v=195 List of vulnerable devices from the paper: