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Motherboard problems after windows install

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Hello,so i recently upgraded from w7 to w10... I've got everything installed,drivers,my applications... And i did some changes in the ultimate windows tweaker (nothing too serious). So after my computer is on for about 1h and 30 minutes it makes the same sound that it does when botting the computer,but it doesnt do anything. After 1,3h there is a sound of restarting,even tho i didint give the command to restart,and it does nothing to the computer also the speaker beeps like there is a sucessful boot even tho i didnt press restart. Also when i got w10 and when i turn on the pc the speaker beeps once and after a minute beeps once again. On w7 i never had this... What is the problem,should i be afraid of it?



[email protected]

4gb ddr2

Asus p5qpl-am

400w chieftec psu

2x160gb hard drive.

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Beeping once after turning it on indicates a succesful boot. When it beeps at you during normal usage, it might be an overtemp warning. Which cooler are you running? Replaced the thermal paste? Which temperatures? How old is that PSU?

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I don't understand whats your problem is.

Does the pc restart by itself?

Does it boot normally? One beep means it booted succesfully.


60c is normal for Q6600, is a hot cpu.

Take out the heatsink, clean any dust on it.

Clean the cpu, apply new paste.

And you should have no problems if the fan is still ok.

If you still have problem, you may want to reset the cpu back to its stock speed.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

It all worked perfectly on windows 7. The pc is very clean. The problem is when i installed windows 10 on botting the speaker beeps once and a minute beeps again even tho ima allready in windows,why is it doing that? Also after around 1h and 30 minutes of usage of the pc it sudennly makes the sound that it does when restarting but it actualy doesnt restart?

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i see. it maybe related to overheat. you can use CoreTemp to monitor the heat inside windows.

My q6600 hovers around 60c and 75c max load. It's not overclocked though.

Using windows 10 maybe stressing your cpu more than windows 7. Hence the overheat.

Its an old PC, it may looked clean, but a checkup won't hurt.

If the heatsink is clean, i suggest reapply the thermal paste, it may become dry overtime.



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