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Setting up internet

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Hey guys I’m having trouble figuring out an easy way to get internet into my sons room we have a modem on the opposite side of the house that needs to stay there and the only access he has is a phone line jack in his room is there a way to get that phone line to give him a wired connection for his computer through either a second router or some kind of adapter?

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Just get some powerline adapters.

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Depends, how old is the phone line?

It's possible that it is just Cat5e wire with only a few wires used to make it a phone line. You could just rewire both ends and connect all 8 wires to a jack if it is indeed CAT5e wire and then connect it up that way.

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if you don't use the phone cable, attacht a ethernet cable to it and pull the phone cable out, thus getting the ethernet cable in place.

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22 minutes ago, Theguywhobea said:

Just get some powerline adapters.


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