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KDS Kylin ToolKit Review

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I know this isn't strictly Hobby Electronics, but it does have to do with Remote Control crafts, which does fall under the Hobby Electronics section, so I'm going to post this here. (hopefully the mods will understand - if this is the wrong place, feel free to move this thread)


So, for some time now, I've been looking for some kind of toolkit that's focused on RC stuff. While hanging out on YouTube, I saw a video posted by Flite Test that included the KDS Kylin Precision ToolKit, and it seemed like a really cool kit to have for working on RC. As such, I sought it out and purchased one.


Price: $99 USD (from where I got it on ebay)


The main reason that I'm posting this is because I think it's a really nice toolkit overall (though there are certainly a couple of things I would change) but I haven't really seen any reviews on it.


As you can see from the photos, everything has a nice anodized red color. They look like a much lighter red in person because there is a diamond pattern cut into the metal and the flats of the diamond is silver. The whole toolkit comes in a nice carrying case that's quite easy to use, and well organized.



Top of toolkit.



Bottom of toolkit.

Now, the tools that are included in the kit look like they are actually really nice. The bottom end of the steel on all of the tools at the top of the kit have what appears to be a titanium/gold zinc coating over the steel, which is something that nicer tools have sometimes. To be clear, I have no way to verify what type of coating is on there, but it looks nice. (EDIT: In the photos that follow, you can see on the shaft of the extra Allen driver shafts, the tool metal is labeled as high speed steel, which to my knowledge, is a kind of tool steel.) As for what's included in the kit, the tools are as follows:


Allen/Hex drivers: 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm

Allen/Hex T drivers: 4.0mm, 5.0mm, 5.0mm (I'm not sure why there are two 5mm of these, but that's what I have, so there you go.)

Spare Allen/Hex driver shafts: 1.5mm, 2.0mm








Phillips driver: PH 0 (That's what it looks like to me, comparing to another set of bits that I have.)


I really am not a fan of this driver in particular. All of the other ones in this set seem to be sufficiently hardened, but this tool has gotten all bent out of shape after about 3 days of not terribly hard use.



Flathead driver: 2.5 (again, comparing to my other bit set.)


Nut drivers: 5.5mm, 7.0mm


I didn't take any closeup photos of these two, as they're the same as the Allen drivers; they just have a different tip.


T-Handle nut drivers: H4, H5, H5.5, H6, H7, H8 (I assume the number pertains to the size in mm that these will fit over. I'm not sure if the H is a standard size or anything.)



Ball Joint Reamers: 4.7mm, 5.0mm





Plastic Reamer: Good for various sizes


As you can see, the plastic reamer has markings on one side of the tool that let you know how big the hole you're making is.






On the whole, I really like this toolkit. The steel seems to be of a pretty high quality, and I haven't had any issues with the Allen drivers in this set; they seem to work better than most of the other ones that I have. The diamond pattern on the handles makes for a really grippy handle that isn't abrasive at all on your hands. The handles on all of the drivers are hollow, so these drivers are all extremely light to handle. The ends of the handles on the straight drivers have a part on the back that can spin independently of the rest of the driver, so you won't get blisters on your palms, even after extended use. I appreciate having replacements for the two smallest sizes of Allen driver, as I've definitely bent the smaller ones before.


Now, for anyone that sees this, I would recommend getting the non-precision version of this kit. Mine was $99 USD, but there is a version of this kit that's exactly the same as far as I can tell, but the handles are gold instead of red (and the handles are solid instead of hollow). That kit is $65, which is a MUCH better value.


If anyone has any questions about this toolkit, please feel free to leave a comment, or message me. I'll add stuff in if anyone has any questions.


I hope this was helpful!


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