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Samsung S8 or LG V30?

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Getting a phone with rogers and the s8 and the lg v30 seem to be the only decent phones offered for free with a 2 year plan. I don't want to rush this decision as I'll, of course, be stuck with this phone for 2 years. I'm currently using an iPhone 5s and I really hate it; small screen, and I hate all the limitations they impose on you, which is why I'm going back to android this time around. I've also considered the pixel 2 and s9, but I need to spend at least $200 to get the base models, which doesn't seem like a very good deal because they don't offer much more than the ones given for 'free'. I'm a bit lost on which one I should get because I'm looking at reviews and some bash the s8 for the fingerprint and the curved screen, while others bash the v30 for shitty camera and mediocre screen. These 2 phones seem to be pretty popular and I'm guessing some of you have had to choose among them and I was wondering if you could help me choose aswell.

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Definitely get the S8, the V30 is capital-G Garbage.

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I'd go with the S8 for sure. The curved screen isn't really a flaw or lower quality piece, it's just a design that some don't like; I'd try out a demo unit to see if you like it or not. The fingerprint sensor is a huge downside, and why I didn't even consider the Note8. But again, that's something that might not be an issue for you.


I wouldn't really say the S9 is worth the extra money. There isn't a whole lot that's changed.

I'm surprised you stick with Rogers; there's companies that offer much better value.

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Depend of you.

Is the screen important to you, if yes go with s8.

But samsung experience su***, sometime with my ''old'' S7 I have ''drop framerate'' when I switch to another application.





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