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Looking for a better display for my ThinkPad

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First, here's a little bit of a backstory to how I've gotten this computer to the point it's at now:

A while back (about a year) I bought a Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E520. It's the first modern ThinkPad I've owned (only other one I own is from 1997/8 or so, and it doesn't work), but not the first I've used. I've had plenty of experience with the ThinkPad T540P (the i3 model with the horrendous trackpad but gorgeous overall design and performance), but this is the first time I've used the Edge model. Unfortunately, I've already had to do major work to this machine. I had to replace the motherboard with one from eBay (that has a corroded but thankfully still functional HDMI port) nearly immediately after getting the computer. Then, the new motherboard ended up with a BIOS supervisor password, something I still need to sort out. But finally, after all that, it works. Or so I thought. I was using it at my desk with an external keyboard and mouse for a while, so I didn't notice this next problem. The integrated TrackPoint and trackpad didn't work, so I had to remove the keyboard a few times until I got the connectors to finally work right. It's fully functional now, and I love it. 


What I am looking for:
I'd like to upgrade the display. Currently, my unit has a 1366x768 60Hz TN Matte display that looks fine, but is quite low resolution. I'd like to find something that's higher resolution. I don't really care if it's TN or IPS as I'm mostly concerned with the resolution. Whatever I end up with must be a matte finished display though. If anyone knows of anything, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

Main laptop: Intel Core i3 2370m, 8GB DDR3, 240GB SSD, Windows 10 Pro for Workstations

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