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Citrix session won't open in Windows 10 just downloads a .ica file

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Hi Guys,


I'm a student that is going to actively use a Citrix session with SAP (yeah I know) installed on it.


Howver I've got a small problem.


When I was running good old Win 7 I didn't have any issues. However now with windows 10 when I click on the screen icon (as shown below) I just download a ".ica" file.




aasrrOm.pngI hope that any of you guys can help me, otherwise I think I'm forced to use a Virtual Machine (which I'd like to avoid).

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Posted · Original PosterOP

uninstall, install newest version of citrix?

Installed Win10 today as well as the latest version of Citrix, so that's not likely to be the issue.


- Currently I'm running a Win 7 VM as backup and it works. But that's not ideal of course.

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1.) Go to: citrix.com

2.) Click: Downloads at the top of the site

3.) Select: Citrix Receiver in the drop-down list for product

4.) Download Citrix Receiver for Windows (it should auto-detect this one and show it by default)

5.) Accept the license agreement and download the installer

6.) Install Citrix Receiver, after installation or upon first-use it may prompt for email address and server info, just close the window at that point

7.) Reboot your computer

8.) Try launching the Citrix application you were trying to launch before

9.) If it still prompts to save the .ica file, go ahead and do so then locate the file where you saved it and double-click to launch it


If #9 is happening, search for instructions regarding your browser and launching Citrix apps directly instead of downloading the .ica file. You need the Receiver in order to actually be able to use the apps though.

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