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  1. Hello everyone, I installed the FCU not too long ago, maybe a month ago, and it seemed to be working fine for the most part, except I've realized that all my games have mouse acceleration turn ON even though the in-game settings has raw mouse ON and mouse acceleration OFF. Before the update, and ever since I've been gaming, I've used mouse acceleration when I'm not gaming (set the sensitivity and acceleration up using my mouse's software), but when in a game, the game's setting will override the mouse acceleration setting and allow me to play the game without acceleration. This doesn't seem to be the case anymore. Is anyone else is also experiencing this? Thanks.
  2. So i decided to upgrade to Windows 10 but before doing it i want to know if its free for me. So i bought my laptop a few years ago and originally it had Windows 8 on it but i had a person downgrade it for me to Winodws 7. I wanted to know if i can upgrade to Windows 10 for free now or will i still need the license key? Because one person said "All Windows 8/8.1/10 OEM systems have a product key embedded on the motherboard." If thats true, after i install Windows 10 will the Microsoft Office be free or will i need a seperate key for it?
  3. As we know that NumLock key causes the Numpad to act differently on basis of its on/off status. I want to ask that can we make keys other than Numpad to do other events on NumLock basis? For example, when NumLock is Off the arrow key act as same arrow key but when NumLock is On the arrow key acts like Enter Key. Is there any software or some registry editing to do this?
  4. So I did the Fall Update the other day and ever since when I turn on my PC after shutting it down the night before, It remembers what I had open, yet hibernation is disabled and fast start or fast boot (forget the exact name, is in power options) is also disabled. Google chrome isn't set to remember and it does it for other programs too, I just want to start from scratch each time as It's interfering with program updates, anyone got any ideas what it could be?
  5. Windows help

    I built a computer a year ago and now I’m upgrading the cpu,motherboard, and ram. I had a Windows 8.1 oem key and I know I can’t use it anymore if I change the motherboard.Should I buy a new Windows 10 os or just buy another windows 8.1 key to reactivate my pc without having to lose all my files?
  6. Greetings Guys. Today I encounter a problem. I can´t enter Windows in Normal mode but I can enter in safe mode. Another thing that is weird is that, the BIOS screen isn't showing in a normal resolution, it apears to be zoomed in. My setup is: Motherboard: MSI Z370 PC PRO and a Intel i5 - 8600k I already instaled the latest BIOS, reinstalled the Windows 10, tried with the VGA and DVI ports to the screen. Thanks in advanced.
  7. Wireless Trackpad for Windows 10

    Hey guys, I am currently looking for a (wireless) trackpad for my desktop pc, preferably with windows precision drivers. I have already researched a little bit, but the only real reviews I found were a few years old and so I came to the conclusion, that there haven`t been any new products in this niche. So now i am turning to you guys, hopefully to find a solution to my problem.
  8. Error 0xc0000212 on Windows 10

    Hi, I received this error after overclocking my memory speed to 3200. Before the bios was upgraded it worked fine but after it upgraded I got this error 0xc0000212 and couldn't boot into Windows 10 so I lowered it to 2400 and now all is fine. The odd thing is that my RAM is a 3200 but to my understanding Ryzen only takes like 2133 if I'm not mistaken but as stated before it worked before the bios was upgraded. CPU: Ryzen 5 1600X MB: ASUS Strix B350-F Bios: 0806 upgraded to 3401 RAM: G.Skillz Trident Z RGB 3200MHz OS: Windows 10
  9. I just built a new PC for one of my friends but ran into some trouble. I booted the PC up and everything was registered in the BIOS. I then proceeded to plug the Windows bootable USB drive into a USB 2.0 port and started the install. After I've chosen the drive on which to install Windows, it then completes the first step, but fails the second after 1%, and gives me this error code: 0x80070570. I've been digging around but have yet to find a solution. Does anybody know what to do? Parts: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Q9n7kT
  10. Concerns about windows 10 product key

    I am building a new system this christmas and like most other people(i presume) i would like to install windows on it. I am looking to buy a cheap product key from a seller on ebay, but the thing is i am worried that is there a possibility that the key could have a root kit or malware or something attach the key that will infect my computer once i finished installing it. I really feel like i am just over thinking it and i shouldn’t be worrying about it but i want to know the answers from you guys. I also know that there are also real problems that can happened like getting a used key, or a stolen key which will deactivate after awhile but i am not too worried about thoses
  11. I have a PC running two separate installs of Windows 10 on two separate SSDs. I have Steam logged in on both drives. Steam isn't remembering my log-in state on switching between OS installs. For example: If I login to Steam on install 1, then reboot or restart into install 1, it will remember my install. If I switch to install 2, Steam forgets my login. Once I login, it remembers upon reboots and restarts into install 2. Switching back to install 1 forces me to log in again. I should add that I recently reinstalled windows 10 on these two drives, and that when I was running this setup before, Steam never had this login issue. Also, none of these logins when I switch require mobile code authentication, like it does when I log into Steam on a new device. So that's something else to consider. I hope this was a decent explanation. Please let me know if I need to clear anything up. Mods: Feel free to move this out of gaming, if it fits another category better. ----------- PC Specs: CPU: Intel Core i7 6700K RAM: 32GB DDR4 GPU: EVGA Geforce GTX 980 MOBO: Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming 7 (Rev: 1.0) With latest firmware) Boot SSD: 2x Samsung 500GB SATA (One per Win 10 install) Storage HDD: Western Digital 3TB HDD Case: Corsair 650D OS: Windows 10 Pro
  12. Hello, I have been stuck trying to boot back into Windows after pushing my last overclock a bit. I can get into the bios and everything seems to be set to defaults there, but when I attempt to boot windows it sends me automatic recovery and says the drive where windows is installed is locked. I have tried following these directions with no luck. Step 9 failed with the last command (bcdboot c:Windows /s z:) had an error that said BFSVS Error: Could not open the BCD template store. Status = [c000000f] I also tried these steps and the ssd with my windows installation is still locked. I opened Notepad in the command prompt and did file -> open and saw my three drives there and they seem like all the data is still there. I have a 2TB data hard drive and two ssds. I don't have any windows installation media on either a disk or a flash drive. Can't reset my pc, startup repair doesn't do anything, and I can't load any system restore points because it says I need to select an operating system. In the bios I set it my boot order to have windows boot manager first (how it was before) and then my ssd boot drive second. I tried switching it to the ssd first and it wouldn't load anything, it just says Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key. My PCs specs can be seen here. Windows is installed on the Samsung 950 Pro M.2.
  13. So I read about Miracast over infrastructure and it says that if you have windows 1703 that the feature is included but for some reason my pc tells me my system doesnt support Miracast when I go to my "projecting to this pc" settings. I just wanna use my tv with my pc
  14. 2TB HDD shows up as external

    Hey gang, I bought a 2TB HDD about 8 months ago and ever since I re-installed Windows 10 onto my SSD the 2TB Hard Drive has shown up in my Safely Remove hardware. I haven't ejected it for fear of corruption of data but I would like to know is there a way I can get it to NOT show up here as it is an INTERNAL HDD connected by SATA and not an EXTERNAL HDD.
  15. Moving AppData folder to another drive.

    Hello there! So I was trying to move AppData folder to another drive as my C drive which has windows installed is small. I tried google out the process and Microsoft support page is so confusing. I tried to do this mklink /d C:\Users\user\AppData\Local D:\AppData\Local process and succeeded? Anyway after tried this and that I ended up deleting appdata folder which led me to some problems and I eventually had to reset windows. T.T If you guys can tell me definite way to move that folder that would be very helpful. I'm using windows 10 64 bit . Regards.
  16. I recently bought a new acer swift 3 laptop and when I first tried it out, I attempted to change the brightness only to find that the shortcut (fn + left/right arrow) didn't work. I discovered this was a software problem as all other functions work correctly and I cannot even change my brightness by sing the windows slider, as it is greyed out and stuck at 0%. I have tried updating both the display and display adapter drivers through device manager but both are up to date. The system specs are: CPU: i5-7200U with HD Graphics 620 RAM: 8GB 256GB SSD
  17. Can't Move/Delete Files

    Hey guys I have another odd question here. I recently downloaded a windows application on my secondary drive and I tried moving the files place after downloading them and found out that they don't work unless I'm the original instal directory so I tried moving everything back to them find out I needed permission from Trusted installer to move it back. I've followed guides online to change owners but after I make myself owner It still says I need permission. This is driving me crazy, I can't even restore my PC because of all thing the very file I'm trying to restore stops the restore... If anyone has any experience with this please help, I've learned my lesson for my messing with files.
  18. CPU @ 70-100% constantly

    Lately I've been having trouble editing in Vegas. Whenever I click around the timeline, it takes ages for the timeline to react and move my cursor. Resizing clips and all that takes forever. I noticed that my CPU is pretty much at 100% when just sitting still on Vegas, not doing anything. Same problem happens when I open the Task Manager. the Task Manager process itself goes up to 70% CPU and it goes into the state of Not Responding. PC is sluggish on other places too, but games seem to run okay. Never had this problem before. Any clue? Can't find any malware. Windows 10 64-bit (SSD) Xeon 1230v3 Asrock H87 Pro4 32Gb RAM GTX970
  19. What is this image viewer apps?

    Every time I launch "open with" on an image there is this "Photo Gallery Viewer" on it. It has no icon and if I choose it, it will open the classic photo viewer. So, my question is : What is it? How can I remove it? Thanks...
  20. Sorry in advance if I posted in the wrong section. I have my laptop from 2011. It's an HP dv6 with an AMD A8. It has windows 7. I'd like to format it and install windows 10 to see if it's worth saving before I set it on fire and sacrifice it to the gods. I don't really know how to go about doing a format and clean install. It's running very slow and I'm sure it has a virus or two. I've saved my personal files from it to a usb thumbdrive. The only thing I'm concerned about losing is the beats audiolab software that came on the laptop. But if I can't save that, it's not the end of the world because the thing barley works as it sits. So could anyone link me to an article or help give me a rough tutorial?
  21. Older Windows on new laptops?

    Hey, LTT. I have come to you for help as i can not see a reason behind this. I recently bought a Lenovo Legion Y520 off of a local shop, with an i5-7300hq and a gtx 1050 . I tried installing windows 7 on it, and did succeed. However, after installation, the usb ports would not work (i installed windows off of a usb port), and the usb hub would not be shown in device manager. Now, windows 10 works brilliantly, and lenovo only has drivers for windows 10 on their site. Is that it? Can i make windows 7 work on it? Will the w10 drivers work for 7? Is this intentionate so that you move on to newer drivers or just a consequence of windows 7's age? And why did the usb ports not work after a fresh install of windows 7? Did the drivers on the installer not work? Can it be something else? They do work with the windows 10.
  22. How do I get rid of the annoying caps lock indicator in windows 10? It is quite annoying as it blocks off stuff I'm trying to see on the screen Thank you
  23. Logitech Brio issues

    Wondering if anyone else has had issues with their Logitech Brio. I bought one several weeks back, and I've never been able to get it to work 100%. I'm fairly convinced that it's got to be an issue with USB 3.0 and 3.1 controllers, but just curious if anyone else has experienced the same? First off, basic specs of my machine as follows. Asrock X99 Taichi i7-6850 16gb ddr4 GTX 1080ti founders ed Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. 28" AOC 4K monitor Clearly I have enough grunt to run this camera. Now my motherboard has 2x USB 3.1 ports (Type A and C) running on an Asmedia 1142 controller, and the USB 3.0 and 2.0 run off an Intel USB controller. When I plug my camera in to the Asmedia ports, and open the Logitech Configuration app, I get a crystal clear picture, but if I open Windows Camera (the recommended app as it supports 4k) it tells me my camera is in use by another app. If I use OBS or XSplit or any other app, if I'm lucky, I might get a 1280x720 picture, but as soon as I try to change resolution to 1920x1080 or 3840x2160, the camera either turns itself off, or crashes the app. if I plug the camera in to one of my Intel USB 3.0 ports, all the apps function, and allow me to change resolution etc, but the picture looks absolutely abhorrent. It's noisy and grainy, too dark in areas, too light in others, and it doesn't matter what resolution I set it at, it always looks the same. Even using the Logitech Config app. Has anyone else experienced this? Has anyone got one working perfectly for them? If so, what controller runs your USB ports? I've contacted Microsoft, Logitech and Asrock in an attempt to get this sorted, but none of them have been any use at all. I've tried all manner of drivers for the USB ports (microsoft, official drivers from manufacturer, modded drivers) but none of them have made a difference. I've even tried using the default USB Video Device driver from windows instead of the camera driver from Logitech, but that also made no difference. I've read from at least one other person that they suspect an incompatibility with Asmedia USB ports, so i'm thinking my only option may be to get a USB PCI-e card, but I want to see if I can confirm a controller that works so I buy the right one.
  24. I am trying to clean my whole drive with windows 10 on it so i tried to go to troubleshoot and launch my usb with a software to clean it with.. when i restart my pc and i hold shift i only get this option to restart my pc, i don't get the usual advanced settings or wipe pc. if anyone has got any clue how to fix than lemme know
  25. Windows 10: Startup programs...

    Hi So I'm a bit troubled with this issue. Ever since the latest windows 10 update, every time I restart/power on my computer Bittorrent, chrome and OneDrive all open, even though I absolutely disabled them in startup programs. I also checked the Bittorrent setting for "start when windows starts" and turns out I already disabled that as well. This is happening on my laptop as well as my desktop, so I thought this would be a wider spread issue, though I can't find any documentation about this online. Any ideas on how to stop this? I'm getting mad about it... Thanks a lot! Flor