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Hallo everybody at the moment I work at a PowerShell Script and I found BITS and it would be nice to use but is it better/faster than robocopy? Speed, reliability ect.
Thank you for you help in advance :) 


PS: Basicly where is the differance 

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They are completely different. I'm not sure what you plan on doing, but here's the basic rundown:


Robocopy is designed for transferring files from relatively local volumes onto other relatively local volumes as fast as possible and as perfectly as possible, with as much control as possible over filesystem-level metadata like ACL's, whilst also being simple and portable.


BITS is designed to efficiently send data over a wan or the internet, with things like transit-level redundancy, multihoming and robust, but complex, central configuration, with the capability to scale to hundreds of thousands of nodes.


They are completely different tools. If you're looking to transfer data from one point on a local network to another point on a local network, use robocopy (out of those two solutions you posted). BITS isn't even remotely close to scalable at the local level.

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yeah at the moment I just use it for local copy processes but in the near future I want to store my data on a local server. So I will use robocopy than. About the scalability I am not worried, at the moment I only have ~50TB of storage and I dont need it to be super redundend or anything :) so scalability shouldnt be a issue.

@Tabs Thanks for your help your Information was really useful

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