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  1. So I have a laptop hp 15-n072sy and when I start it I get blue screen of error in nonpaged area and then it reboots and same error every time. I tryed to make diagnostic from bios and still same error. Then I saw a post which suggested that maybe ram is bad, I checked and ram is ok. So I decided to reinstall Windows and it doesn't allow me, I set first boot device to CD ROM and it starts to spin CD but then just goes and loads Windows from HDD. Can someone help me here? Thanks
  2. I recently replaced my dvd drive with a drive. My current configuration has windows installed on a 500gb ssd and linux mint 18.3 on a 1tb hard drive. I have already successfully dual booted the two operating systems. What I am trying to do now is partition the 1tb linux drive (with preferably an ntfs file system) and share that partition between both operating systems for general data storage. I already partitioned the drive in linux with gparted with an ntfs file system, but the new ntfs partition does not show up in windows. I have attached a screenshot from disk management in windows. If anyone can help me with a solution I would really appreciate it. I am used to windows and just started to get into linux.
  3. Hello, I have a very very old Intel desktop pc. I have my Windows 10 installed in a dedicated 128GB SATA III SSD. I just ordered a new Ryzen 1600, a B350 motherboard and a RAM. I intend to use my previous SSD to run Windows. Now my question is, as I'm moving towards a completely different system, from Intel to AMD, do I have to re-install my Windows and other softwares? Please also suggest me to do this the right way. Thanks.
  4. System setup: MSI Gaming plus x470 with 2700x Sata1 80gb SSD - boot drive Sata2 empty Sata3 3TB HDD Sata4 3TB HDD Sata5 3TB HDD Sata6 3TB HDD M2_1 250gb Samsung 960 HDDs are setup in Windows 10 Spaces to be redundantly mirrored. Situation: Downloaded StoreMI from AMD and installed it. Rebooted when requested. After the system loaded, I noticed that the Spaces drive did not restore on the network. I then saw that this system now only saw the boot drive and the Spaces array wasn't visible. I opened Disk Management and none of the drives used for Spaces were visible. The Storage Spaces control panel doesn't detect the previous space either. I then rebooted into bios and all HDDs are detected and listed as they should be there. I changed no settings in StoreMI beyond installing it. Uninstalling it did not restore the array. I'm not really sure what to do next.
  5. windows stuck in endless reboot

    So yesterday windows 10 prompted me an update so i shut down with installing updates. Everything was all fine untill it got stuck at 100% for an hour. I hard reset the PC and went to sleep. This morning i start the pc back up and windows won't boot anymore. What happens: MOBO makes start up beep, fans start spnning faster and slow down, standard logo's pop up, windows 10 logo pops up with little loading circle, then the image dissapears then the logo and loading circle reappears and pc shuts down and starts back up from MOBO beep. I tried holding down F8 but i don't even get the advanced boot menu. Is there any way i can force it to restore the last working version of windows before this update? *edit: trying to force the automatic repair leaves me stuck with repair screen: if i press enter it continues with the loop, if i press F1 for the repair stuff it restarts to the blue repair screen but does nothing, if i press f8 for the start up settings it flickers for a second but stays on the screen. Or i get the screen to choose start up settings but then when i chooses something it reboots and gets stuck again.
  6. WakeOnLAN not working

    I have a few computers set with WOL (WakeOnLAN) so that I can turn them on remotely to do whatever. One computer, I can't get WOL to work regardless of what I do, I have it configured in the BIOS, I have also enabled it in devmgmt.msc and the settings that go with it like I do with every other PC. and it doesn't respond to my magic packet. In state S5 the NIC turns off completely (The Data link LED is off), This is if I shut it down on Windows 10, This PC also happened to be dual booted with Windows 7 and when I shut the PC down from that, the NIC stays on and WOL works perfectly. I really can't find the root of the issue, I have gone the extra mile to install the drivers both from the manufacturer and Intel themselves. This is the board and the NIC intel l217-v NIC ASUS Maximus VI Hero So is there anything that I could do? Kind regards.
  7. Windows Server storage pool size

    Hey guys, I have a noob question, if you see my screenshot below, you can see from a storage pool in a test machine I have running Windows Server 2016. I have a 2TB and 1.5TB HDD in a storage pool, raid 0. Capacity does say 3.18TB, but the final storage pool capacity is 2.73TB. I know there is some sort of calculation doing on regarding the pool, but is it always as bad as 300GB? Please do not roast, I am noob, rush B
  8. Windows to go while in SATA

    My PC is having the issue of it prompting a warning not to unplug the USB drive but my boot drive isn't a USB stick it is an SSD plugged directly into the motherboard via SATA. Every time I boot my PC it gives the prompt, I would very much like to make windows realize my boot drive is not a USB but a SATA drive.
  9. Unusual Dual-booting Dilema

    Let's say I built a PC and don't like running Win10 as the only base OS and have Linux permanently running in a fullscreen VM on another user's account when they sign in. It's glitchy, it's slow. Some of my family like Win10 and others like Linux. Is there a way that I can dual-boot into both OS' without restarting the PC every time someone signs into their account? Can there be a seamless transition between operating systems based on who you're signed in as? The system is an i5 quad-core with a GTX 1050, and a single 500 GB sata III SSD. Without using VM's (or using them, but efficiently), can it be done?
  10. A while ago I attempted to build a Hackintosh for the family computer. Aside from me and my dad, my whole family was used to our iMac and OSX. It got old, so I used my skills to build one rather than buy another similarly spec'd one for over $5000 or whatever. Plus, I got to do my one and only white build! It has an i5 quad-core and a GTX 1050. I failed, though. She settled for me just installing Win 10 so the kids could use it. I tried running it in VMWare Workstation, but it was glitchy and bad. Here's my question, is there a way that I can, not dual-boot into Win and Mac, but like, set them both up to have a seamless transition without having to reboot the PC? Like, assign each user to a different OS? I had something like that going, as when you were signed as any of my brothers, it was Win10, but when you signed in as my mother, the VM was automatically open and it went right into the OSX desktop. But like I said, it was glitchy and slow. Anyone ever done something like this before? It would mean that my Mom could actually use the office computer comfortably AND nobody else would have to settle for Mac!
  11. literally tomorrow I have all my pc parts coming and im going to build, I've tried to download windows 10 from my friends windows laptop on to my 16GB usb flash drive and i kept getting a "There was an error using this tool" on the creation tool, he cant let me use his laptop anymore because he needs it for school and i only have a macbook so i cant download from the media creation tool.......What do I do? I need the unactivated version cuz im broke and dont mind the watermark so paying for a product key isnt an option.
  12. Hello to everyone, I know that there are a lot of posts about this problem, but any of those posts solved my problem. Also usually in those posts the affected system is overclocked or has thermal problems, but it is not my case. My main problem is what the title says, My computer sudently freezes and I have to restart it or ir just displays a blue screen with WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR. I tried to update all my devices using the "Device manager" I have also try the "Recovery" in Windows 10 All my drivers are up to date. I read in some other posts that this error could be caused by a thermal problem, so I open the laptop, clean everything and apply new thermal paste. Also I try to do some benchmarks in case that the error was related to heavy workload, but the laptop worked fine during the stress tests. (I try a CPU,RAM, GPU and hard drive benchmark but all where fine) Also while I play PUBG it usually works fine, but for example in csgo I can't even start a match, it crashes in load times, or when I open a twitch stream it also freezes. My PC specifications are: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 16299) Name: MSI ge70 2PE CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4720HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz (8 CPUs), ~2.6GHz Memory: 8192MB RAM Card name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. E1759IMS.52D, 13/04/2015 I also have Linux Mint installed, but I don't think that's actually important because I've been using Linux for 2 years and this error started a few days ago. If you need any extra information don't doubt to ask for it. Thanks.
  13. Hi everyone, I have a friend who currently has a laptop with Windows 8, a laptop she bought to replace an older Windows 7 laptop when her screen died. She expressed to me how much she loves playing the Sims 3, and was curious to know if she can on her current laptop. She did remove her hard drive from previous laptop, and I had a SATA to USB adapter so we plugged it in and tried to play it but it just wouldn't launch. I guess something to note is that she doesn't have the steam version of the Sims 3, rather the standalone EA version and all it's expansions. If anyone can help me I'd appreciate it a lot!
  14. Help! Urgent!

    My PC always crashes, after looking at the reliability history, most of the errors points to "Windows Desktop Manager" stopped working. Please I need help, I am always shutting my pc down very inappropriate
  15. Hello everyone, I have gone back and forth on this thought and wanted to know what the general consensus is... So here it goes... Currently Chrome OS Supports... Android Apps Chrome Browser Limited Hardware Linux Programs(In Beta) Would you use ChromeOS as a Windows Replacement? In my opinion I would... if ChromeOS would add custom hardware support / iso download and pc game support. I would even pay for a license!
  16. I have recently built a new computer and everything seemed to work fine, I installed Windows Pro 64 then later checked the system properties to find out that only 3.95GB out of 8Gb is used. If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it! Methods I have tried: Updating my BIOS Going to the sysconfig Reinserting the RAM in different DIMM slots XMP turning on and off here are the specs of the pc Ryzen 5 1600 B350 Tomahawk Plus Corsair CX650M GTX 750 Ti G.Skill RipJawsV 2x4GB DDR4 3200 Seagate Barracuda 2TB HDD I
  17. Is there a way i can manage my LSI HBA RAID Controller from within windows server 2016 environment? (rebooting into BIOS is tedious and seems quite unnecessary to me just to add a hot spare or new drive configs (not removing existing arrays)....) I've looked up some stuff from broadcom (new parent company of LSI), but none of the programs or files i downloaded and tried to install appeared to do anything. i was thinking like someway to locally ssh or telnet in, but i have no idea how to flash a card from within windows without a working tool from a manufacturer. LSI SAS 9211-8i | https://starline.de/fileadmin/images/produkte/lsi/LSISAS92118i__ENG_.pdf | PS. I've also considered upgrading the firmware on the device, but i'm really skeptical of doing so since none of the current support info webpages actually list this exact card as compatable. (closest listed page on broadcom's site is the 9210 | > also.. how do i download a copy of the current firmware off the card? (since if the new version for w/e reason doesn't work, it's not available online anywhere i can find) | >> I have replied to this thread to find out how their upgrade went.. /main/topic/779052-lsi-9211-8i-p20-firmware/ other thoughts: upgrading bios: data loss? (wouldn't see why it would, but can see it possible) Thanks.
  18. Hello there. I did Updated to Windows10 2018 Spring Update. But, a lot Bugs happend. In game framerate is down. Google Chrome is not work.(I was reinstalled. but Bugs come again) and more... Microsoft is not Debug newer version??? The other day, Windows 10 share exceeded Windows 7. But I think Windows7 is still better.How about you? If a lot bugs come my place again. I'll reinstall Windows7 this computer(About this personal computer writing this).
  19. need help installing windows

    a few days ago i had wondows 10 running on my laptop and i had some errors my friend suggested i use linux on which i tryed installing it but it didnt install on my laptop and gave error like "image failed to verify with" thats when i decided i need to install windows so i visisted the windows site downloaded a windows 10 copy used rufus to get it inthe pendrive but now when i try to switch my pc on it shows me options like "1 ubuntu(i never installed anything like that) 2 windows boot loader 3 my bootable pendrive (if i click it, it shows me image failed to verify) 4 my other pendrive which is a live desktop 5(nvme something ipv4) 6 nvme something ipv6 and it shows my hard disk i tried to lcick everything but it shows me image failed to verify with and now im unable to install windows some one please help me install windows Thank You
  20. So where should I get a key for Windows 10 home or windows 10 pro for cheaper. Getting it from Microsoft in Australia is $200.
  21. Windows 10 boot loop troubleshooting steps: This is probably one of the most "heard of" problems that I have essentially heard of lots through out lots of tech communities. So I just wanted to create this guide on how to get out of a Windows 10 reboot loop. Booting into safe mode: Press the shift key and click restart to enter the advanced boot options screen Open settings in the operating systems to navigate to Update and Security> Advanced startup > Restart Now Type shutdown /r /o in the command prompt to boot into the advanced boot options or recovery console Note: If you have the F8 key already enabled, just click restart and spam the F8 key upon booting, to enter safe mode If you cannot enter safe mode, then you may have to boot into windows 10 with your Windows installation media or Recovery drive and select repair your computer to enter Troubleshoot> Advanced Startup Options> Command Prompt. You can now use the Command Prompt to run commands. Other options include using a windows 10 DVD or bootable USB drive, or you can simply just burn the Windows 10 ISO to an USB drive using another computer. Now that you have gotten out of the reboot loop and have entered safe mode successfully, or accessed the the advanced options, you have the following options: If you have entered safe mode: Open the control panel > Programs and Features > View installed updates. Uninstall the offending update (including the feature upgrade) which may have been installed recently just before this problem started. If you have recently updated any of the device drivers, then consider troubleshooting your driver problems or rolling back your driver to the earlier version The following are accessible if you have entered safe mode or accessed the advanced options: Run the Command Prompt as an administrator. Then enter the following commands one by one, hitting enter after each one: net stop wuauserv net stop bits Now browse the C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution folder and delete everything inside of it (including all files and folders) Restart your computer and you should be able to enter the desktop normally! I hope this helps anyone having reboot loop issues with windows 10. If there is anything I have missed or need to add, feel free to by replying. Thanks, -Nick
  22. Windows 10 Activation

    I had to send in my motherboard to evga for repair/replacement due to a bad usb 2.0 connector. It was a z170 classified k board. I got my replacement board in and now windows 10 is no longer activated. it is a different board due to them no longer having any z170 boards so they sent me a z370. I installed a processor and ram and my hdd as well as my hotswap and esata and when i booted it up it is deactivated. I try and activate it but tells me that it can not and Microsoft is closed. Is there something i need to worry about like getting a new win 10 pro key or will Microsoft reactivate my key with this new mobo?
  23. Hello fellow techies, so here's what I'm working with; The computer I use is a mid-2015 macbook pro w/ 2.5GHz Intel Core i7 16 GB of DDR3 RAM @ 1600MHz AMD Radeon R9 M370x 2GB (2048 MB) Here's my dilemma, I am getting into the "tech industry" by going back to school online for a BS in networking, I know a lot of the field is primarily using Windows as the "primary" operating system. So I am considering bootcamping my MBP because it has 500 GB in SSD, is it worth it? If so, what runs better, Windows 7, 8, or 10? And my final question, how do I make a usb stick into a bootable drive to install windows (whatever version) onto my computer in an OS X environment? Pls help, I have used windows pretty much forever before I got this computer (in mid 2015) and I am finding that the gaming performance isn't the best in OS X anyways compares to "similar" (I use quotes because my testing/observations are on similarly spec'd by "the numbers").
  24. I just discovered the Razer chroma audio Visualizer on youtube, so I wanted to try it out but when I tried to start it nothing happens except the courser turning inta a circle for a second or so. I read online tjat you need Visual C++ 2015 for it to work so I downloaded it but when I tryed to start the installer the same thing (I already have Visual C++ 2013 and 2017 installed). The Same thing Happens with other Chroma apps and the Better discord instaler and also with the driver setup for an old Fritz!Wlan Stick. they also don`t show up in task manager. Does anybody know what I should do
  25. Windows not showing cpu overclock?

    So this isn't a super big deal I just want to know what's up, and why windows does this. On windows it shows my I5-6600k at stock speeds (3.5ghz) but I know for a fact it's overclocked to 4.5 ghz. It shows it at 4.5 both in the BIOS and on hardware monitor. Not sure what the deal is but I was just wondering.