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What controller to use?

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I'm considering buying a Bluetooth controller to play on the go either on my phone or my laptop. I have an orignal Xbox One controller, and I've seen that the Xbox One S controller, which has Bluetooth support, can be paired with both Android and Windows 10. However, I'm seeing different opinions on forums, and user mentioning firmware issues and other issues on their Android device. It seems to work well for some, but not for others. Other people say although it's recognized by their phone, many games themselves support it only partially, or not at all, which results of odd controller mapping.


The Razer Serval seems to be a good alternative, but although it's still available through third-party Amazon sellers, it's no longer available on the Razer website, which could mean that it's discontinued so I'm not sure if it's the best time to buy it (it's been around since 2015). So I'm curious to know what controllers you are using to buy on your Android phones and if you have recommendations. There must be good ones out there to play on the Razer phone and other high end devices.



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For Android the GameSir GS3 is a solid option. I've had no issues pairing it with my LG G5 or Kindle Fire HD8. It feels on par with the build quality of a Dual

Shock 3.




The GameSir GS3 includes a dongle to connect to PC, just hold down the power button in the center and the X button for DirectX/0 input to emulate an Xbox 360 controller. Use it on my PC too in emulators without issue,


For PC I'd highly recommend using the Xbox One controller.




The original Xbox One controller doesn't use bluetooth so probably won't connect to phone and on PC may require a dongle. Check online to see to confirm I guess.

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3 hours ago, SethKraota said:

For Android the GameSir GS3 is a solid option. I've had no issues pairing it with my LG G5 or Kindle Fire HD8. It feels on par with the build quality of a DualShock 3.

I've seen reviews of this controller yesterday. I think I'll go for the first generation since it's less than half the price and has 90% of its features.

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