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  1. As the title says. How are the Ironwolf disks? I've always went with WD myself mostly because of brand loyalty, but my main HDD has been a 2TB Seagate drive for a while now and I've never had problems with it. The Ironwolfs are a little cheaper compared to the WD Reds (only ~15 euros however though). I've come across some stories about Seagate drives and failures, but I'm not sure how much of that to believe. Which one would you get?
  2. NAS Drive

    I'm looking for a model of 6TB Drives for my new nas (RAID 1) Help me choose a model from below 1.HGST Deskstar NAS H3IKNAS600012872SWW 7200RPM 128MB cache 3 year warranty 2.Seagate Ironwolf ST6000VN0033 7200RPM 128MB cache 3 year warranty 3.WD Red WD60EFRX 5400RPM 64MB cache 3 year warranty PLZ Vote here at the link below: http://strawpoll.me/14805015
  3. Apparently some of Western Digital's "MyCould" NAS devices have a built in, hard-coded backdoor. Using the fixed login information, any attacker with network access to the NAS and even malicious websites loaded in a browser on a PC on the same network could gain access to the device. The original paper on the vulnerability goes into great detail on the buggy software and how these attacks work. The vulnerability was discovered and published by GulfTech.org, who disclosed the issue to WesternDigital in June 2017 and a firmware with some of the vulnerabilities fixed was released on November 16th, according to the paper. However users report that some of the issues remain even in the latest firmware version. The article states that no fix has been issued. WD MyCloud devices are among the best selling NAS solutions on Amazon and geared towards home or small office use with little to no user maintenance. I couldn't find information on whether automatic firmware updates are enabled by default, but if they are not, there's a very high chance of many of these devices not receiving the update. The vulnerable software components seem very poorly written as displayed in the paper. Considering WD being one of, if not the biggest manufacturer for storage solutions with probably a fair bit of money to spend on R&D, this seems very careless. Original Paper: http://gulftech.org/advisories/WDMyCloud Multiple Vulnerabilities/125 Source: https://techspot.com/news/72612-western-digital-cloud-drives-have-built-backdoor.html Western Digital MyCloud patch notes: https://support.wdc.com/download/notes/WD_MyCloud_MirrorGen2_Firmware_Release_Notes_2.30.172.pdf?v=195 List of vulnerable devices from the paper:
  4. Would the WD red's drive vibration protection help when traveling with them since they're optimized for 24 hour NAS usage? Would Red drives fair better if you were to travel with them in your backpack when going on an airplane for example. Or is there not that much difference to their Blue counterpart? Edit: I don't plan on using raid with the drive, I just travel a few times a year and need to take data with me so Id just like to know where you recommend I spend my money
  5. I want to buy a minimally 5 TB drive around 7200rpm. As i think it, it should be a hdd because i want to use it in my gaming pc. I want to store pretty simple files like films, but in 4K so i need a lot of space. If you recommend western digital, in which color? And my last question: can i put a nas hdd in my pc? I dont want to slow down my pc with this project so the 7200rpm models are the best for me i think. Thanks the answers in advance!
  6. Western Digital My Cloud external drive contains a backdoor. The backdoor is actually hardware coded so formatting the drives isn't going to help. The hardware coded user name and password is I personally never bother with external HDDs, not because of this backdoor but the crappy enclosures out there, bought 5 of them throughout the years and they either don't work properly or died a early death. The HDDs are find and I'm still using them. Now I just use a SATA to USB adapter and they work much better than some external enclosure. http://gulftech.org/advisories/WDMyCloud Multiple Vulnerabilities/125 https://techpowerup.com/240306/western-digital-ships-someones-backdoor-with-my-cloud-drives
  7. After 2 years of using my 1TB WD-Black HDD, I noticed signs of wear. Transfer times being Consistently Inconsistent, crashing and hanging under load, and just general sluggishness. So I ran CrystalDiskInfo, to find out that my HDD is in critical condition, but what truly caught my eye is that it allegedly has over 45,000 hours of Power on Hours. That's over 5 years of use. How can my hard drive have over 5 years of use, when I purchased it 2 years ago? That means when I bought it "new" from amazon in 2015, it actually had ~3 years of use on it from the get-go. Perhaps this was a server hard drive which was refurbished, then sold on amazon as "new"? I went back in my purchase history and there is absolutely no signs on the amazon page of it being "refurbished" or "reused".
  8. Hard Drive Isn't Getting Detected

    I posted about this the other day however I've narrowed down the issue. I believe it is a Windows or software (drivers) issue, because my Bios detects the drive and my board inst showing me an error code. I use a z270 Taichi and the drive I can't find is a 3tb WD blue hard drive. I know it is not a drive issue because I got a new one today. Please Help Me!
  9. SSD and External HDD help

    Ok, so i have a question can i get myself a 60 gb ssd to install windows and get a 2tb external hard drive to install all my steam games aswell as steam? If not, please tell me what i can do
  10. Ironwolf Pro vs Red Pro for Raid 0?

    I'm currently looking at their 2-6 tb models, preferably their 2tb but apparently their speed increases along with their capacities which is why I'm also considering 4-6 tb. I was wondering if anyone had any insight on these two line ups for a duo raid 0 setup.
  11. What Drive Should I Get?

    Around 4 TB for games and movies
  12. HDD 2,5

    I just purchase some part for a new pc build and by mistake i oder a 2,5 HDD 1TB WD, so i dont have a adapter for 3,5 too 2,5 for HDD but in my build i use a M.2 Ssd so i will not use the two rear SSD slot of my case. My first question is, if i put my HDD in the ssd slot i need to but the electronic on that back touching the metal, is that a probleme. Second question, i dont want to retourne it just because of that, long wait ect... and i was wondering that speed of a 3,5 vs a 2,5 HDD since thw 2,5 as 32mb of cache vs 64 for the 3,5. I will only put my movie and game on it so if the difference isnt noticible i would like too know. thank you !
  13. So I am looking to buy a new HDD as my old Hitachi 1TB started making drilling noises and it was too small for my needs anyway. At my local retailers the WD Black and Red Pro and the Seagate Barracuda Pro 4TB versions are the same price wich I find a little interesting because they are in a completly different league IMO(maybe I'm wrong tho).But here is the catch, the Toshiba 6TB drives are at the same price too (give or take 5-10usd). I was wondering why the Toshiba drives are so cheap compared to the WD ones.Virtually I get 2TB free space if I get the Toshiba over the WD ones.They are all 7200rpm,128MB cache. Anyone knows why are the Toshiba drives so cheap?Maybe shorter lifespan,cheap parts,high noise levels etc.? I kinda want that extra 2TB, but a little bit suspicous about the quality of Toshiba as I've had some Hitachi drives fail on me(I heard Toshiba bought Hitachi and got into the 3.5" HDD market after that) Excuse me if there were any bad sentence structures or badly written words, english is not my native language. Thanks in advance for any competent answers!
  14. Hey guys I'm so tired I've been up for the last like 2 hours trying to figure out why my hard drive will not show up when I boot my Asus z170 now it's literally 4:50 in the morning and I got work tomorrow so I can't give any more time to this project. So I've just built this computer and it's my first build the hard drive I got was a 1 terabyte SATA hard drive by WD "6 Gb/s" and the motherboard is compatible as well as all three SATA cables I have tried.. I've tried and tried again, quadrouple checked secure cable connections.. tried different ports and bleh... Even tried pin jumping to 3gb/s just in case it couldn't run 6gb... The only other major thing I've done is did a bios update to be sure the proper drivers were all installed for bios.. I'm not sure if this is JUST because I haven't got an OS on it yet or if it is because it has no HDD being detected... Or something worse.. idk I'm getting so tired of fighting this thing, but point is, the boot device led is steady red.. The only thing I've left to think is that my brand new WD HDD is just faulty... Before I RMA it.. anyone have any further ideas? Btw. I don't have an SSD. it's still default to AHCI and... Okay I changed zero settings.. so yeah.. thoughts...? Sorry about the rant..
  15. Is it normal for a Western Digital Black 2TB drive to make a constant noise while it's running? I found audio that's the same as mine here: https://soundcloud.com/sajad-rashedian/wd-black-hdd-noise I had bought one in July that ran completely quiet for months, until it started randomly making this noise randomly for one evening until I rebooted. It was silent again for about two months, and then began making that noise constantly. I RMA'd it per another forum, got the new drive, cloned everything over and when I booted up, it began making that same exact noise immediately. I have tried different SATA cables and ports and chkdsk found no errors. Obviously this must be common with how many people mention it, and the fact that even my brand new replacement is experiencing it, but should it be happening? If it isn't, then I'll continue working on getting a working replacement. If not, I'll just switch to a different, slower storage drive and finally get the SSD for my desktop that I've been meaning to go with.
  16. (US) BESTBUY WD 4tb External

    Sharing the love, Bestbuy is having a hot deal on an external drive. Western Digital 4tb external hard-drive for 80 US dollars.
  17. i tried using google to find a program and it all i found was paid ones, i need a program for windows or the CMD version for centos 7 OS (didnt look too long for this im a noob at linux) to write the drive with zeros then read it back then write Ones read it, then all zeros again then read for one last time . this is my backup for my nas so i want to torture test these to make sure they are good . i already checked crystal disk mark and it says good, but its only reading the controller thats built into the external drive bay. (my book Duo 2x8tb). if i have to i will pop them out of the encloser since they are removable to do the smart readouts when its time . i only have 7 days to return the the WD book duo if they are faulty in anyway, i paid only 450$ for them so it was a steal .

    Hi guys, Please help me to make the right choice here. After looking for info online I am still unclear which drive is best to be used for my home workstation. The intention is to set up a RAID 1 configuration within my own workstation using 2x hard drives to store my files, pictures, music etc. There are those who say BLUE is absolutely fine and there are those who say RED is better because it is optimised for NAS. Does NAS also mean the same thing for desktop RAID? (I found online someone saying that WD RED would not be utilising it's full potential as it is designed for NAS.) What does that mean, that no drives are good enough to sit in my PC RAID? This is where I am confused. Why should I spend more money for the RED if I will not be be able to use all it's features in RAID. All the help is always appreciated . Thanks everyone!
  19. NAS/Storage Questions

    Okay, fairly simple question. I'm shopping for a new Nas for myself and my family and I've been assessing my options. I've come down to a few choices, WD because I have had a fairly good time with their products and software. Synology because I've heard good things and reviews about their products, or option 3 I Diy it which I'm hesitant to do because I would like to not tear my hair out with things not wanting to work (I have a freenas right now and I haven't used it in months because it annoyed the crap out of me). Thanks!
  20. I would like to know if there is a difference between a WD Blue drive and WD Black drive when it comes to playing games, normal home use, and transfer speeds. Also is one more reliable than the other? For example, if I had some important files.
  21. I'm a mac and windows user and I own a lot of external hard drives that I use for transferring data. I was wondering if I can benefit from buying the WD My Cloud storage because lately, I started to have hard times to transfer data from one computer to another, I would really like to have a sharing system that will help me to transfer data between computers. Thanks
  22. Western Digital Hard Drive Colors?

    I'm looking to get a new hard drive but I'm not sure what the difference is between the labels with the different colors. Any information would be very helpful.
  23. HDD for new Build

    So I am going to be building a few computers in the next few months and want to know if I should go with Seagate Barracudas or WD Blues, as I have seen good and bad for both. I need 1TB models and don't want to go over $50.
  24. NAS/Personal Cloud?

    Looking into a personal cloud (like dropbox or google drive) and am looking into all the different hardware used such as WD's lineup for the "My Cloud" -- is there a difference between a NAS and a Personal Cloud? Thanks for even looking at this. ~Raptor o7
  25. HGST Vs. WD. Vs. Seagate

    I am a cinematagrapher,and I want to get a 4tb hard drive drive to store all of my work on. I am pretty much only worried about reliability, I dont want to loose data or keep having to buy another drive every two years. From my past research I have discovered that HGST (Hitiachi) has the most reliable hard drives, with a failure rate on less than 1%, the only downfall is that a 4TB HGST drive is $30-$40 more expensive than a external WD or Seagate of the same size. If I only used the drive as a backup, with minimal read and writes, would the drive brand matter in terms of reliability?