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Dedicated Gaming Server for 100 people + TeamSpeak

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Hey everyone,


I have been doing my research and have learned quiet a bit recently regarding dedicated game servers.

I am looking to set my own up as I have come into an old rack mount that I am dying to build something in.

I am looking to host games like Arma 3 (100 Players), DayZ (if it ever releases) and similar titles. I am also looking to host a team speak server and maybe a few other things also. I have been looking into refurbished and used servers and they seem to be pretty affordable.


My Questions:


What kind of CPU should I be looking at, I have heard that I will need something with a speed of over or around 3.5 ghz, preferably a Xeon. Can I get awyay with an older LGA 1156 socket type, or should i be only concerned with lga 2011 AND newer? I also am very intruigued and am leaning towards a Dual CPU set up. Any suggestions? Would a (2) X5680's or (2) X5690's suffice? 

Will a dual CPU server really even make much of a difference for me?


What should my biggest focuses be on?

What about security, is that something that should be of big concern for me?


I have an old Intel i5 2400 laying around, but I do not think that will be enough from what I have read.


My main rig is an ITX build i7 7700k, 1080ti all on a custom loop with 32 GB of ddr4 3200hz RAM.

My internet speed is about 230 down and 20 -30 up,


Thank you





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Hi, The X5690's would be your best bet for a game server. Game server need high speed CPUs and much RAM. You will be best off with a dual CPU system when talking 100+ people, your other concern is network speed, time and security. If you are going to do hypervisor on the server i would suggest having a small Pfsense box in a VM to go over to the game server. It's give you some features to check what's comming into and out of the server at all times. 


My question is. What OS are you looking to run? Windows Server? Linux?


Your I5 will be a bad guess with that much connections to the server.


And last. Your upload will kill this project.

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6 hours ago, AbsoluteFool said:

Your upload will kill this project.

yes, your upload isn't enough for something like this, if your ISP has a a asynchronous plan advailable (only with business options but yours might have consumer ones advailable) contact them about an upgrade on your plan and talk to them about the advailable options, consider the ones that require you to upgrade your modem box or require a server grade router also, if you don't want to do that and your ISP doest have asynchronous options for your current plan or dan upgrade you to one, don't even bother with this project as you won't have the speeds for this kind of thing

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I wouldn't go for those old Xeons to be honest, they consume way to much power not to mention modern features that are lacking.

A modern Core i7 (6/7/8 gen) or Ryzen 7/Threadripper (1900X) would cream an older dual cpu Xeon setup.
If you want ECC memory Ryzen and Threadripper will support that, the needed amount of memory also shouldn't be a problem for most modern platforms.


And this ties into you internet speed, you could rent a beefy (virtual) server somewhere, as long as it just needs to run the game server software that should be fine.


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Start off with the Intel i5 2400, build your player base up (maybe earn some $$ somehow) and then re-invest into a better server later. Having 100 concurrent players signed in  means you should have a ~2,000 player base who want to play on your server. Not everybody plays every day or even the same time of day (geographical reasons alone) let alone the same game all the time, so 100 concurrent every day will take a little while to build up to. It would suck to invest a lot of time and money so early on.


The x5690 is not going to do better than the Intel i5 2400, save your money and electricity. Xeon is basically the same the consumer line, just undergoes more testing and maybe a couple features (ECC / AES-NI) available that won't matter to your game server. They're also typically slightly slower for longevity. Unless you get a deal, avoid xeons.

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